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“My dear brave knight, you shouldn’t be here.” The voice that came from seemingly everywhere, or perhaps only in his mind, was sweet, pleasant, alluring, and all but healed his very soul. “Your heart is pure so know that I am Ethemea, and I beg you not to ask me to show myself.”

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Nymphs are considered to be spirits of nature who take shape of beautiful humanoids, and their beauty, if exposed, can literally blind a man. It is also said their kiss can heal anything, and their tears are one of the ingredients for a love potion.

They prefer to live in solitude, protecting their homes such as a lake or a small forest, where the animals that live there are the only living creatures they interact with. They also rarely fight but won’t restrain from using druidic magic if backed into a corner.

While they shy away from all contact, there are many stories describing their extraordinary beauty, where even those who were blinded by it still have nothing but praise, and the names such as Alsira, Erato, and Larissa stay remembered forever.

Good Nymph Names

Those who are more familiar with the subject know that there are actually many types of Nymphs, subspecies as some call it, while their names are somewhat melodic and can instill a sense of serenity to anyone who hears them.

  • Paphila
  • Adrasteia
  • Nixilei
  • Elophis
  • Ethimelle
  • Euthemilia
  • Pirene
  • Chilane


A certain elf discovered her grove by accident and has been staying there for a few days now. Using the surroundings as inspiration, he used the time to paint magnificent paintings that she enjoyed watching very much, safely hidden by magical means nearby.

  • Sterope
  • Phaisyle
  • Eriophai
  • Mendeis
  • Menodiace


The stories about her this blind man tells are some of the most captivating descriptions ever spoken, for most of the locals anyway, and when asked if losing his sight was worth it, he would just give a long and warm smile as if there were no words to describe what kind of beauty he managed to glimpse at.

  • Actaea
  • Ptelea
  • Arsinoe
  • Asea


A certain knight, good and honest one too, has been visiting her pond for quite some time now, seeing how both he and his horse loved it there. One day, she decided to stand over him as he leaned to drink, and her reflection in the water all but blinded him before he turned around to see no one was there.

  • Dorissis
  • Psamathe
  • Pleidone
  • Chyseleia
  • Canea

Female Nymph Names

Stories say there is nothing sweeter and more damning than gazing upon a Nymph’s beautiful face. While there are those who continue to share false descriptions of such an encounter, the ones who actually lived through it confess they are equally happy and sad they did get to see one.

  • Nerinphe
  • Sagitise
  • Amphira
  • Acatea
  • Heila
  • Aktaie
  • Libeias
  • Chrysopeleia


After most of the forest burned down, all caused by the now-slayed orcs, she found a small peaceful clearing with a creek running nearby. After careful examination for more than a week, she decided this was the perfect new home, a place to start fresh.

  • Pallene
  • Halisa
  • Dorcetise
  • Alcinohre
  • Calliroe


Whoever was hunting her was no mere man. Her magic, while certainly powerful, didn’t seem to make as much difference as she expected, and the hunter was hot on her trail. She’s now making her last move by running through the nearby marsh, hoping to either lose or kill the enemy once and for all.

  • Melaniphi
  • Aethisia
  • Celaeni
  • Pleione


After helping a baby dragon by defending him from a big pack of wolves, she was soon thanked and rewarded by her mother. By now, they have been sharing the valley beneath the snowy mountain peaks, enjoying everything nature has to offer.

  • Alsira
  • Kleorei
  • Lephice
  • Arethiusei
  • Melite

Male Nymph Names

Contrary to the popular belief there are male nymphs as well, and they don’t differentiate from females as much as one might expect. Even the names can sound more appropriate to the opposite gender, though who is to say those human standards are correct.

  • Nepheilis
  • Tykiphe
  • Pontomedo
  • Nelairi
  • Phanethusi
  • Pontomedise
  • Ideia
  • Elimenise


After managing to live alone in isolation, far away from anyone to know of his existence, a group of drow have found their way to his hidden grove. Powerful, well-equipped, and with years of experience, they are determined to hunt him down and gather all the tears he can produce, one way or another.

  • Thelphise
  • Pasthera
  • Polynome
  • Eriato
  • Klymeina


He’s taken it upon himself to make this small but beautiful forest even prettier, and the druidic powers he possesses continue to prove to be highly beneficial. He is not alone, however, as the animals living there have also risen up to meet and help him in any way they can.

  • Kerkeis
  • Bretiax
  • Kleadorise
  • Calonia


Angered by the sacrilege of his home, he tracked and pursued the responsible group of gnolls for several days. The next early morning, just before the sunrise, he silently made his way to their camp and slaughtered them all in the most gruesome manner, one by one.

  • Morea
  • Amalithea
  • Coronis
  • Silopei
  • Nonakryse

These humanoids are said to be the spirits of nature and are regarded as magical beings by most other mortals. It is also said their beauty can blind anyone exposed to it, while their locks of hair are used for spells that can put a man into a deep sleep. Nymphs prefer solitude, living in perfect harmony with nature at their chosen location, a place where they continue to actively make it even grander and more pleasant to live in. Think about how the character came to be, what place did they choose to be bound to, have they ever met an outsider and who was it, what kind of dangers are lurking about, and think of the name worthy of the character’s fantastical beauty the world sees when it lays its eyes upon them.

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