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Naga Name Generator & Guide

“Look here, sisters. A fresh meal.” The three travelers froze in tracks, grimacing at the realization they were surrounded. “Let’s eat them.” – said the other ambusher, licking her lips. “No, not this time. We shall take them to Oxzirizs. Only she can decide what to do next.”

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Naga resemble oversized snakes, 15 feet long on average, with a human-like head. While stories tell of individuals that are longer than 100 feet, it is known for a fact that all of their kind is at least as intelligent and dangerous as an average human.

They are born with affinity for magic and that innate ability never goes away. While many believe Nagas have distinct sexes, they are in fact capable of reproducing either by mating or by themselves, a choice that all of them make then and there.

They are known to taste flesh of many humanoid races if they have a chance, and while most are nowadays living in secluded locations, many performed deeds that made their names more known, names like Daskel, Zhilarash, and Xoxhorshazs.

Good Naga Names

The concept of Naga comes predominantly from Indian culture and the names are heavily influenced by it as well.

  • Zhursesz
  • Dadja
  • Szekhosi
  • Zhexsalai
  • Asuce
  • Dhaylu
  • Jyeksha
  • Nutasa


As one of the priestesses of the local temple, she’s responsible for a couple of sacred rituals, making sure that every part of the process is performed with precision as honor and prestige is at stake here, for her and for the whole clan.

  • Hromadhirdat
  • Khacshe
  • Scade
  • Zsurszashal
  • Cusikul
  • Okaarra
  • Asra
  • Aga
  • Lahatat


Every hunt in her society is considered a sacred act and it is a job that she does with utmost tenacity, never failing to put the mission in front of everything else, including her own life. Just in the last month she saved three lives, as well as almost died on two separate occasions.

  • Vurmaryalwa
  • Urhux
  • Yurthasj
  • Dosekhee
  • CrasyaskuSyaallu
  • Hakza
  • Criralax
  • Erkaacu
  • Uxeri


While others spend their time with more mundane things, he’s completely entranced with the recently discovered tomes of magic. Although it has been only a couple of weeks since they were found, he’s already certain they will bring new power to him, thus to his clan as well, and overall prosperity none knew was possible before.

  • Sara
  • Cherdata
  • Dhravyuja
  • Ikhittradhya
  • Tukzekh
  • Acess
  • Ergukshe
  • Sziercixesz
  • Arcaxho
  • Alu


With their queen fallen in battle, his very own mother, he had to take over the leadership and lead his people to success. Alas, the battle continued to go for worse, and they had to flee and retreat. Now, with everyone licking their wounds and hiding, there’s a sense of dread as he believes it won’t be soon before someone challenges him for the throne.

  • Kakyamvra
  • Layoha
  • Sranapasra
  • Uresho
  • Kshihli
  • Kshaju
  • Listuva
  • Dhapirta
  • Vashaylipti
  • Zhiekse
  • Ashel
  • Azedho


She’s always been different and her love for the animals and plants has not gone unnoticed, even from her younger days. Now that she’s an adult, she’s been living in the swamps, just outside the main settlement, preferring isolation and solitude apart from the native creatures living there.

  • Odhiekai
  • Nukshas
  • Jyirka
  • Tigisrat
  • Vetetya
  • Khajadheja
  • Zheili
  • Ikhikh
  • Shaatzadhi
  • Solidhe
  • Arecso
  • Ida

These snake-like creatures with human-shaped heads are considered large monsters by most humanoid races. They are said to be able to use magic, and are even said to be magical themselves, to the point where some scholars say they are actually immortal. Theologians continue to argue whether the Nagas still worship the World Serpent after a certain race-changing event occurred but neither of the sides produced any proof so far. Isolated or not, they remain a dangerous threat for anyone who crosses their path, and any humanoid flesh is more than welcome to be a part of their meal. Think about how the character came to life, where did they grow up, what makes them different from the rest of their kin, what might their ambitions be, and think of a name worthy of a magical existence these fascinating creatures all seem to have.

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