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Naiad Name Generator & Guide

“I don’t think she has more to offer than me. And I think you know that, don’t you? Don’t you? Oh, you look so cute when you’re confused, did I tell you that? Now, come closer, don’t be shy, and tell your Daeira what’s on your mind.”

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Naiads are fey spirits who guard over a waterfall, lake, pond, brook, or some other body of fresh water. They usually take a form of a human female, where their beauty and general attractiveness can be ignored by a handful of creatures at most.

Some people are known to worship Naiads and their home where the children would leave a lock of hair as a right of passage. Animals would be also drowned there, and people would wash in the water itself, all for the magical healing properties it has.

Naiad’s beauty is often closely shadowed by their jealousy, and they are known to be dangerous when it suits them. Regardless of their actions, good or bad, their very existence makes their names known, names like Kaimana, Tierra, and Darya.

Good Naiad Names

Naiads are essentially nymphs, and without adequate knowledge, the names are all but identical, and there are multiple parts of history, both fantasy and real life, from which they draw inspiration from.

  • Gaia
  • Esen
  • Keahi
  • Cansu
  • Nerida
  • Rivers
  • Nerina
  • Azure


She is said to be the Lady of the Blue Waterfall, where the water looks all but magically enhanced, all in hues of blue. It is said the boys go there to become men, girls to transform into women, and adults to forget the troubles of their own lives, even if it’s only temporary.

  • Hurik
  • Mira
  • Kai
  • Hurricane
  • Flaka


The lake she lives at is known to be the favorite drinking place for all animals living in the vicinity, and this has led many different kinds of creatures to her doorstep. While she recognizes most, others are completely unfamiliar yet strangely alluring, where their mere existence makes her want to pet them at all times.

  • Kii
  • Georgette
  • Kaimana
  • Alizée


Once he was a she, a beautiful creature who thread innocently wherever she went. During a fight where the forces of good clashed with the undead horde, a powerful spell went awry and turned her into the opposite gender, as well as changing some of her abilities as well.

  • Azar
  • Darya
  • Tallulah
  • Georgia
  • Bay

Female Naiad Names

Bolstered by their natural beauty and charisma, they are known to lure and seduce unwary travelers who pique their interest, and the victims usually have no idea what hit them.

  • Pleione
  • Kerokeis
  • Alexiroe
  • Acalephia
  • Neomeris
  • Sterope
  • Klepheia
  • Calligenia


While she sleeps in a hidden cave, deep in the forest, she likes to spend her time near the human roads where she can gaze upon the travelers. Sometimes, when she sees a lone person, she would follow them and approach them when they are camped for the night.

  • Lollaia
  • Egeria
  • Dexane
  • Melaina
  • Kissise


Having failed to see the positive results of her recent seductions, she has fallen into a certain melancholy that might very well turn into anger and rage. The proof of that could have already been seen in the last interaction, where she lashed out at an innocent man after he denied her advances cause of fear.

  • Phanio
  • Nerisei
  • Kerleise
  • Brentisa


After waking up, she saw a beautiful strong horse, saddled and clearly someone’s, drinking from the pond she was resting at. She smiled but quickly looked to her right where a bloodied armored man was lying still on the ground, and while de didn’t seem to be breathing she felt what she would do in the next couple of moments will be the difference between his life and death.

  • Neaira
  • Cirilha
  • Thaleia
  • Nemertes
  • Halia

Male Naiad Names

As with nymphs in general, most claim there is no such thing as a male Naiad and that everyone knows they are all one of the most beautiful women in the world. Certain scholars, however, not only refute such statements but also insist they possess proof as well.

  • Tempest
  • Tuuli
  • Ereshkigal
  • Arai
  • Earthi
  • Rio
  • Ocean
  • Ila


After trying to catch him for more than three decades, a certain old scholar and hunter managed to capture him thanks to the help of a mercenary band. While the hunter is happily humming familiar songs on their way back, the leader of the mercenaries has a different plan in mind, one where he takes all glory and coin.

  • Maya
  • Zephyr
  • Anemone
  • Avani
  • Ilmatar


After being killed in an ambush by a pack of dire wolves, the spirit somehow managed to live on, possessing first one of the wolves and then making its way to a certain elven ranger who was known to patrol the region.

  • Nini
  • Tirta
  • Meltem
  • Georgina


Most people that saw him claim he has both the features of a man and a woman, though everyone who saw him agrees he’s one of the prettiest creatures alive and that the beauty was so alluring they have a hard time remembering anything else.

  • Moana
  • Rain
  • Azura
  • Tasi
  • Brooke

Naiads guard a chosen body of water, such as a pond, a brook, or a spring that is often well secluded and far from prying eyes. They love to interact with the outsiders, and while they are wary of the power their beauty holds they don’t hesitate to use anything that can help them progress their current goals. They can be benevolent but also malicious, depending on their desires, and stories tell of both acts of kindness and the wicked ways they are capable of taking. Think of how the character came to be, what place did they bond with and why, what kind of a personality do they have, what might make them question their goals, and think of a name worthy of all the beauty of the world that will never match their own.


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