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“Hello! I’m Levi Laverty and the next song we’ve got for you here is Funky Ceili so sing along if you know the words, or just get back to drinking if you don’t! We’re here all night!”

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Ruben O’Keily

Donagh Kerrisk

Lana Hely

Eve O’Madden

Daithí O’Sullivan

Joshua O’Kirwan

Ruairí Quaid

Oscar O’Hurley

Nessa Owens

Aoibhínn O’Keenan

Elsie Devane

Bella O’Dolan

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Ireland is an island to the west of the island of Britain. It is home to two countries, Ireland and Northern Ireland (which is currently a part of the United Kingdom).

Irish names have a few different ways to show descent, in terms of surnames or patronymics. ‘O’ is one, as in O’Malley. Mac is another, as in MacHugh. Also, the Irish language has pronunciation nuances that should be taken into consideration when choosing or speaking names.

Good Irish Names

Good Irish names have a lyricism and rhythm to them.

  • Cody Kennedy
  • Rhys MacTraynor
  • Joe O’Boland
  • Adrian O’Farrelly
  • Paul Keane
  • Seán Duddy
  • Jacob MacHugh
  • Naoise Mannion
  • Johnny Dunleavy

Daire Dalton

Daire captains a ferry making regular runs between Dublin and Holyhead, Wales. It’s not terribly exciting, but it beats hauling fish, like her dad did. And she gets to be at sea, which she loves. Though sometimes she wonders if its enough.

  • Kian O’Dea
  • Cole Doyle
  • Luca O’Neill
  • Rían Kinsella
  • Jonathan Mitchell
  • Peadar Hayes
  • Harrison Muckley
  • Toby O’Hannon
  • Louis MacGeoghagan

Jaxon MacGowan

Jason lives on a farm, is supposed to take over the farm, but he can dance like the gods themselves have given him a gift. Right now, all he does is post videos of himself online, but if he can get enough of a following, he just might have a ticket out of here.

  • Colm Magian
  • Hunter Madigan
  • Conall Gibbons
  • Ruben Gleeson
  • Aidan Gilroy

Female Irish Names

Female Irish names tend to end in vowels more often than their male counterparts do.

  • Ruby MacCarthy
  • Eve O’Madden
  • Rose Morris
  • Hanna O’Fahy
  • Sophie Allen
  • Jasmine Millea
  • Faye O’Ahern
  • Maggie Fagan
  • Saoirse Walsh

Aoibhínn O’Keenan

Aoibhínn teaches. There’s not many other jobs in her small village, and it beats working as a waitress or in a little shop. She can’t stand most of the kids though. None of them want to do anything. Expect be famous. What nonsense! Can you imagine what that would be like? Fame?

  • Eliza Gleeson
  • Cara Aiken
  • Robin O’Farrelly
  • Orla O’Dunn
  • Jane O’Hanly
  • Maja O’Donoghue
  • Lana Hely
  • Alannah Morris
  • Tessa MacDowell

Nessa O’Tracy

The O’Tracy’s have a long history in both Derry and Londonderry. You never want to cross an O’Tracy. Nessa, now, she looks to be the sweetest and most mild, but you do not want to cross her. If you end up on the business end of her left hook the next thing you know is it will be morning.

  • Maya Fitzgerald
  • Rose Lane
  • Aurora McDermott
  • Daisy MacGilfoyle
  • Julia O’Doherty

Male Irish Names

Male Irish names tend to end in the letter N slightly more often than those of their female counterparts.

  • Séan Morrissey
  • Jordan Quaid
  • Ruben O’Keily
  • Levi MacSweeney
  • Alan Quinlevan
  • Conn MacRannall
  • Joshua O’Kirwan
  • Myles Mainey
  • Teddy Garvin

Dominik Maguire

Dominik has a ready smile and a golden voice. He could make it as a singer, probably, if he moved to London, or America, but he doesn’t want to. Dublin’s more than enough for him, even though the opportunities are fewer. Though he seems to be forever unlucky in love, here.

  • Caleb Purcell
  • Eoghan O’Gormley
  • Lukas MacTraynor
  • Rory MacMahon
  • Cameron O’Dea
  • Nathan O’Molony
  • Gabriel McRoric
  • William O’Kelleher
  • Tyler Quinelly

Séan MacGenis

Sean loves nothing more than pulling pints. It’s why he bought the ratty old pub he now owns, operates, and lives above. If he didn’t have to worry about turning a profit, it would be a fine life indeed. But that bottom line is greying his hair fast.

  • Cillian O’Shea
  • Jakub O’Kearny
  • Freddie MacDonogh
  • Robin Vaughan
  • Séamus O’Lee

How often do you use Irish names or Irish culture or mythology in your games? Do you have any favorite Irish characters? What are your best strategies for coming up with good Irish names? Let us know in the comments!

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