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Shadar-kai Name Generator & Backstories

“Yes, stop worrying about that, ok? The guy knows what he’s doing, and if you had any brain left in that big head of yours you’d know when to shut up. His name is Crawos, and he will be here shor..”

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These humanoids resemble blighted elves and are also known as Shadow Fey. They are slender and graceful but also constantly look as if they were one step into the grave already, and this is due to the fact they are connected to Shadowfell.

With mostly dark hair, they then riddle their gray skin with numerous tattoos and body piercings, and while they look fairly young on the Prime Material plane, once they are back in Shadowfell their cursed state is obvious to everyone around them.

Their agility coupled with a lack of emotion and preference for ambushing and stealth makes them a perfect candidate for thieves and assassins who often get their names recognized, names such as Nathal, Harkedra, Enedri, Vezek, and Thewis.

Good Shadar-kai Names

Shadar-kai don’t really use last names as there is no need due to the fact they rarely communicate with other races for reasons other than business, whatever kind it may be. Their names are usually 2 to 3 syllables long, and reasonably easy to pronounce.

  • Mitathon
  • Emneneth
  • Cerlarnal
  • Setis
  • Ilkaltha
  • Muzo
  • Ivra
  • Crezal


While everyone knows him as Mr. Grimkik, the local gravekeeper, a person who wouldn’t hurt a soul and someone who would give his life away t defend the numerous cats hanging around his house, he’s secretly using the dead for some of the most gruesome experiments a person can imagine.

  • Nimalill
  • Vidrithri
  • Therris
  • Rintella
  • Skoron


As a cleric of the Raven Queen, she’s been traveling the land in search of certain ancient tombs that are said to be a home for demonic forces that she’s vowed to get rid of. Many years ago, she swore her devotion to her deity and is now making her way down a damp dark tunnel, ready to face whatever danger might be lurking there.

  • Leshak
  • Hinnenes
  • Therkenn
  • Cawas
  • Veglass

Female Shadar-kai Names

While there’s not much difference in their personalities, as most Shadar-kai are equally emotionless, female names are usually three syllables long, making them longer than the male versions, and also often end with a vowel despite being usually less melodic.

  • Yagrine
  • Amtelriss
  • Erlan
  • Serkadrinn
  • Alvas
  • Inkinthal
  • Hirvath
  • Alre


As a capable wizard, she’s also well-versed in alchemy and possesses a great deal of knowledge regarding herbalism, both of which she teaches at one of the prestigious magic academies in a big human city. Most students like her eccentricity and her rather different approach to spells in general, while some of the other colleagues tend to show open distaste for such uncommon ways.

  • Vinmenthell
  • Endelthi
  • Cenedith
  • Avlelna
  • Intith


As part of a group of adventurers, she enjoys traveling around the country, where she learned the larger the city they visit is, the easier it is for her to blend in and get accepted. For this reason, whenever they have to stop in a village or a smaller town, she tends to stay on the outskirts, resting in the forest instead.

  • Linnill
  • Larvintha
  • Nama
  • Idrirni
  • Elness

Male Shadar-kai Names

Male Shadar-kai names tend to be mostly two syllables long, which also makes them more melodic than their female counterparts, and most of the time they end with a consonant.

  • Eten
  • Revirel
  • Uthas
  • Crodis
  • Vannas
  • Hezel
  • Cani
  • Zirren


As luck would have it, he is a son of a famous swordsman who taught him everything he knows. Starting from a very early age, it could be said that he knew how to hold a sword, where rapier was his favorite, even before he could walk properly, and this allowed him to eventually become better than his mentor. As his father passed away recently, he decided to hit the road and see what more the world has to offer.

  • Sennil
  • Igon
  • Trurrel
  • Vovos
  • Skiron


Ever since a young age, he was fascinated with music, especially the flute which his mother played for him on so many occasions. Unfortunately, both of his parents were killed in a robbery, and all he has to remember them by is that same flute that he now uses in times of stress, soothing himself and those around him with his lovely melodies.

  • Crinne
  • Cewayan
  • Vagal
  • Sogan
  • Senniv

Dnd Shadar-kai Names

When it comes to DnD Shadar-kai names, it is natural to want to have both first and last names, and there is nothing stopping you from doing that. The last name can be anything, so choose something that fits the role-playing reasons and can easily be remembered.

  • Evlithre Runearrow
  • Hinkavi Voidaxe
  • Ceetol Gloomcrag
  • Zuwes Goretail
  • Nerothal Fourspark
  • Camnall Shadowshard
  • Saves Dayslayer
  • Meemayan Paleglow

Crezon Firespell

At first, during his teenage years, he wasn’t quite sure what was going on but he was aware that strange magic effects kept happening around him, especially when he was sleeping. Luckily for him, a wandering sorcerer overheard a conversation that then led him to the boy, after which he explained what was happening to him and helped him get it under control.

  • Vinnil Keenbane
  • Namtinis Clawsplitter
  • Lenna Graykeeper
  • Inta Warkeeper
  • Alnani Highpeak

Zerrelrin Doomfang

She always had a knack for hiding, moving silently and unseen, and these skills proved to be especially valuable later in life when they allowed her to steal things without getting caught. At first, she only stole food, and never more than needed, but as time passed by she realized there were far more important things that can be taken, things that some people would pay large sums of money for.

  • Methik Ashmoon
  • Motales Truthkiller
  • Skoshe Darksnarl
  • Irlentheth Mistfang
  • Entithri Blighthell

Also called Shadow Fey, these agile and emotionless humanoids have gray skin, dark hair, and body full of piercings and tattoos. Their true wretched state is visible once they are on the Plane of Shadow, a place they must visit when the curse they are under takes too much toll. They inflict pain upon themselves as a way to better resist the curse, though such actions made them cruel towards others as well, something that goes hand in hand with their affinity for thievery, ambush, and assassination. Think about how the character handles the curse, how all the pain affects them, and what they do in life, and create a name worthy of the complexity behind this race.

What do you think of Shadar-kai? Do you feel it’s their own fault for suffering the way they do, or do they deserve a better fate? Let us know what names you use for Shadar-kai, and share your own thoughts by leaving a comment below.

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