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Snow Elf Name Generator & Backstories

“Yes, I am aware that is their northern army. And yes, I know we can’t beat them in an open field of battle. That is why there is a plan that has been set into motion even before we left our home, so just stop worrying and everything will be fine. I really mean it, Aithwen, nothing bad will happen to you.”

Generate Names

Uremitil Lorekelor

Haergreah Ranvryn

Fawith Norfaroth

Imeneris Yrensaroth

Balhis Finrawyn

Centys Mastaroth

Iresur Ranwenoth

Rynbysh Orehan

Lynmhes Urezoth

Melpath Emeborin

Herewe Dennoth

Faibora Berelsaroth

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Snow elves, also known as Ice elves, are a proud race with great aptitude for magic, and they mostly resemble gold-skinned and pale Altmer with white hair, a long lifespan, and strong resistance to frost that allows them to live in ice-cold regions.

They have long maintained an alliance with the Dwemer, only to get poisoned and blinded after eating the fungi their allies gave them, subjugating them with ease. These slaves, Betrayed, are also better known by a different name, The Falmer.

When their leader, Snow Prince, was killed in the war against the Nords in the past, the Snow Elves scattered, though some remain and still populate various regions, mostly cold ones, with names like Kirthune Orzras and Farilor Orwenoth.

Good Snow Elf Names

Most names are somewhat complex, slightly exotic, and definitely sound foreign to humans, although other types of elves don’t see anything out of the ordinary.

  • Nirareno Randwen
  • Cenriath Maslen
  • Prysnyish Orenoth
  • Herezhor Torloth
  • Niraselin Finzras
  • Centys Mastaroth
  • Nythevena Dentaroth
  • Lyrnyis Yrenaris

Paresur Ronedras

Falling in love with music ever since he heard the famous bard when he was but a young elf, he’s been trying to follow in the same footsteps ever since. Today, he’s one of the finest singers and ukulele players in the whole region, and people have started flocking to his shows.

  • Melfani Vorrenoth
  • Ventys Ranyrwen
  • Wiriyor Finferys
  • Zidafani Finrenoth
  • Herering Masparis

Vyrwen Shangarwen

As one of the best shots in the city, he’s been invited to attend the grand tournament that is to be held in the name of both the King and the Queen. He’s eager to go but he knows that if someone was to learn of his troublesome past, it could spell doom for him, and all that he trained for would be for nothing.

  • Jezhina Norvryn
  • Terlori Ereparwen
  • Reddhor Unarfaroth
  • Torrilor Denbath

Birriath Denhan

Having proper education allowed her to learn about the history of her people, a topic that remains dear to her heart to this very day. She’s been obsessed with it, really, and spends all her free time searching for more and more pieces of knowledge that she can so eagerly devour.

  • Uremitil Lorekelor
  • Celegeth Norkelor
  • Zidakaris Prisnoth
  • Teraher Emetaroth
  • Jedyaris Ronefaroth

Female Snow Elf Names

Preferring spears and bows in combat, they make for fine fighters and archers, and their martial prowess is known all over the world.

  • Zharfeah Sindras
  • Inheher Koryloth
  • Gispath Orrawyn
  • Kinedhora Emesaris
  • Nirawihn Masbath
  • Aithshan Torlen
  • Lesfeah Masborin
  • Gwendenyse Pristan

Imefani Binzoth

She’s a true huntress, able to track any beast or person in any terrain, and her skill with the bow is rarely matched. This, along with the fact she is the King’s third daughter, makes her a very desirable prospect for any self-respectable noble, though she’s unwilling to speak of any kind of marriage.

  • Unhelzhina Korgoth
  • Ariwen Yregarwen
  • Belwen Shanzoth
  • Pesdhora Wasmyn
  • Waerae Korloth

Beltys Sinyrwen

Helping others is a call she heard in her youth and answered with gladness, and to have a place of healing where others can come for help was always a dream of hers. Today, she is living that dream, living in a cozy warm cottage at the edge of a forest, tending to travelers and people alike.

  • Lynmeril Lorerenoth
  • Jemhes Irelnoth
  • Lesmhes Henerawyn
  • Shikharise Binnoth

Zidabora Granwenoth

Her great talent for magic was very much obvious from a young age, though everyone could see the girl needed to be learned some humiliation and respect, else arrogance threatened to replace her talent, something that could ruin her in every way.

  • Uvekharise Grantan
  • Aithtys Crynparis
  • Shimeril Korhan
  • Uvelenor Irelvryn
  • Haerher Wasyloth

Male Snow Elf Names

Being naturally disposed towards magic, some make for excellent wizards and other types of magic users, and their frost resistance allows them to practice certain spells without much worry.

  • Redtil Harkelor
  • Faithur Orevarys
  • Ydhemhor Minetaroth
  • Faigriath Forhorith
  • Waigroth Panhan
  • Iresur Ranwenoth
  • Girvhur Kordras
  • Enwe Narahan

Lyrvus Berelkrath

One of the greatest inventors of his time, this young elf is a talented magician as well, and while he wouldn’t boast about anything he is confident and aware of his many talents. Still, his work is what drives him the most and he often neglects other aspects of life because of it.

  • Celetil Yrenvarys
  • Karrilor Shangoth
  • Ydhehis Binferys
  • Zarzius Orewenoth
  • Zidamhor Sinkelor

Zarprith Lorerenoth

This warrior has risen through the ranks during the many years of service, starting as a mere soldier only to climb up all the way to the top. A veteran of six wars and countless battles, this general has been leading the Queen’s army for decades and with great success.

  • Wiriyor Agarrawyn
  • Celewith Isekelor
  • Celewe Binborin
  • Terere Kornaris

Enbor Leneborin

Cursed by a hag and unable to use magic, he is currently running for his life deep in a dark forest. Malnourished and hungry, in ragged clothes, and lacking sleep, his mind is racing with thoughts as his legs do the same, making his way through the difficult terrain made by today’s heavy rain.

  • Fasur Kranyloth
  • Athfaris Loresaroth
  • Aredhor Yrenyloth
  • Rynkaris Unarzoth
  • Herewe Dennoth

While they are referred to as The Falmer by other races, they prefer to be called Snow Elves as Falmer are Dwemer slaves from the past, the so-called Betrayed, and they give them a bad name at the end of the day. Their frost resistance and affinity for magic make them strong adversaries, and their martial prowess isn’t anything to be joked with. Think about where the character was born, how they spent their childhood, what interests they have, and what future goals might they have, and create a name worthy of this grand race.

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