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There was a sudden flash of blinding light, followed by a giggling sound that seemed to fill the room around them. The party jumped to attention, rubbing their sore eyes and trying to locate the source. In the far corner, hovering in mid air, was the pixie Maethrit.

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Tricksy little pixies are always a great addition to fantasy stories, adding some levity to otherwise dark and dangerous adventures. Here’s a list of pixie names to add to your own games.

Good Pixie Names

Good Pixie names reflect the mischievous nature of the creatures, being hard to spell and even harder to pronounce.

  • Cogirn
  • Inthyen
  • Medhek
  • Tewren
  • Maethrit
  • Hefagan
  • Madis
  • Wenmen
  • Benegor
  • Grythek
  • Lamonesek
  • Fuatrec


Joten was an evil pixie who delighted in separating children from their families and luring them into the Feywild to become pixies themselves.

  • Benet
  • Nethion
  • Ougor
  • Guenwyn
  • Sodic
  • Fuadic
  • Clesaba
  • Welder
  • Condan
  • Ylwynn
  • Gloiuwyn


Telezen was a pixie who used his powers to become a chief spymaster for the court of the woodland elves.

  • Hednik
  • Iacohn
  • Wurgereth
  • Necant
  • Kadic
  • Freguen
  • Semyn
  • Freonol
  • Tredhek
  • Wueghal
  • Mersin
  • Mowen


Astigirn the pixie mercenary was unique among her people for joining the ranks of a mercenary company in favoring riches over any other accolades.

  • Tewreth
  • Botok
  • Ruthyen
  • Gwendret
  • Concenedl
  • Anauthyen
  • Meldrod
  • Canik
  • Wenlen
  • Tewguetel


Maswean was pixie king of the Seelie Court, the most treacherous of the Feywild, where he led a campaign against the surface dwellers.

  • Perla
  • Magur
  • Tesek
  • Mymoyre
  • Gwadic
  • Iuthon
  • Daryn
  • Teleredis
  • Janeder
  • Wingur
  • Moder


Jamo was a pixie who made a name for himself by stealing the crown from the head of the Andal King, and hiding it in the ocean.

  • Jawallon
  • Ramenoc
  • Ilfagan
  • Cinron
  • Korient
  • Trinesek
  • Weren
  • Wythek
  • Humriant
  • Gryrok
  • Cawallon
  • Morder
  • Corthyen
  • Bleineder

That sums up our list for pixie name suggestions! If you found this article helpful then please be sure to share it round with a friend or two. Once you’ve done that you can also comment your favorite name in the comments too.

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D&D is a creative practice for me, in which I can explore everything from the surreal to the divine. I like to use names as a storytelling device, so every interaction helps players to build a stronger mental image of the world. I hope that my articles for Codex Nomina help you have more fun with fantasy names!

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