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Moon Elf Name Generator & Backstories

“You have to come with me! In fact, this very instance! Yes, they are gnomes but their parties are some of the most amazing festivities ever. The things that happen there in one night wouldn’t happen here in a hundred years, and more! I’m telling you, Daeondra, you have to see it with your own eyes.”

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Also known as the Silver elves, they are the most common of all the elven subraces, and as such are more tolerant of the others, especially humans, so it is no surprise many Moon Elves are ancestors of numerous half-elves in the world.

With green or blue eyes, and black, blue, or silvery white hair, they are impulsive, and extroverts, and they feel distaste towards isolation or complacency as they spread their own values by interacting with other races as much as they can.

Skilled in magic and arms but also music and art, their personalities perfectly match the desire of becoming an adventurer that so many of them have, and some achieve fame and get their names known, names like Marlevaur, Shaundyl, and Larongar.

Good Moon Elf Names

Feeling as if they were a part of a bigger picture where numerous races take part, it’s no wonder only the first name is enough for them as most would say their heart and mind belong to the whole wide world and not just one place or family.

  • Agis
  • Horith
  • Chomylla
  • Soora
  • Idril
  • Daratrine
  • Alloralla
  • Zaltarish


He’s long left his home and hasn’t looked back since, more determined and sure of his decision than ever. While the road brought many dangers it also allowed him to meet all sorts of people, from travelers, merchants, and even fellow adventurers who were more than ready to share the news and stories they gathered along the way.

  • Fenian
  • Nelaeryn
  • Veara
  • Darfin
  • Oribel


After a rather long adventuring life, she decided to settle in a large city where she now has a piece of property, a nice-looking inn. There, along with her fellow ex-adventurers, she runs the place, plays music, and enjoys her evenings as she successfully mixed work with pleasure.

  • Lashul
  • Llewellenar
  • Maeraddyth
  • Cauladra


As an ambassador held in the highest regard, he’s serving in a human court where he’s responsible for giving advice on both politics and warfare. Unbeknownst to others, he’s also a member of a certain secret organization, a cult really, that wishes to take down the King and his men, and cause general instability in the realm.

  • Itham
  • Sharian
  • Ondabrar
  • Ehrendil
  • Glorfindel

Female Moon Elf Names

Some would say they are even more free-spirited than their opposite gender as the race is known for having strong-willed, opinionated, and capable women taking on some of the most diverse and demanding roles in society.

  • Thingol
  • Vaeril
  • Venali
  • Mythanthar
  • Nieven
  • Phantyni
  • Imizael
  • Illitran


She loves to meet new people and talk to them, and if she can also sell something while they are at it, even better. Merchant by trade, and a poet in heart, she travels the same roads on a weekly basis, looking to hear more interesting stories and news from other parts of the region.

  • Fhociin
  • Larongar
  • Alavara
  • Rhalyf
  • Braerindra


From the moment she took a paintbrush in her hands, it was clear she would one day make a masterpiece, and she’s been encouraged to pursue that path by her parents and friends around her. Today, many decades later, she’s the finest painter in the whole eastern part of the kingdom.

  • Darcassan
  • Ciyradyl
  • Edwyrd
  • Otaerhyn


Swordfighting was the first thing she set her eyes on and immediately thought it was her destiny. Learning from the best instructors her rich parents could find, she became one of the finest swordsmen in the region, and she’s currently traveling to a certain tournament where the reward would allow her to gather enough money to go after her sister’s kidnappers and killers.

  • Kelvhan
  • Droth
  • Aego
  • Qildor
  • Corym

Male Moon Elf Names

From warriors and wizards to smiths and musicians, they have shown their versatility that allows them to master anything they set their minds to, and their long life-span offers many learning opportunities,

  • Montagor
  • Shandalar
  • Rathal
  • Tolthe
  • Gantar
  • Elorfindar
  • Halamar
  • Iolas


After learning all the basic and advanced blacksmithing methods, he then decided to specialize in weapon-making, where swords are now his biggest forte. So far, he’s honed his skill so much that others have begun to notice and hear about his work, and a king’s messenger is on his way towards him with a letter in hand.

  • Laosx
  • Lorsan
  • Erlathan
  • Reysalor
  • Taerntym


As a druid and a guardian of the forest, his sole purpose is to keep the balance in the region. Everything was going great until the undead started to rise up and venture out of a forgotten tomb where ancient evil seems to have returned once more.

  • Ryvvik
  • Uldreiyn
  • Doreah
  • Myrin


In his most dire time of need, he cursed and prayed to anyone or anything that would listen, and to his surprise, he got an answer. It was an unknown yet powerful and compelling voice, one that was capable of striking a deal with this elf before transferring some of its power to him.

  • Mhaenal
  • Kharis
  • Eilauver
  • Tarron
  • Pyrder

While they are the most common elven subrace, their gregariousness allows them to easily and happily socialize with other races, and this kind of behavior has led to many half-elven offsprings in the past. They are open to new ideas and gladly share their own views, and they are equally skillful in battle as they are in art and music. Think about where the character was born, what kind of an upbringing did they have, what are they good at, are there any plans for the immediate future, and think of a name worthy of the grand adventures before them.

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