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Siren Name Generator & Guide

I swear to all the gods, and may they strike me down if I’m lying.” The man stopped for a second, visibly glancing towards the sky, and let a sigh of relief. “I heard the song and it was the most beautiful sound I have ever heard. It was as if someone was singing but said no words. It was scary but also beautiful, and I found myself strangely attracted to this creature that told me her name was Merenna.

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Most stories describe Sirens as winged humanoids with a bird’s body and a beautiful human face, often a female one. It is said their enticing songs can captivate the minds of even the most strong-willed travelers, slowly drawing them towards death.

The stories about them are so numerous that sometimes there’s conflicting information, where on one hand they are sea creatures, and on the other, they are able to fly and thus live in completely different surroundings than what some think.

Whatever the case may be, their seductive charms that come alive as soon as they start to sing have been responsible for so many deaths, and the survivors of such encounters speak of their names, names like Palarei, Leuxiope, Morgalla, and Diaris.

Good Siren Names

Siren names often sound as melodic as the songs they sing, all but magically luring travelers to their doom.

  • Alushi
  • Chelmeda
  • Fontanah
  • Coraerinda
  • Calotea
  • Kelalyse
  • Pasironis
  • Salodella


While the rest of her kind don’t always succeed in their prey seduction, she had no such issues at any point in time. For some reason, it was easy for her as if she somehow knew what the victim was thinking, which in turn allowed her to adjust her song to the point where it was exactly what her target wanted.

  • Aglasise
  • Dioroe
  • Oaranora
  • Chenessa
  • Mirarin


After roaming around for far longer than he wanted, he finally found a good place to settle down. Here, close to the cliffs and the sea as well, he’s been successfully luring many travelers to their doom, charming them into walking off of one of the hill tops before he feasted on their corpses.

  • Tanianilla
  • Sabrithise
  • Nesacea
  • Abarila


The increasing human hunter activity in the region in the last couple of years has been quite an annoyance, and she’s now determined to put an end to it. Her plan is to team up with another of her kind, lure the hunters one by one if possible, and exact brutal punishment that will make others think twice before taking arms against her.

  • Loraimare
  • Geniris
  • Zharoe
  • Doriashell
  • Mesia

Female Siren Names

It is said the siren’s beauty is only matched by the lovely voice that captures the minds of anyone close enough to hear it, and rare are those who survived such an ordeal.

  • Diawen
  • Morgadenah
  • Therin
  • Calothera
  • Kleliana
  • Amalicia
  • Klephaia
  • Leumei


It is said a beautiful woman lives in these woods, a woman whose face you’ll never forget. While the face is pretty much anyone has ever seen, there are those who claim the woman is actually a monster, a magic beast that seduces you only to kill you afterward.

  • Thessashell
  • Doriawen
  • Adrieria
  • Sherissa
  • Pherocea


Using powerful magic, she uses illusion to hide her home deep in a small forest, right at the base of a mountain. While no one ever found her home, unbeknownst to her, she’s been followed for the last couple of weeks by a certain patient individual who’s still not certain how to confront her.

  • Nemenpheme
  • Salanise
  • Rhelenia
  • Marynora


After she did something others wouldn’t even think about, taking a human slave instead of having him as a meal, she’s been trying to learn about their kind as much as she can, questioning the prisoner on a daily basis.

  • Adralure
  • Aenora
  • Sereshell
  • Zelisia
  • Kimokaia

Male Siren Names

While some people claim there are no male sirens, the reality is that not only do they exist but they also pose a great danger and rarely leave any survivors behind.

  • Iarila
  • Crianiassi
  • Daeisia
  • Petilane
  • Nemelia
  • Sireimara
  • Deladina
  • Meloshell


This vicious creature has no mercy in him whatsoever. After escaping with his life before certain humans back when he was young, he vowed then and there that he would slay any living human he encounters, for the rest of his life. So far, he’s been true to his word, and the attacks were nothing short of horrifying.

  • Ocelia
  • Rhaedelia
  • Aninisse
  • Criaronis
  • Daphicea


For days he and his friends have been eating birds and fish, and they had enough. They wanted to taste men’s flesh once again. As the morning light broke, all four of them went on their way towards the known human settlement, eager to see what they can do to kill and feast on at least one of them.

  • Aereve
  • Diamora
  • Kylle
  • Seresea


After a certain wizard came across him many years ago, he’s been affected by magic that made him more intelligent than the rest of his kind, as well as able to speak multiple languages, and rather proficiently. This also made him calmer and more prone to negotiation and conversation in general.

  • Nesasise
  • Aigamei
  • Kleoliana
  • Echonisse
  • Taniaris

Regardless of which stories about them are true, these creatures are said to have a body of a bird and a human head, with wings that allow them to fly. Their hunting techniques entail luring the prey with singing, where their songs seem to all but magically captivate the minds of even the strongest-willed creatures out there, and while they are more than content with seabirds and fish, they won’t say no to human flesh. One of the interesting claims is that they love ships and sailing and that some of them even became captains, choosing pirate life in the process. Think about where the character was born, did they grow up without any trouble, what makes them good at what they do, what kind of situations have they been in so far, what kind of songs do they sing, and create a name worthy of the magical seduction that can be found in almost any sound they make.

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