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Owlin Name Generator & Backstories

“We can’t rush into every new situation we experience, my son. We have to be mindful of the surroundings, careful of potential dangers, and then do it the smart way. Remember, you’re not just anyone. You are Atricho Twisterblade, a prince, and you must act like one in all aspects of life.”

Generate Names

Skudolf Galesurge

Ovaehol Hawthornvisor

Clarien Aerialvigor

Elegalo Banyanhold

Senegat Breathcheater

Seneata Shadbusharm

Saulata Footpick

Irum Stratosbow

Mindolf Flysing

Pula Whirlrally

Melanda Magnoliadancer

Mulatum Flutterbow

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Owlins are humanoids, said to be distant relatives to the Giant Owls living in the Feywild, with arms that end with three clawed fingers, legs with clawed owl-like feet, and wings protruding out from their back and shoulders that enable them to fly.

Their feathers allow them to fly silently, their night vision is extraordinary, and they are very stealthy in general, all abilities that make them well suited for scouting, exploring, and ambushing enemies when there’s no way to avoid the conflict.

Being very protective of Fey creatures and friends, they make for superb adventuring companions and are often welcomed and praised for their bravery which allows their names to be heard, names such as Hartlau Lungcloak, and Milian Peacharrow.

Good Owlin Names

A good Owlin name can be rather subjective, where many different approaches can be valid, though one way of naming is to have a surname that is more akin to a nickname, one that incorporates words from their surroundings and their everyday life.

  • Flammeo Breathsteal
  • Talis Maplesing
  • Elegalo Banyanhold
  • Leus Eyesseeker
  • Mind Mahoganymaker
  • Ria Breathsing
  • Feae Atmospheregauntlet
  • Skudolf Galesurge

Psilosa Floatvalor

Having scouted the mansion for more than a week now, a house that she and her gang are about to rob, she’s fairly confident in success, and she’s currently making her way back to the tavern to report to others. Unbeknownst to her, her friends are already captured, and she’s walking straight into an ambush.

  • Otus Whiskbeard
  • Furivia Cartilagestriker
  • Leupunc Legsmith
  • Manum Stomachdelver
  • Nanensi Gummuscle
  • Nudiae Dragontalon
  • Claris Tonguevigor
  • Rutilus Cartilagepick
  • Cii Cyclonearm
  • Mindora Zephyrglide
  • Stricho Neemhorn

Bubo Brainguard

His recent promotion to captaincy didn’t do anything to lessen his sergeant-drilling voice, and the guards he now commands are still under heavy scrutiny. Still, long-term, this is good for all of them as they keep their focus up at all times, something they will need in the dangerous times that are surely to come soon.

  • Longime Bloodmuscle
  • Lops Cartilagehorn
  • Sanctat Cherrytail
  • Streyi Oaktail
  • Alfrenc Cottonwoodlove
  • Cobrica Stratosquarry
  • Occaden Whiskhold
  • Tum Draftseeker
  • Streyi Sassafraswood
  • Alboliv Overcastaxe

Afrenea Kauriwatch

While she has a clear distaste for combat and fighting in general, she did volunteer to be a defensive scout, making laps around the town and the area around it, up to about twenty miles on a daily basis. Her job has been rather monotonous for almost a year but today she finally caught a glimpse of something unusual and is heading there to investigate.

  • Livicol Hickorywatcher
  • Fliforb Tonguewatcher
  • Sumagic Ascendhelm
  • Brammeo Cherrysteal
  • Solland Mahoganyseeker
  • Melanda Magnoliadancer
  • Splesi Jawsspear
  • Mayoore Trumpetweaver
  • Megalon Braincreep
  • Engans Zephstealer

Insula Dragonbow

As her name might suggest, when she has a bow in her hand, her friends say it’s as if a dragon was on their side ready to chuck balls of fire at the enemy. The truth is, she’s one of the best marksmen in the whole kingdom, and her father has big plans for the upcoming King’s tournament despite her unwillingness to compete in the first place.

  • Sanctat Tempestweaver
  • Scops Ascendmuscle
  • Grammic Ozonequarry
  • Ribakka Hickorybane
  • Japilon Beakpaw
  • Cobaens Magnoliatalon
  • Huheli Cloudburstshield
  • Afrenua Bloodomen
  • Fornis Eyewhisper
  • Nigrobo Snowsquallcutter

Blesi Nostrilsing

Forgoing a life in a civilized location about a dozen years ago turned out to be the best decision she’s made in a long while, and today she’s enjoying her daily stroll on a grassy hill overlooking a refreshing lake in the middle of a valley, a place she visits to bathe and swim as often as possible.

  • Tensis Locustheart
  • Ehrobru Peachquarry
  • Jarbaen Ozonelove
  • Fes Limbstalker
  • Seneata Shadbusharm
  • Marsher Spleenglide
  • Bolinae Nostrilclaw
  • Tytrix Cloudburstbite
  • Atrix Banyangazer
  • Usia Braingauntlet
  • Lephall Rainsquallgauntlet

These versatile humanoid owl-like creatures are stealthy, smart, and very protective of family and close friends. They are well suited for many roles, especially adventuring where they can use their superb night vision and silent flying, and while many are jovial creatures it’s not hard to see a more violent and aggressive side of them, especially when defending their loved ones. Their versatility is also one of their main strengths, and why they are so highly sought after.

How do you feel about the Owlin race? Are they a good addition that will be played a lot, or do you feel that they perhaps have distinct advantages which might prove to be too much? Share your view and some of the names you’ve used by leaving a comment below.

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