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Lamia Name Generator & Guide

Stand back, you monster!” The man held a spear awkwardly, with a shake that affected both his voice and his posture. “Aww, what’s the matter? Were you expecting someone else? You should have thought twice before passing through Xerxades’s territory, wouldn’t you say?

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Lamias are hybrid creatures who have an animal lower body and a human torso and head, which also means their whole upper body is completely human. All subspecies share a love for human flesh, however, as they lure their prey in one way or another.

Their method of hunting is to lure the prey using one of many abilities, such as illusion magic, ventriloquism, or plain old seduction, one way or another. This also allows them to never venture far away from their home where they feel the safest.

Those lucky enough to survive an encounter with a Lamia can’t stop telling stories about how their lives changed after witnessing such creatures, stories that bring notoriety and make their names known, names like Phylos, Celitus, and Athizisia.

Good Lamia Names

Using martial prowess, magical abilities, and stealth and guile, they are dangerous opponents who should be messed with. Their names sound exotic to most humanoid races, to the point where some are a bit awkward to pronounce.

  • Aesesio
  • Acherexia
  • Aristersis
  • Mosephon
  • Adelphothius
  • Orthristos
  • Athanaus
  • Stefixi


As a master of ventriloquism, he can imitate any creature he encountered and any sound he heard at least twice, and this enables him to set up such efficient ambushes that no creature is ever truly safe when he’s nearby.

  • Eraselphos
  • Bazedes
  • Trophesio
  • Lichas
  • Phaethyphe


Too old to hunt anymore, she’s doing all she can to pass her knowledge to the younger generations. In fact, her long life seems all but magical though no one dares mention it out loud, while the truth is that she’s found a magical artifact that seems to have slowed her aging process.

  • Cnassithe
  • Philertise
  • Leucia
  • Galixusa


Ever since he was tasked with teaching the young ones how to hunt, the whole community started to flourish. There were less wounded, more meat gathered, and everyone seemed to love him. That is until one day he left without saying a word and left with no trace, no trail or smell to follow.

  • Axiphassea
  • Lisethis
  • Amathiaphe
  • Kisophia
  • Daphiphis

Female Lamia Names

Some love to venture forth into the more civilized lands disguised as humans, using robes and even illusions to hide their true nature. This further allows them to practice their seducing skills, for whatever reason they seem to have at the time.

  • Iaselsa
  • Zeuxeusa
  • Calyphiphite
  • Sagusei
  • Lithacia
  • Sineosis
  • Isaia
  • Iphohsa


After discovering she knew magic, illusions became her favorite way to pass time. So much so that she seemed to have abandoned doing everything except eating and drinking, just enough to live by, and instead focused on her innate abilities that she’s certain will provide a brighter future for them all.

  • Syrishae
  • Ethaphaura
  • Rhethophai
  • Castethis
  • Physishae


Having been working on improving her relationship with the local centaur tribe for more than two decades, she’s now an accepted outsider, the closest thing one could be without actually being a member. Not everyone there is happy, however, and some groups have voiced their displeasure of having an outlander so close.

  • Cirisha
  • Thesethis
  • Kaphethia
  • Nysheila


Many years ago she lost everything she had. Family, belongings, friends, all of it. Never looking back, she left wherever her legs carried her and soon found herself in the middle of a wolf ambush where she managed to defend a couple of goblins from an early death. This in turn led her to eventually became the tribe’s leader, bringing newfound glory and power along with her.

  • Sylphaphine
  • Salethe
  • Prisanthei
  • Phalixia
  • Olithethis

Male Lamia Names

As most stories involve female Lamia, males are less known but very much real, possessing all the abilities as their female counterparts.

  • Inachalus
  • Iphitepios
  • Erasmerus
  • Tharasaphus
  • Absyrotheos
  • Loxys
  • Buthophe
  • Cyrastus


As part of the hunting party, he’s been chasing a certain elusive creature that the elders want to be captured, to be studied, and examined, and to learn where it came from as they don’t believe it is natural at all. Alas, the hunt has been going poorly as whatever they are hunting seems to know how to cover its tracks well.

  • Vasilathis
  • Stephiste
  • Aesilles
  • Ephelous
  • Phaetholas


He never wanted to be a part of a war, yet there he was. Standing amidst many of his kind, armored and armed, they were all waiting for a command for the charge to begin. As he remembered his past deeds, reminiscing the good time and bad, a sound of a warhorn filled the air and marked the beginning of what he now considered to be the end.

  • Therophoros
  • Trophises
  • Bazinos
  • Priaphophor


Smart, strong, capable, and rather attractive, he is the one towards whom many females turn their gaze, basking their eyes in everything he does. Unfortunately, he doesn’t seem to be interested in any of them, not one bit, and the rumors soon started about how he found love in another community, something that’s frowned upon where they live.

  • Phlegios
  • Lycis
  • Naphypnos
  • Thaddises
  • Phalaemersis

These hybrid creatures are as dangerous as they are malicious and cunning. With an animal’s lower body and the upper body and head of a human, they use many abilities, such as illusion magic, to lure their prey close where they can satisfy their everlasting love for human flesh. Lamias revel in causing chaos and the area they live in shows clear signs of this, in more ways than one.

Think about how the character came to be, where they grew up, what are the life values they follow and why, are there any goals for the future, and create a name worthy of all the mischief and horror every Lamia brings along with them.

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