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Jungle Name Generator & Guide

The sweltering heat bore down on the party as they made their way through the thick undergrowth. Nagina knew that the temple lay somewhere in the dense greenery of the Bairay Wilderness, and it was her responsibility to lead the party to the treasure within.Suddenly, one of their number was swept from their feet by a rope trap. Panic began to set in; they had been foun

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The Rain Forest of Galdho

Bungocame Paradise

The Haunted Gardens

The Rugged Wilds

The Lifeless Tropics

The Parroting Wilderness

Nyegoma Wilds

The Sad Wilds

The Peaceful Jungles

The Tropics of Mbabasa

Dhamawo Bush

The Narrow Gardens

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Jungles make for exciting locales in your fantasy settings: all manner of dangerous creatures make their home within. Will your party dare venture through the wilderness for the promise of adventure and loot? Check out some of these names to really set the scene.

Good Jungle Names

Good jungle names fall into a couple of categories. For example, a good place to start is to name them after the legendary animals that make their homes there. Another option is to give them a suitably exotic name that could come from an ancient civilisation that once existed within.

  • The White Elephant Rainforest
  • The Parroting Wilderness
  • The Waking Jungles
  • The Screaming Paradise
  • The Cacophony Jungles
  • The Macaw Garden
  • The Bush of Gurama
  • Kangunragua Garden
  • Lawbera Wilds

Bairay Wilderness

The Bairay Wilderness is a savage stretch of jungle located just a few hundred miles south of the vast Bairay Desert. In its center lies the long-lost Akvanu Temple, said to contain the untold riches of a now dead civilisation.

  • The Growing Tropics
  • The Loathsome Tropics
  • Darkest Night Jungle
  • The Wild Paradise
  • The Plain Bush
  • The Calming Jungles
  • The Wild of Kikuyale
  • Laascha Garden
  • Lasaso Gardens
  • Duutik Rain Forest

The Thundering Wilderness

The Thundering Wilderness has done well to earn its name, located at the foot of a towering mountain range, the jungle is famous for its unrelenting wet season that sees the greenery endure thunderstorm after thunderstorm for months on end. Only the most hardy of adventures dare traverse its endless miles.

  • The Bustling Gardens
  • The Lionroar Jungles
  • The Solar Paradise
  • The Sterile Garden
  • The Eastern Rain Forest
  • The Garden of Galkagu
  • Nyegoma Wilds
  • Elgaihanhumei Tropics
  • Magahol Wild
  • The Wailing Wilds
  • The Savage Jungles

The Pygmy Jungles

The Pygmy Jungles are home to a seldom-seen civilisation of pygmy humans who have made it their home for hundreds of years. The adornments of gold jewelry have tempted many a foolhardy adventuring party to try to treat with them or even go to war with their tribes, but they are as of yet undefeated.

  • The Distant Tropics
  • The Forbidden Paradise
  • The Solar Gardens
  • The Rain Forest of Qoryahanmei
  • Burtimo Paradise
  • Pumruru Gardens
  • Elgurialin Tropics
  • The Thornbush Gardens
  • The Rugged Wilds
  • The Treacherous Wild
  • The Emperor Jungle
  • The Quiet Jungle

The Ever Expanding Paradise

Located on the Outer Plane known as the Bestial Wildlands, the Ever Expanding Paradise it said to be an infinite hunting ground for all manner of otherworldly beast. For the predators who make their homes inside, it truly is a paradise, as many lost travelers find themselves transported there by mistake, only to die by terrifying tooth and claw.

  • The Rain Forest of Laacade
  • Bungokaba Bush
  • Garimadow Wilds
  • Haayale Paradise
  • The Growling Bush
  • The Thunderstorm Garden
  • The Eastern Jungles
  • The Hungry Tropics
  • The Timeless Gardens

The Red Paradise

The Red Paradise derives its name from the deadly species of flower found in that jungle alone. The toxins that the plant produces naturally make it a favorite resource of poisoners and assassins across the land, and as such many apothecaries journey to the Red Paradise in order to procure the infamous ingredient.

  • The Jungles of Bunyamanyo
  • Lanhanmei Jungles
  • Kabadali Jungle
  • Moyayo Gardens
  • The Southern Jungles
  • The Black Panther Wilds
  • The Thunder Tropics
  • The Moaning Paradise

The Titan Wilds

The Titan Wilds is an expanse of jungle located high atop a plateau amidst a towering range of peaks. It earns its name by being the site of unexplained gigantism in the wildlife found there. Giant wolves, tigers, bears, and snakes all make their home in this terrifying wilderness.

  • The Hidden Jungles
  • The Bush of Jisabit
  • Qoryocado Tropics
  • Kapsamakoile Wilderness

That marks the end of our list of jungle names, we hope you like the suggestions we have for you here. Be sure to share the list with a friend if you found it useful, and comment your personal favorite name down below!

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