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Agemea put his fingers to his lips and whistled as loud as he could, as the enemy forces closed in around him. A moment later there was a deafening neigh as the pegasus Obecelos came swooping down from the clouds to rescue him.

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Pegasi are some of the most iconic creatures to make the leap from Greek myth to fantasy worlds, here’s how to come up with your very own pegasus names.

Good Pegasus Names

Good pegasus names take their inspiration from the latinization of the Greek naming conventions, and allude to their origins in Greek myth.

  • Gelarnus
  • Obecelos
  • Adedas
  • Kyriclus
  • Haeleon
  • Abdergos
  • Archeleon
  • Pyramedes
  • Midastolos
  • Acallos
  • Brypheus


Lajax was the jet-black mount of a Spartan captain, who rode the creature into battle naked as the day he was born, and smote his enemies down.

  • Demonius
  • Atlarus
  • Apopheus
  • Demotrius
  • Archexio
  • Thyetus
  • Bazyrian
  • Apostus
  • Arceteus
  • Loteon
  • Panomas


Abderian was known as the pegasus who was never tamed, and lived many centuries in his mountain erie, desired by heroes and demigods alike.

  • Adralops
  • Cephastolos
  • Archeleimon
  • Demodemus
  • Iaphon
  • Lasius
  • Sabardanus
  • Lumion
  • Damiodros
  • Tarapios
  • Kophyr


Bacculops the transcendent was a pegasus so beautiful, her very appearance on the battlefield was enough to make soldiers stop fighting to behold her in awestruck wonder.

  • Baccusius
  • Obeperos
  • Thyereus
  • Argoteus
  • Baccuteon
  • Adrademus
  • Thaudareus
  • Iachus
  • Telaleon
  • Corydon
  • Eurylios


Esterdanus was the most prized pegasus for over a century, before the sun-god himself came down from his palace and claimed her as his immortal companion.

  • Demelos
  • Aleleon
  • Tivaxus
  • Obiadas
  • Tarapheus
  • Tristos
  • Vasidon
  • Arsemedes
  • Calipius
  • Obiassus
  • Antereus


Ascalles became the lifelong mount of the warrior princess Aetheli when she helped him save his young from a vicious gorgon attack.

  • Actadalus
  • Demelaus
  • Thenidas
  • Telardanus
  • Bazymnon
  • Heranis
  • Pyramaeus
  • Cephaperos
  • Demeleimon
  • Laiurtus
  • Neridon
  • Tivatros
  • Leonileon
  • Panocnaeon
  • Caergos

That does it for our list of pegasus names, we hope you found some inspiration here for your future games! Let us know what your favorite name is down in the comments, and if you found this article helpful then please do show your friends!

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