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Adventuring Party Name Generator & Guide

“Dragons slain, half-off!” cried the halfling, stuffing fliers into the hand of any tavern-goers that would accept one. “Now offering tours of The Ruins of Alaenor, freshly cleared of its undead scourge! For all business inquiries, get in touch with The Heroes of Hollow Pass!”

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The Night Brigade

Fate’s Fortune

Alchemist’s Fire

The Arcane Wind

Minor Inconveniences

The Greenest Lanterns

Alabaster Prism

The Defrosters

Heroes of Sandpoint

Music and Mayhem

Gilded Gills

The Unhinged

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What is a fantasy world without its heroes? The life expectancy of an adventurer is improved astronomically by recruiting some allies to watch each other’s backs. When that happens, the result is an adventuring party.

Parties choose a name for themselves for many reasons, like needing a moniker to scribble down on a guild contract, or perhaps the arrogant belief their adventures will enter into legend. Either way, a name needs to be memorable.

Good Adventuring Party Names

The best party names emerge naturally from the adventurers’ exploits. A name might come from the party’s home region, a fierce monster they killed, or it could be named after a famous member.

  • Bar Burners
  • The Dancing Dragons
  • Iron and Mana
  • Tall Tale Riders
  • Arcane Protection Agency
  • The Night Owls
  • Nightdarts
  • The Lamplighters

Music and Mayhem

This party has a strict no-music policy, after their last recruit locked them in a month-long jig by accidentally playing a cursed lute. Even someone who can whistle well is looked upon with suspicion.

  • The Dragon Wagon
  • Azure Bond
  • Crossguard Cutters
  • Merry Plunderers
  • The Arcane Wind
  • Scion Squad
  • Anklebiters League
  • Blinkstone Companions
  • Company of the Sparrow
  • The Final Nail

Heartbreak Warriors

Membership in this party is only granted to those who have lost a loved one to the lich Malyryon. The party routinely has group mourning sessions and publically curses Malyryon’s name at least once a week.

  • Scarlet Phoenix
  • The Wandering Wolves
  • Fate’s Fortune
  • The Rear Guard
  • Pseudodragoneers
  • The Rope Climbers
  • Gilded Gills
  • The Silent Fist
  • Riders of the Storm

The Tealords

Semi-retired from adventuring, this party now spends their time sitting in their castle at Ulmor collecting tomes of knowledge and trying new tea infusions made of increasingly bizarre plants.

  • Wuxia Warriors
  • The Second Slayers
  • Team Holy Thunder
  • The Inhumans
  • Kingmakers
  • Rookfoot Company

Badass Adventuring Party Names

Some parties excel at diplomacy, or magic. These parties specialize in murder. If you have a pest problem—whether that be giant rats or dragons—you want one of these parties.

  • The Watchful Order
  • Tyrant’s Bane
  • Skull and Crossbows
  • The God Slayers
  • Dregmanglers
  • Voice of the Bold
  • The Sentinels
  • Claws of the Talon

The Steel Dragons

Led by the famous Brock Hammerfall, this party can be recognized on sight by their massive suits of armour, carved from the bones of the first dragon Brock killed as a boy.

  • Uncommon Valour
  • Strikeforce Inferno
  • Black Wyrm Brigade
  • The Shadowhunters
  • Legion Arcanum
  • The Six-Fingered Hand

Titan Guard

This party stands guard at the edge of the universe, having ascended to demigodhood. They now protect the world from invasion from the forces of the Dark Prince Xali’var.

  • The Arbiters
  • Sons of the Cairn
  • Dawn Striders
  • The Rumblebeards
  • Platinum Fist

Funny Adventuring Party Names

Adventuring parties that take themselves too seriously can be a bore. These parties are in it for the fun, and choose names which take that into account.

  • The Just Us League
  • Djovial Djinns
  • Turtles of War
  • Murderhobos Inc.
  • The Seaquesters
  • Minor Inconveniences
  • The Homewreckers
  • Morally Correct Individuals


A set of half-devil bards fresh from the pits of hell. This party is equally skilled at tearing through ancient ruins with their fire magic as they are putting on a banging rock concert in the town square.

  • Embarrassingly Effective
  • The Burn Unit
  • Polymorphenomenal
  • Underdark Giraffes
  • The Daring Do-Nots
  • Sects and the City
  • Deaf Rat

Misfortune’s Misfits

Formed by chance, every member of this party thought they were joining a different group. The dwarf thought it was an alcoholics’ support meeting, the elf was trying to fence goods, and the gnome just wanted to buy groceries.

  • Hurder Mobos
  • The Trouser Thieves
  • Beefcake Brigade

Did you enjoy this guide? Leave us a comment with your thoughts, and share this guide with your friends if you liked it. Adventuring parties often form the heart of a fantasy world, so choosing a good name will anchor your world and your characters.

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