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School Name Generator & Guide

Percival hurried up the grand staircase with his arcane focus gripped tightly in his hand, his legs cramping in protest against the effort. Luckily, it was this night that  chose to spend out on the balcony; the flash from the forest on the outskirts of the school grounds was unmistakable – Oakwood Charter School was under attack.

Generate Names

Bear Valley Grammar School

Tranquillity Kindergarten

Summerville Grammar School

Ichikawa Minami High School


Waterfalls School for Boys

Tranquillity School


Bear Mountain School for Boys

Broad River School

Frozen Lake School for Boys

Frozen Lake Academy

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Schools make great settings for a variety of campaigns or fantasy stories and can fit into most genres, whether as a central location or a brief interlude. Either way, it starts with a great name, here’s our list of suggestions.

Good School Names

Good school names should reference what kind of institution the school represents so that your readers know immediately what to expect. After that, consider naming it after a local geographical feature like many of the ones below:

  • Willow College
  • Pioneer Conservatory
  • Somerset School
  • Skyline School of Fine Arts
  • Riverbank Elementary
  • Laguna Beach Grammar School
  • Grapevine School for Girls
  • Forest Lake School for Girls
  • Eastview Middle School
  • Waterfalls School for Boys

Eagle Mountain Technical School

Eagle Mountain is one of the most prestigious technical schools in its region, famous for its high altitude location that is frequented by the eponymous birds of prey that are tamed on the grounds.

  • Pioneer Kindergarten
  • Sierra High School
  • Long Beach School
  • Tranquility School for Girls
  • Liberty Charter School
  • Forest Lake Kindergarten
  • South Fork Middle School
  • Hillview Kindergarten
  • Deer Valley High

Fantasy High School Names

A good fantasy school name shares a lot in common with regular school names, but with more of an epic fantasy twang to them. They may feature allusions to reality bending magic or forbidden arts.

  • Redlands University
  • Summerville Grammar School
  • Lakewood College
  • Redlands School for Girls
  • Foothill Secondary School
  • Ravenwood School for Girls
  • Riverbank Technical School
  • Apple Valley School of Fine Arts
  • Winterville Grammar School
  • Highland School of Fine Arts

Timber Creek Solarium

The Timber Creek Solarium is an institution maintained by a group of sun-worshiping Druids who, on rare occasions, invite talented servants of nature to learn the secrets of harnessing the fire magic.

  • Enterprise High School
  • Pine Hill School of Fine Arts
  • Skyline School for Boys
  • Seal Coast Grammar School
  • Oakwood Charter School
  • Rutherford High School
  • Sacred Heart Grammar School
  • Broad River School
  • Sun Valley Kindergarten

Magic and Wizard School Names

Wizard school names take much of their inspiration from the various mythical creatures that inhabit fantasy worlds. Creatures that wizards seek to emulate with their reality-bending capabilities.

  • Tygerer
  • Pythonith
  • Parrotath
  • Naganen
  • Pumawos
  • Dragonlil
  • Eagle-Eye
  • Wyvernpaw
  • Yetipaw
  • Toucanath

Dragonscale Academy

Dragonscale Academy is a fearsome college of dragon disciple wizards who wish to master the ancient arts of Dragonsong – a fearsome form of magic that can allow a user to literally speak their desires into being.

  • Pantherir
  • Satyrec
  • Salazoth
  • Kangaher
  • Barralof
  • Panthereye
  • Satyrhorn
  • Lionroar
  • Falconplume

Anime and Japanese School Names

Schools are a staple location of many anime or Japanese-inspired stories, and as such it pays to have a number of names on hand to regale your players or readers with, which take their names from real Japanese words.

  • Toyohashi Kita High School
  • Chikaaki High School
  • Nagoya Minami High School
  • Tasou High School
  • Reine High School
  • Chiba Nishi High School
  • Akita Higashi High School
  • Tomakomai Minami High School
  • Yukiko High School
  • Matsuyama Kita High School

Uwajima Kita High School

Uwajima Kita is a school in a rather perilous location – above a crag in the earth that is said to lead directly down to the spirit world. As such, many students inadvertently end up being able to commune directly with the souls of the fallen.

  • Kushiro Minami High School
  • Ichikawa Minami High School
  • Hachinohe Higashi High School
  • Hideo High School
  • Daisen Higashi High School
  • Ichihara Nishi High School
  • Daisuke High School
  • Satomi High School
  • Hachinohe Minami High School

That concludes our sample of school names! We hope you liked the many different kinds of suggestions we have listed for you here. If you have a particular favorite then why not leave a comment down below, and remember to share this article with a friend!

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