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“Yes, master, of course.” The imp obeyed every order the warlock gave him, all the while throwing subtle praises and sowing seeds for his grand plan. “You know I know you’re right, otherwise how could I serve such a worthy magician. I am even on the verge of discovering a way to bring you more power, a promise I will fulfill or my name isn’t Jigbee.”

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Out of all true devils, Imps are arguably the weakest ones. About two feet tall, weighing usually no more than 10 pounds, they have red skin, wings, and a scorpion-like tail, all which add to their already bulbous general appearance.

While they aren’t stupid, they are weak and craven, and they love to be summoned by mortal spellcasters to serve them on the Material Plane as they can offer their new masters bits of knowledge while working on securing their soul for Hell.

Whether they were abandoned by their masters or left on their own, sometimes they end up wandering the country where their actions often make their names known even among other races, names like Pegmia, Tyolten, Tyan, and Kukmar.

Good Imp Names

These outsiders, full of envy, jealousy, and all-around evil, possess names that are a bit harder to pronounce, names that remind us of other devilish creatures.

  • Qoltia
  • Vix
  • Pairla
  • Cyogra
  • Cyium
  • Zox
  • Rublol
  • Ublom


This is a crafty little imp, always managing to get his way despite his master’s wishes. Serving a certain minor wizard in a human kingdom the imp has been successfully corrupting the mage, and is now on the verge of forming a deal that will condemn the magician’s soul to Hell.

  • Drogro
  • Xikkoq
  • Kyox
  • Eerbun
  • Tyogfuk
  • Qret
  • Gruc
  • Uprul
  • Lukmem
  • Bogfee


He’s tasted power before but after a recent incident he ended back in his native plane, leaving him dreams only, where he has to plot his rise back once more. While clearly disappointed, he is determined this was but a minor setback and that the future looks as bright, if not brighter, as ever before.

  • Qrot
  • Cyiarjux
  • Eerbais
  • Dec
  • Yem
  • Gnikkak
  • Yelpiap
  • Zaz
  • Qilber
  • Crokloc
  • Rep


Recently she realized she might have bit more than she could chew, seeing how her wizard master didn’t succumb to neither her charm nor her wits, and so she decided to lay low and focus on serving and learning for the time being.

  • Droltal
  • Vex
  • Xaam
  • Togria
  • Vepne
  • Chic
  • Shupru
  • Griurkob
  • Qrir
  • Jogrub


Too clever for his own good, his mouth is often faster than his mind. Though his ideas, comments, and even jokes, are usually spot on, the insolence and disregard for others with which he does everything continues to irk his master. For now, he is fortunate the wizard is busy with other things, so he gets away with more than he should.

  • Triuq
  • Xir
  • Chukben
  • Tikku
  • Kyur
  • Zrilrin
  • Kuphos
  • Qriat
  • Drippip
  • Duc


With her master now dead, she’s torn on the decision where to go next. Relative freedom of not serving anyone has its own merits but she knows her true purpose and that it can’t be done without meeting more people. As she ponders her next move, unbeknownst to her, a young sorcerer is making his way down the road, straight towards her.

  • Zrol
  • Gnukmic
  • Zrignik
  • Chaip
  • Jobker
  • Rippo
  • Kyuq
  • Epnex
  • Treerbol
  • Rac
  • Tyir

All but the lowest of the devils, Imps usually act as servants either to some other devilish force or a mortal spellcaster that used their powers to summon them to the Material plane. While serving mortal masters, imps never stop seeking ways of corrupting their hearts to one day secure their souls for Hell. Sometimes, however, they live a life of a stray, abandoned or having left on their own accord, seeking to lead instead of follow, where they often find themselves at the head of a goblin tribe. Think about how the character came to be, how they ended on the Material Plane, what their true goals might be, what motivates them forward, and think of a name worthy of the despicable nature they all possess.

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