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Sun Elf Name Generator & Backstories

“You will address me with respect, else you will lose your head, wretch! Now be silent or I will send you to the dungeons and let you rot, along with the orcish and goblin scum. Ah, Imdartis Kerymstacia, welcome back general. I hope the stories of your journey were but a prelude to what is to come in this war.”

Generate Names

Araro Auvreatirn

Theiria Kerymstacia

Bethiele Rumdur

Xanasial Maenencallor

Riardartis Tsornyll

Felodania Rauthistacia

Ivelian Ilphelfete

Berran Kerymkiir

Anania Callormista

Sovearai Rure

Biphia Kerynkiir

Shalee Ruaegis

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Also known as Gold elves, they have bronze skin, golden blond, black, or red hair, and green eyes, and while they have a reputation for strength rather than endurance their arrogance leads to feeling superior to most other races, including other elves.

Sun elves are tenacious and organized, and rather than learning as they go they prefer to master something before applying it in true practice. Their deep respect for magic allows them to have some of the most powerful mages in the world.

While mostly keeping to themselves, those who decide to become an adventurer put all of their focus and dedication into this new life journey where some gain fame and notoriety, with names like Aramior Amafete, Theiria Durkiir, and Quaric Xiloru.

Good Sun Elf Names

Just like the air of superiority that surrounds most of the members of the race, their names sound like noble titles to those who don’t speak the language, and they add to the overall mystique of the elf in question.

  • Anten’ll Holirum
  • Gallias Liaraer
  • Shava Nyrhlasfete
  • Dwae Rumaegis
  • Beirion Sianlaran
  • Caerel Nyrhlastacia
  • Hadliss Maenencallor
  • Hadren Liamista

Araro Holirum

After failing the so-called weapon test two times, he went into the nearby mountains to seek isolation, solitude, and ultimately enlightenment. For years he meditated and practiced alone, honing his skills where every single cut and slash was repeated hundreds and even thousands of times, and today he’s ready to make his comeback.

  • Shava Ridaegis
  • Carivol Maerraer
  • Anania Ruahir
  • Beiarai Amarua
  • Shava Vinn’ll

Rolen Ridrua

After being one of the top wizards in the city’s academy, he suddenly resigned, never to be seen again by all but his closest friends, and even they would like it better if they didn’t meet. The truth is that he started dabbling into necromancy and other shunned or forbidden magic, and it has affected his mind to the point he often forgets what time it is or who he really is.

  • Antirie Ebrathdon
  • Shaniele Ilphelhir
  • Saranna Sianmista
  • Anastrisilia Kerymstacia

Antirie Cryshalnodel

Rather than living in a city, she spends her time in the nearby forest, accompanied by her trusted pet wolf, where she communicates with other animals using potent nature magic. Despite her magic skills, she still prefers to use her bow and coordinate attacks with her wolf, although peace and quiet is what she strives for.

  • Gallinnmil Durkiir
  • Adastra Cryshaldur
  • Xanasial Maenencallor
  • Felophia Ilphelhir
  • Ieledraste Erdeldon

Female Sun Elf Names

While most females are shorter and weigh less than their male counterparts, those are the only differences as they are perfectly capable of doing everything as the opposite gender, if not better than them.

  • Biphia Kerynkiir
  • Myriell Xilorauthi
  • Gallinnmil Callorkiir
  • Anastrisilia Nyrhlasfete
  • Antiia Xiloholi
  • Ieledraste Donru
  • Adastra Erdeldon
  • Keylynn Maerkyre

Sarrynna Kerymstacia

Silent and agile as a cat, she moves in a way that makes most other elves seem stiff and “stuck in the mud”. Using her skills for good hasn’t brought her much financial success, and so recently she had to resort to more dirty and illegal jobs like burglary and stealing, though never killing.

  • Shalee Ruaegis
  • Anaia Xilokerym
  • Shava Ilphelama
  • Theirynna Melinodel
  • Vashanna L’neis

Heren Nodelfete

After getting rich by selling one of her early inventions, she struggled to repeat any type of similar success no matter how hard she tried. For this reason, she decided to close down her shop for a while and travel to the capital where she may advance her knowledge by learning from other masters of her craft.

  • Felonua Holirum
  • Thanna Erdelru
  • Vallynn Nodelfete
  • Anaia Ruascient

Shaairra Rure

While her work at the academy is more or less mundane, her latest research on some newly discovered ancient artifacts has proven to be the best time of her recent life, if not in general. The fact that she learns something on a daily basis, with this going on for a fortnight so far, has filled her with joy and happiness, and she’s always eager to continue the research.

  • Carmo Kerymstacia
  • Lauivol Donlaran
  • Valshanna Kerynkiir
  • Shava Maenendon
  • Lue Staciadon

Male Sun Elf Names

Following a strict hierarchy, where those who can trace their lineage back to the ancient past rule over others, most strive to better themselves in any way possible so that they can prove to everyone else they are more worthy than their heritage might suggest.

  • Hadren Donlaran
  • Theiria Raerssussun
  • Romo Sianmista
  • Imdartis Erdelru
  • Bercian Rumaegis
  • Riardartis Donmith
  • Ivelian Sianaegis
  • Paeric Ridama

Beiarai Keryncryshal

At first, he couldn’t settle in a place for too long, so he mostly worked as a caravan guard but after a gnarly leg injury, he had to recover in a big city. When he healed up, he realized he liked the place and was already used to the life within the walls, and so he is now a member of the City Watch as one of the guards of a vault.

  • Oro Callorkiir
  • Hadren Callormaenen
  • Rost Tsornyll
  • Gallias Rehir
  • Aramior Virr’a

Lue Maenencallor

While his brothers were the ones to pick up a sword at the slightest opportunity, he was more into commerce, trading, and money-making, and it was no surprise that he eventually opened his own inn. It was always fancy but today, thanks to his hard work, it is one of the most sought establishments in the capital.

  • Eredartis Donru
  • Aramior Durkiir
  • Auinndan Xiloholi
  • Imdartis Callorkiir

Aralis Kerymscient

After mutually saving each other lives, he and a certain human developed a mutual respect and befriended each other. By now, they have been a part of a small adventuring group that has traveled half of the kingdom in the past five years, and they are not thinking of settling any time soon.

  • Auinndan Vinn’ll
  • Erest Erdeldon
  • Imdartis Kerymstacia
  • Auinndan Nyrhlasardir
  • Beirion Amakirthol

These bronze-skin elves condescendingly gaze down upon most other races, where their green eyes perfectly match their black, red, or golden-blond hair, and their strength, tenacity, and utter focus are some of the main traits the whole race possesses. Respecting and practicing magic, music is also in their blood, although they are not as gregarious as some of the other elven subraces. Think about where the character was born, what skills have they mastered so far, what are their future plans, and think of a name worthy of the superiority and advantage they believe they have over others.

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