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Farondere skulked through the bustling streets, keeping his hood pulled low over his face, avoiding eye contact from those he passed. His heart beat hard in his chest as a patrol of guards turned the corner into view up ahead. He slipped behind a large dragonborn and used the towering creature’s frame to hide his own as the armored men clanked past down the street. He dared not look back, he counted in his head silently, ten more seconds, then quickly darted left into the Serpent Passage where his hideout awaited him.

Generate Names

Saufait Pathway

Sun Avenue

Dragontooth Avenue

Fallen Oak Passage

Ganmiota Road

Burning Fire Track

Walnut Street

Emlodge Street

Rimpond Route

Owl Alley

Dragontail Way

Mirrored Trail

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Fantasy cities thrive on the many countless roads and passageways that make up the sprawling urban environments, where secrets and danger lurks behind every corner. If you want to breathe life into your urban fantasy settings, good road names are a great way to give towns and cities a real life of their own.

Good Street Names

Good street names tell a story: what can the players expect to find on this road? Or what happened here in the past to give the road its current moniker? Check out some suggestions from us below:

  • Calming Alley
  • Sunrise Trail
  • Broken Highway
  • Glistening Pathway
  • Dragontail Avenue
  • Green Lane
  • Pentham Road
  • Treboia Pass
  • Boxcaster Street
  • Pacgonie Avenue

Shadowed Track

The shadowed track is a dingy alley that exists in perpetual shade due to the towering rows of terraces that make up its imposing walls. Halfway down the alley lies the notorious Crooked Stool tavern, rumored to be a hideout for the thieves guild.

  • Sun Avenue
  • Serpent Passage
  • Dancing Path
  • Arching Avenue
  • Invisible Road
  • Wakefait Track
  • Bridgepawa Pass
  • Tamtois Road
  • Leefait Passage

Infernal Street

Despite its frightening name, Infernal Street is a place of joy and celebration and is in fact named for the numerous fireworks merchants that ply their trade along its length, brightening up the night sky with their creations in order to attract customers.

  • Violent Way
  • Killing Trail
  • Moon Pass
  • Champion’s Pathway
  • Black Brick Highway
  • Reidwell Passage
  • Fallen Knight Walk

Weird Street Names

Some street names might seem downright odd. When it comes to thinking of weird street names, consider using random words and strange non-sequiturs to throw your players off.

  • Oceanside Path
  • Constellation Way
  • Hastbo Pathway
  • Emlodge Street
  • Bellelita Road
  • Newingcola Avenue

Rabbithole Highway

No-one really knows how the Rabbithole Highway got its name, some claim that its due to a secret population of urban rabbits who can be found scurrying across the thoroughfare at night, but of course many are quick to dismiss that as preposterous…

  • Charmed Way
  • Desolation Walk
  • Fallen Oak Passage
  • Gleaming Avenue
  • Lion Roar Pass
  • Plarock Way
  • Rimpond Route
  • Allerlisle Road
  • Virtane Path
  • Butcher Alley

Frozen Lake Lane

Frozen Lake Lane is the rather wry name given to a road that was the site of an unfortunate sewage malfunction in the midst of winter, that saw an unpleasant spillage cover the entirety of the street and then promptly freeze overnight. Leaving a treacherous and quite disgusting frozen “lake” in its center.

  • Mysterious Track
  • Cobweb Passage
  • Lost Dragon Route
  • Coalmine Street
  • Clerbonear Highway
  • Tiverway Track
  • Ganmiota Road
  • Musdale Trail
  • Rugged Lane

Funny Street Names

Its good to leave room in your games for some humor in order to alleviate the constant peril that many campaigns can engender. With that in mind, here are some funny street names you can try out to get a laugh from your players:

  • Walnut Street
  • Infernal Passage
  • Miller Track
  • Mirrored Trail
  • Phoenix Track
  • Pohecier Path
  • Golver Pathway
  • Berthiertham Passage
  • Broadcam Lane
  • Broken Ruins Trail
  • Sleeping Route

Broken Carriage Road

Broken Carriage Road got its name, surprisingly, from a broken down carriage that was left abandoned on the side of the street for many months. Soon after it attracted a cult following from the local townspeople who turned it to a shrine to the tendency of the governor’s municipal inaction.

  • Acorn Road
  • Lightning Trail
  • Champion’s Road
  • Plaipond Passage
  • Hingvern Alley
  • Canothon Route
  • Burnan Alley
  • Walnut Pass

Filthy Pig Lane

The infamous Filthy Pig Lane is known across the city for the less-than-reputable establishment known as the Filthy Pig Boudoir. It attracts clients from far and wide and has become so well known that the very road it sits on now bears its namesake also.

  • Thunder Passage
  • Laughing Alley
  • Silent Lake Route
  • Oak Tree Pathway
  • Nicowater Pass
  • Sutling Road
  • Twilmark Street
  • Buxdeen Route

Well, that’s it for our sample of road name suggestions, we hope you found something here that serves as inspiration for your own stories! Please leave a comment with your favorite down below and be sure to share the article with a friend or fellow player!

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