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“Oh, you have such pretty hair. I wish I had something like that. Oh, please, don’t be afraid, I’m not here to hurt you. I’ve been alone for a long time, and I just want to talk to someone. I am Glixalgleb. And who are you, please?”

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Plasmoids are shapeless ooze-like beings of unknown origin, despite many theories surrounding them. They can mimic almost any creature, including humans by shaping themselves into a faceless humanlike entity capable of communicating.

As they can harden their outer layer, they are also able to have flexible but strong limbs with which they can hold items and weapons, and breathing by absorbing oxygen through the membrane allows them to hold their breath for a long time.

Most Plasmoids have an intense child-like curiosity that can make many encounters with other species rather awkward, and their fascination for the world and everything in it makes them rememberable, with names like Bithglebex, Juilak, and Akilglix.

Good Plasmoid Names

As they speak by forcing air through their plasma-like body, where it expands, vibrates, and ultimately produces sound, their names can often be misheard, and the names are rather foreign for most of the other species, especially humans.

  • Norglebith
  • Lakdeliths
  • Glixakish
  • Alglebith
  • Glebnor
  • Alkonor
  • Jexgoral
  • Alkexdel


To avoid detection this plasmoid travels fully dressed in human clothes, including gloves, a hood, and a scarf, and can easily pass as another fellow on their way back home. The real truth, however, is that the plasmoid is a product of a wizard’s wild experiment where the consequences are yet to be determined.

  • Glixglebon
  • Dejexic
  • Ontagleash
  • Akishgor
  • Blexalgleb
  • Exnorish
  • Exalgrix
  • Akdelak
  • Gledegor
  • Delgorlak
  • Algleashith


For as long as she remembers, she’s been a member of a large family, big enough to be considered a clan, and constant traveling has been the defining trait of them all where the need to mimic the local population is starting be get tiresome. This all makes her think about how easy some other races have it, seeing how they don’t have to pretend to be someone they aren’t.

  • Goronglix
  • Glixnorglex
  • Takiliths
  • Tabithgor
  • Bithglixith
  • Aknorlak
  • Ontalgor
  • Talalgor
  • Bithgorglix
  • Glixikil


Over the years she’s become quite a fighter, capable of complex sword fighting as well as being highly accurate with a bow, a weapon she feels is her most natural choice. Today, she travels with her sorcerer master and his caravan, ready to defend what’s both at any cost.

  • Lithsalgor
  • Algrex
  • Glekilak
  • Alkishliths
  • Algleglex
  • Blexalkil
  • Alkishkil
  • Algorjex
  • Glebithex
  • Debithex


After finding a deceased wizard in a small cave and taking his spell book, he’s been fascinated with magic, and his attempts at replicating such power are slowly starting to come to fruition. While he still has a long way to go, he’s already succeeded in creating small gusts of wind, flickers of flame, and changing a color of a piece of wood.

  • Gleblex
  • Exicglix
  • Ishjex
  • Kilbithgleb
  • Gorglebak
  • Juigorkil
  • Akglebex
  • Kiltalish
  • Lakgorex
  • Aljexalk


After meeting a traveling band of musicians, and then saving them from bandits that very same night, he’s been practicing the tambourine they gave him as a reward for their rescue, and he’s been able to make good coin by going from one place to another, playing intricate songs of his own making.

  • Ontablex
  • Bithonex
  • Gakgorex
  • Gleashnorix
  • Gorliths
  • Tablexic
  • Jexdelgor
  • Lithsakish
  • Jexbithnor
  • Gleashic
  • Noralgor

Plasmoids are ooze-like creatures of an uncertain origin who can morph their shapeless bodies into anything they wish, including humanoid forms where their makeshift limbs can hold weapons and other items. Knowing how alien they look to most other species, they try to appear as close to the species they are communicating with as possible, and since this takes a certain toll on them they can often be mistaken for something completely irrelevant when they are sleeping, such as a rock or a puddle of mud.

What do you imagine when you hear about Plasmoids? Do you see them as evil masters of mimicry or benevolent creatures whose curiosity is misunderstood? Share your thoughts on them, as well as some of the names you used, by leaving a comment below.

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