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Lighthouse Name Generator & Short Stories

As the light of the Ice Floe Mirror burst through clouds on the horizon, the captain gave a rallying cry. Her crew made final muttered prayers, knowing the ship’s course would soon be littered with reminders of Earth’s last glacier to fall.

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The Welcome Sight

Unholy Beacon

The Night Candle

The Listing Lantern

Tower of the Tempest

Kraken’s End

Sailglow Tip

Twisted Tower

The Evenstar

Deserter’s Deceit

Shoreshine House

The Clifftop Castaway

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Throughout recorded history, fires have been lit atop hills to guide sailors safely towards the shore. Even now, as solar power and electricity make lighthouse keepers obsolete, the towers retain an air of mystery and grandiosity. Adding a lighthouse to a fantasy landscape may signify the caring might of a seaside king, or allude to something spooky that waits along the cliffs.

Good Lighthouse Names

Good names for lighthouses can tell us something about the builder’s intention, or convey the sense that something has warped the tower beyond its original purpose. Many mythical creatures of the ocean may seek to warp a lighthouse’s promise of safety, so a name that suggests their presence will prove an irresistible lure for intrepid adventurers.

  • The Dawn Bearer        
  • Mirror of the Mariner        
  • Storm Candle Tower        
  • Selkie Bay Light        
  • Sailor’s Saviour        
  • North Star Point        
  • The Night Candle        
  • Tower of the Temptress        
  • Reaver’s Reception        

The Last Light

This fabled lighthouse marks the end of paths well-travelled. As its warm glow is consumed by the blackness beyond, even the heartiest sailor has been known to beg for their ship to change course.

  • Sun of the Siren        
  • Friendly Fire Lighthouse        
  • Tower of the Tempest        
  • The Lightning Lure        
  • Pirate Point        
  • Beacon of the Beast        
  • Shipshine Light        
  • Vulture’s Hold        
  • Call of the Captain        
  • Kelpie Bay Point        

Angel of the Cliffs

Thousands of white blossoms wreathe this tower, catching the gentle light as it swings across the shore. A home for lovers of seafaring folk, where they wait with hopeful hearts and open arms.

  • Lustrelight Point        
  • Mermaid’s Mirror        
  • Land Ahoy Lighthouse        
  • Unholy Beacon        
  • Aurora Spire        
  • Light on the Reef        
  • The Shine on the Shallows        
  • Dying Light        
  • Fisherman’s Friend        
  • Calypso’s Call        

Spotlight in the Smog

A lighthouse within city walls may once have been a bemusing sight. Yet once the choking evening fogs became a permanent feature, it was the only way to ensure safe passage as dusk fell.

  • The Listing Lantern        
  • Ghostglow Point        
  • Top of the World        
  • Clearwater Light        
  • Captain’s Warning        
  • Homebound Beacon        
  • Witchlight Tower        
  • Shiner on the Rocks        
  • Salty Dog Light        
  • Selkie’s Snare        

Lantern of the Lusca

On a long-deserted island, the beam from this tower dances across vibrant corals and twinkling seas. Its light never ceases, confusing any sailor unaware of the dreaded creature that lurks beneath the shallows.

  • The Unsnuffed Candle        
  • Burnished Beacon        
  • Nightglow Point        
  • Ice Floe Mirror        
  • The Twinkle Tower        
  • Naiad’s Lamp        
  • Sirenhold Light        
  • Coral’s Candle        
  • Shoreshine House        
  • Ghastly Glower        
  • Ponaturi Point        

The Blinking Beacon

Once a great bastion of the coastal kingdoms, this tower can no longer be relied upon by homecoming ships. As each militia wrestles its way into power, the task of manning the beacon is often forgotten, until the next shipment of smuggled goods is lost to the rocks.

  • Sailglow Tip        
  • Glare on the Glacier        
  • Towering Torch        
  • Ship’s Welcome        
  • The Clifftop Castaway        
  • Moon’s Might        
  • The Shipwrecker        
  • Coral Call Point        
  • Hydra Heights        

What was your favorite of these lighthouse names? Let me know in the comments, as well as any spooky ideas of your own. Or perhaps you have a vision for a different kind of lighthouse, since they can add all kinds of flavor to a landscape. Please do share this generator with any friends who love to create dramatic seascapes too.

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