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Oni Name Generator & Backstories

Sasuke cowered under the bed, clutching his knees to his chest, as the footsteps grew closer. The door opened, and from his hiding point he could see the dread feet of Azamuku Misairu approaching.

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Azamuku Kōrudo

Azamuku Misairu

Kuchiku-kan Ōkami

Jigoku Ken

Akuma no musuko Revu~enanto

Satsujin-sha Fantomu

Furea Ōji

Furea Ken

Ken’o-kan Yume

Byōkininaru Chītā

Akuma Kōrudo

Horā Hanmā

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Oni are terrifying demons said to kidnap children in order to devour them. They make for great villains. Here’s how to think of some names for your own games.

Good Oni Names

Good Oni names reflect the fact that they are both Japanese and demonic in nature.

  • Poizunsouru Taberu hito
  • Jigoku Ken
  • Bakkusutabā Hayai
  • Azamuku Misairu
  • Fukitsu Sandā
  • Shinpi-teki Keruberosu
  • Akuma Chītā
  • Fuseijitsu Kōrudo
  • Akuma Kemono
  • Aku no Farukon
  • Jigoku Kingu

Shinrippā Hayai

The purple skinned Shinrippā Hayai was the famous leader of the thieves guild in Baldurs Gate, who used his position and influence to steal children away.

  • Inki Kingu
  • Fauru Kemono
  • Jaakuna Tatsumaki
  • Aku no Hi
  • Aku no Taka
  • Sourubānā Taberu hito
  • Byōkininaru Asashin
  • Ken’o-kan Sureiyā
  • Kuro Chītā
  • Kimo i Sureiyā
  • Kuroten Taberu hito
  • Andeddo Akuma
  • Furea Ken

Female Oni Names

Female Oni names follow a similar naming convention to the good oni names, but focus on more feminine qualities.

  • Bakkusutabā Kage
  • Inki Taka
  • Akuma no musuko Misairu
  • Azamuku Kage
  • Kirā Asashin
  • Ken’o-kan Yume
  • Iyana Sasori
  • Aku no Sonikkubūmu
  • Chō onsoku Hanmā
  • Shinpi-teki Keruberosu
  • Azamuku Taka
  • Kiken Yaban hito

Kuchiku-kan Hebi

Kuchiku-kan Hebi was a feared warrior in hand-to-hand combat, downing several bands of adventurers on her own with her fearsome cursed glaive.

  • Iyana Mokushiroku
  • Hakikewomoyōsu Sureiyā
  • Kiri Yari
  • Kimo i Sasori
  • Kibishī Hayai
  • Inki Keruberosu
  • Bakkusutabā Kimera
  • Akuma Ōkami
  • Sourubānā Revu~enanto
  • Kakusareta Roketto
  • Kuchiku-kan Ōkami
  • Kuroten Washi

Male Oni Names

Male oni names take their inspiration from more masculine-sounding Japanese naming conventions, along with the demonic nature.

  • Tanken Kōmori
  • Chō onsoku Taka
  • Yaban hito Washi
  • Souruītā Hayai
  • Kurai Doragon
  • Akuma no musuko Revu~enanto
  • Aku no Doku
  • Uragirimono Hayai
  • Inki Yami
  • Souruītā Taberu hito
  • Kōgeki Ken
  • Kokutan Tatsumaki

Kihi-zai Taka

Kihi-zai Taka once took an entire village hostage and threatened to put them to the sword unless his ransom demands were met. When the king refused, there were no survivors.

  • Jaakuna Fantomu
  • Byōkininaru Taka
  • Kiri Sasori
  • Mijimena Keruberosu
  • Fuseijitsu Shēdo
  • Uragirimono Kingu
  • Jigoku Sakkaku
  • Jaakuna Haundo
  • Hankō Misairu
  • Horā Hanmā
  • Byōkininaru Yami
  • San resu Bakuhatsu
  • Kage Doragon

That’s all for now for our list of oni names, hopefully one of these fearsome monikers took your fancy! If they did, please let us know in the comments below, and remember to share the article with a friend!

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