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Killian hoisted his axe and took a moment to collect himself; the journey through the catacombs had been exhausting but the end was finally in sight. He could see daylight piercing through the tunnel entrance above and so with a deep breath he began the final ascent. Minutes later he emerged, filthy, closer to death, but triumphant as he took in the scenery of the Argent Fields.

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A realm can be an infinite number of things. It can be a specific area of your world that is noteworthy for some outstanding feature or another, or it could be an entire nation, world, or plane of existence. When thinking of new characters, always consider: what is interesting about the lands they hail from, and how does this affect their characterization?

Good Realm Names

A good realm name is something that grabs the attention of the person reading it immediately, perhaps because of its exotic spelling or its descriptive value. Take a look at some of our suggestions below:

  • Slaviolodon
  • Soglethax
  • Driowhether
  • Eoglenemon
  • Modereo
  • Nobell World
  • Desolate Sanctum
  • Godless Vales
  • Spring Territories
  • Nether Valley

Wandering Blight Region

This vast area has been entirely corrupted by the evil magic known as the wandering blight – an infestation that causes a maddening sickness and reduces the sufferer to a mindless husk.

  • Barbarian Fields
  • Griwthra
  • Wipihoer
  • Phemacia
  • Bilainoic
  • Critoque
  • Ephenois
  • Ucronary
  • Witizan
  • Arreamos

Ghost Reach

The haunted plateau known as Ghost Reach was once a verdant glade nestled between the mountain tops. Since the catastrophic landslide that wiped out its people, all that remain are their unquiet spirits.

  • Celestial Glade
  • Cosmis Underworld
  • Oblivion Mountains
  • Iaborith
  • Uggophere
  • Errodean
  • Belletteral
  • Wiachasium

Magical Realm Names

Magical realm names work best when they invoke a sense of wonderment and intrigue that begs them to be explored. Though some can also be foreboding in their beauty and mystique.

  • Boiling Seas
  • Patriach’s Hold
  • Everhold Sanctuary
  • Crimson Planes
  • Feral Moonhold
  • Vriazonia
  • Qucoros
  • Slaevylen
  • Aphutan

Transient Realms

The transient realms are a mysterious plane of existence that is said to exist alongside the material world. Those who can astral project can journey to this parallel universe in order to close great distances quickly, but they do so at the risk of becoming stranded there forever.

  • Hibernation Valley
  • Void Isles
  • The Tames Ocean
  • Naenotopia
  • Diapundu
  • Uphatea
  • Okrathi
  • Vrobirmir
  • The Ash Penninsula

Sanguine Seas

The Sanguine Seas aren’t simply named so because they were a site of an ancient bloodbath, but rather because they are literally sanguine. The cause of the coloration has long been disputed and is yet to be discovered, and the unique environment is home to many a strange creature.

  • The Mirange Realm
  • Rune Country
  • Emmulion
  • Golgomund
  • Stretecea
  • Vaekeletra

Demonic Realm Names

Demonic realm names should be foreboding and spine-chilling to reflect the nature of the lands they represent. These are usually the most savage of realms, fit for only the most experienced of warriors.

  • Savage Plains
  • Golden Island
  • Planet Inferno
  • Ocharane
  • Aesholon
  • Reabratha
  • Hiobitos
  • Giakiani
  • Lost Time Inlets

Argent Fields

The Argent Fields are the demonic homelands of the terrifying horned lampets. Stone erupts from the earth in great pillars, streaked with silver and other metal ores that give the land its namesake.

  • Lunar Valley
  • Lands of Rebirth
  • Haunted Archipelago
  • Paeholion
  • Babenoois
  • Oddiolar
  • Easalia
  • Hibernating Isles
  • Immortal Province

Mighty Ocean

The Mighty Ocean is the vast black expanse at the heart of the abyss. Great and terrifying creatures well in its lightless depths and many who have dared to traverse it have never been heard from again.

That concludes our sample of realm names! We hope you enjoyed our suggestions, be sure to leave a comment with your personal favorite, and if you liked the article please share it with your friends so they can choose their favorite too!

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