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Planet Name Generator & Guide

“Right there, child,” the elf whispered to her daughter. “Wait for the cloud to pass. Three down from the moon.” The child’s laugh rang out through the cool evening air. “You see it, then? That little ball of sapphire light? That’s the planet Teru.”

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In a fantasy world, there are two major uses for a planet. The first is as a setting, where the action of the world takes place on the planet, and its inhabitants have their own culture and traditions.

The second is as an element of the world. Planets in the sky often have religious connotations, or are used in astrology. When planets align, magic often becomes stronger and people are favoured with better luck.

Good Planet Names

The best planet names are both familiar and alien. They are normal enough to be used by average people, but also evoke something extraterrestrial. Just speaking them feels a little strange on the tongue.

  • Curu
  • Bakur
  • Ladenia
  • Deres
  • Erius
  • Xiollian
  • Tor
  • Eaopia


This ice planet has long been fought over by several empires. Buried beneath the glaciers are golems made of electrum, which when unearthed can be melted down to make a durable armour.

  • Banol
  • Longolok
  • Celder
  • Ganus
  • Kanaleko
  • Arcvas
  • Janeus
  • Ceos


After two celestial gods fought a war on this planet, its shape was warped, slowly shifting into a rounded disc. Inhabitants now migrate with the seasons, switching between the hot and cold sides of the planet.

  • Ianix
  • Yandru
  • Foiver
  • Neos
  • Esta
  • Talmlax
  • Avet
  • Bael

Alien Planet Names

Filled with strange life forms completely different from your normal planet, an alien planet is defined by how opposite it is to what might be considered “normal.” Thus, its name should also be very different from “normal” names.

  • Kaanos
  • L’reus
  • Xiollian
  • K’arius
  • Pluuridian
  • Xe’tos
  • Cuurrina
  • So’on


Populated by strange creatures with several trunks coming off their faces, the buildings of this planet are designed without floors or stairs. Rungs pass overhead which the creatures travel between by swinging with their trunks.

  • C’eaux
  • Ll’rog
  • Yduth
  • B’alos
  • Kuinax


Lurking below the water’s surface on this planet are massive leviathans. Some cautious settlers established colonies far enough inland they assumed they would be safe, only to learn that the ravenous leviathans can fly through the air.

  • Duurn
  • B’va
  • Hdoria
  • Coper’an
  • Muute


Tyzython, a water world, is made up entirely of deep, interconnected oceans. Its aquatic inhabitants have built sprawling underwater cities using bioluminescent coral, creating a vibrant, dazzling society under the waves.

  • Glabrion
  • Kravlaan
  • Clythor
  • Yylzan


Once a thriving ecological paradise, Flo’xtam fell into ruin when its star began to die prematurely. Now, its resilient inhabitants must contend with an ever-cooling climate, a struggle that’s become a central part of their identity and societal structure.

Mythical Planet Names

Ancient planets filled with undiscovered civilizations, these worlds are shrouded in mystery. They tend to draw explorers to them, seeking fame and fortune, but their secrets can sometimes leave no survivors.

  • Fogitas
  • Khanthra
  • Aeriadan
  • Thryandia
  • Niraleko
  • Astarfall
  • Thrylos
  • Zedenella


An eons-old order of monks lives on this planet. Those seeking wisdom often travel here through dimensional portals. The monks subtly test the minds of visitors, and those they deem worthy are invited to swear loyalty to the order and join their ranks.

  • Atalerth
  • Cerania
  • Taridian
  • Haramis
  • Artessou
  • Soporos


The surface of this planet is covered with misty swamps. In watchtowers along the water’s edge sit paladins, watching for invasion from the skies. One watchtower is built upon the massed corpses of the last invaders.

  • Vernicus
  • Ataruria
  • Talion
  • Corrvana

Evil Planet Names

These planets are home to dark, violent races. Once they have covered their own planets in blood, they turn to the skies for new conquests, establishing interplanetary empires ruled with an iron fist.

  • Mortend
  • Brugkozzen
  • Ligzord
  • Zedenella
  • Lagrigen
  • Kral
  • Zoldrikh
  • Veniza


The surface of this planet has been scraped bare, with only wastelands visible from above. Below stretch kilometres of caverns and forges, where the evil Lord Snourlaks builds his army and terrorizes the native cave-dwellers.

  • Urkurd
  • Valdron
  • Bradraz
  • Kezrar
  • Vrugzakh
  • Orken


From a distance, this planet looks like a spiked morningstar. Massive pillars rise from the surface, between which beams of lightning crackle. When magical generators on the planet’s surface power up, the lighting beams can shoot out to attack enemies.

  • Tarankor
  • Roddaggol
  • Merciza
  • Vakkail

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