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Nephilim Name Generator & Guide

“Yes, that is correct. I’m here to offer my services as a mercenary, someone capable of performing your hardest tasks. I have here a signed declaration of my previous employers who can vouch for my abilities. I am Peboqo, and my word is true.”

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Nephilim are eleven feet tall humanoids who can be mistaken for giants for often than not. They are the offspring of a son of a god and a human female, which is considered a cursed result of a forbidden union and something they are hunted for.

Being the living proof of this condemned affair they have been hunted since anyone can remember, and their numbers have greatly diminished over the years. Still, those still alive have found their place and the population is steadily on the rise once again.

Despite mostly living isolated lives, many offer themselves as mercenaries, soldiers, and even guards, earning coin and, more importantly, prestige that makes their names known, names such as Zasbe, Guzyamo, Nozagruen, Enqiko, and Jagerieth.

Good Nephilim Names

Although the names don’t resemble human ones that much, they still aren’t as melodic as those of the angels, and some might even give a sense of something demonic, more akin to the idea of a fallen one.

  • Dizal
  • Theqa
  • Yaguel
  • Rekanos
  • Egrajil
  • Rekitril
  • Joruegnyan
  • Atesbaz


Considered a curse upon the whole village ever since she was born, she and her mother endured constant daily abuse, both verbal and physical. After she grew up to be much taller than everyone else, as well as intimidating as a live bear, the abuse stopped though the villagers simply started to fear and hate her instead.

  • Thestel
  • Needis
  • Nidjus
  • Thudyu
  • Timreezus
  • Gesagrun
  • Sumistuz
  • Adrasa
  • Teqiamjol
  • Gimjenen
  • Urman


Having enrolled in a dwarven king’s army a decade ago, he’s risen through the ranks all the way to a general and now leads his own infantry regiment, shock troops that bring chaos to the battlefield by catching the enemy off guard one way or another.

  • Rukos
  • Juetres
  • Shozenaz
  • Sonqekyal
  • Remzuba
  • Nazenqieth
  • Begakath
  • Iarago
  • Qeemjen
  • Hame
  • Panyul


Bandit ambush almost proved to be fatal for him if it wasn’t for the brave adventurers who happened to be passing nearby. Eternally grateful, he was welcomed into their merry gathering, into a new life where nothing is certain and everything has a story behind it.

  • Darmitas
  • Shidumus
  • Thomabol
  • Tognete
  • Namrusa
  • Netnibol
  • Betue
  • Herjeth
  • Bomres
  • Qazel


His family has been leading the clan for generations, living peacefully in a valley isolated between mountains, and far away from any real danger. It was always like that until a certain white dragon decided to make the nearby peak his home, putting everyone in real danger for the first time in many years.

  • Zagosia
  • Ebutal
  • Rumziene
  • Zusujan
  • Saburan
  • Peteth
  • Keszil
  • Jadje
  • Pamas
  • Jidegal


The beastmen that have risen a couple of months ago and invaded their lands have forced all the clans to unite and come together under one banner. Now, this very day, they stand on the opposite sides of the battlefield, ready to charge at each other at the first order.

  • Yamogol
  • Jutrado
  • Atatrie
  • Bagode
  • Rami
  • Ijul
  • Qaral
  • Qatna
  • Estiameth
  • Shuzujul

These large humanoids look very much like giants, standing over ten feet tall and weighing more than a thousand pounds, who can live for over five hundred years. They are descendants of a god’s son and a human female, a result many considered cursed and the reason why both mortals and gods hunt them. After their numbers diminished to the record low, the survivors scattered and found more isolated places to live at. Nowadays, the scholars say their numbers are once again on the rise, something that may affect the region one day in more ways than one. Think about where the character was born, how was their upbringing and the surroundings in which they grew up, what kind of a person have they become, what might their aspirations be, and create a name worthy of a long life where anything’s possible.

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