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Oh, yes, I know of the story, and it is most certainly true, my lord. I knew the woman when she was alive, just as I knew her children, and her children’s children, and it is a sad story indeed for all of them died in a span of no more than ten months. Her name was Aptenopia, though the spirit that haunts the house is known as the Whispering Lady.

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When people say Spirits, they usually mean energy forming an entity that is a spiritual representation of a deceased person, a worshiped object such as a holy relic, or a concept, an idea, that is often based on one’s belief or ideology.

Ghosts are certainly of the most popular types of Spirits despite having their existence fiercely debated throughout the centuries, although many other forms enjoy a good reputation, such as spirits of the animals the locals regard as sacred.

Regardless of what kind of a creature it may be, magical or otherwise, the stories around the Spirits portray a picture, both good and bad, where their actions make their names known, names such as Anthotes, Microlis, Bitona, and Myrgator.

Good Spirit Names

The Spirit’s name often has almost no connection to their old one, back when they were something with more material substance, and as such could either have a completely different name or simply accept the one that was given to them by others.

  • Bones
  • Arie
  • Gose
  • Fyre
  • Blaise
  • The Waving Stalker
  • Lite
  • The Shy Orphan


It is said a spirit of a warrior from the past still roams the ancient battlefield that is now covered both in earth, grass, and snow. Despite his menacing appearance, he makes no sound, and the local young adults have made a game out of it where they try to get as close as they can as a show of courage.

  • The Headless Defender
  • Ligh
  • Undy
  • Airin
  • The Full Moon Musician

The Forest Nurse

The name was first mentioned by travelers who seemed to be destined to die in their travels, wounded by bandits, yet they lived due to the help of a mysterious lady. While different survivors debate over the true appearance of their helper, they all share the same gratitude towards it, whatever it may be.

  • Eaven
  • Ethe
  • Charis
  • The Invited Woman


It is said a ghost of a princess still haunts the castle halls to this very day. As the years went by, the inhabitants went from scared and wary to realizing the spirit in their midst was nothing to be feared but instead accepted as part of their home itself.

  • The Roaming Soul
  • Shayde
  • Devo
  • The Helpful Sentry
  • Aidel

Female Spirit Names

While they don’t technically have a gender, other races often see them as male or female, and this can be affected by the stories those individuals have heard about the spirit, and what information molded their current belief.

  • Seletura
  • Celepera
  • Urgata
  • Ditela
  • Fedae
  • Helalia
  • Terramias
  • Synfelis


Betrayed in her past life, this brave female knight’s spirit lingers on, refusing to go before her oath is fulfilled. Not being able to speak seems to be her worst obstacle as she hasn’t had any luck in finding help from any of the travelers she encountered.

  • Nantera
  • Leonoidea
  • Vescapra
  • Erino
  • Caralia


Her name was given by those who are currently investigating this strange energy entity that seems to exist at the end of a deep cave complex, in tribute to their fallen coworker who lost her life during this very same expedition.

  • Casuanidae
  • Apogata
  • Allicaena
  • Echinoidea


The sword wasn’t an ordinary sword but had a spirit of its own, as it was a sentient being. The person who found it was so fascinated with it that they never thought once whether taking it was actually a good idea, and the spirit slowly but surely continues to corrupt its wielder.

  • Neotela
  • Litofera
  • Hemita
  • Pyrodalia
  • Pogotra

Male Spirit Names

There are stories of powerful magicians and creatures alike who managed to harness the spirit’s energy and transfer it into statues and objects alike, where they can come alive at their master’s whim.

  • Dicelis
  • Aripius
  • Ailudectus
  • Aptepex
  • Alcelatus
  • Cacatulus
  • Dranus
  • Syltus


After a sorcerer’s experiment went awry, losing his life in the process, his spirit entered his pet cat’s body. This, in turn, made him a cat with a mind of a human, a scary and peculiar thing that he didn’t like one bit. Unable to cast spells, it took quite some time before he managed to compose himself enough to start looking for solutions.

  • Ardeitulus
  • Peradon
  • Striporus
  • Nasarodon
  • Lapus


A certain wizard dedicated his life to capturing the souls and essences of various creatures, capturing them in any way possible. This spirit was taken from a powerful beast from another plane of existence and transferred into a stone humanoid construct that is now the magician’s guardian.

  • Ardeidurus
  • Syllaemus
  • Achanodon
  • Rucebus


Every time there’s a full moon, a certain human visage appears at the top of the waterfall, just on the very edge. It seems to be saying something but no sound can be heard, and the locals have many different stories and explanations, ranging from a girl that killed herself for love to an evil spirit that tries to lure the people into the cave behind the waterfall.

  • Apollotis
  • Manrodon
  • Coraguis
  • Celilus
  • Pogolis

The Spirits are entities made of energy elements, whether from a deceased person, an object such as an old artifact, or a concept such as a deity. These entities’ appearances very much differ, sometimes entirely depending on the mind and eye of the beholder, and while they can be both good or bad, these magical beings almost always have an agenda or a higher purpose to fulfill. From ghosts haunting houses to spiritual representations of holy forests and ancient relics, the spirits are said to exist everywhere, even if we can’t see them. Think about the background of the entity, what happened and how they came to be, is it a natural occurrence for them to be born like that, is there a goal for which they were brought into existence, what might their intentions be, and create a name worthy of the mystery surrounding these all but magical creatures.

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