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They say a wolf did this but I’ll have none of it. I know this creature all too well, how cunning it is, how vicious, and how bloodthirsty it gets. There, you hear that? That is no mating call, that is a war cry, and precisely why it’s called the Howler.

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Horror is certainly one of the more popular genres in general, whether it’s a book, a movie, or a game, and good horror stories must have at least one terrifying character that will set the tone and expectations, along with instilling fear wherever they go.

The nature of the character isn’t necessarily important, as many creatures can fulfill this role, as long as it fits the narrative. A good background and explanation, bolstered by a scary name, will go a long way in creating suspense situations.

These creatures often make us remember them by their appearance or actions, or both, and the gruesome stories that follow their steps make their names heard, names such as Blazespell, Rotmuck, Spikecog, Ghostshred, and Killtrap.

Good Horror Names

A name worthy of a horrific character often speaks for itself, whereas the words that were used form a story on their own, or at least provide enough of a hint to why this creature is to be feared.

  • Stinkblink
  • Oozemane
  • Pukecurse
  • Thornthought
  • Rulereign
  • Chargefire
  • Stinkstench
  • Slashgreed


This seemingly harmless creature uses its telepathic abilities to charm its way into the mind, seeping to the very essence of the victim, and slowly but surely begin to melt their brain until they can function no more and eventually die, thus becoming yet another meal for this monster.

  • Huntercrash
  • Wealthcraft
  • Mecharun
  • Flickerblink
  • Souldream


The numerous claws this creature possesses are all but coated in a strange yellowish liquid that seems to infect anyone touched by it, where the victim ends up in horrific pain until it can no longer endure the agony after which they meet their inevitable demise.

  • Snowvomit
  • Tombcinder
  • Wetbelch
  • Stormghost


Using illusion, and sound and light manipulation, this creature is a master of making others see what they want. Slowly luring them into a maze of thoughts, once the victim has failed to realize it is a trick, there is almost no way for them to escape.

  • Wireghast
  • Leafcraft
  • Stinkslice
  • Rulerun
  • Smashchain

Female Horror Names

While in some other situations the gender would prove to be enough to make a certain difference on its own, when it comes to monsters and creatures who cause terror and mayhem, it is the last thing anyone thinks about when it strikes.

  • Brava
  • Denara
  • Litira
  • Creldein
  • Budrut
  • Thugus
  • Tharam
  • Taqixeth


This strange alien-like creature has an appearance of a female human, yet can kill anyone and anything she wants by merely wishing it while touching the victim. The only thing stopping her from doing it to everyone is the fact there are always new things to see and places to go.

  • Kukruch
  • Darad
  • Athax
  • Isin
  • Ijivir


A loose translation of this creature’s name would be “From the Deep”, a tribute to the fact it lives at the bottom of the largest ocean in the world, eating other great animals dwelling there. The bad news is that it’s slowly getting short on food, and the indescribable hunger can only be satisfied if more creatures were found, even if it means coming all the way to the surface.

  • Chasrach
  • Vodnoc
  • Qrethen
  • Etex


This winged monster is a creature from nightmares, and with demonic eyes, bat-like wings, and scales of a fish, this four-armed freak has been terrorizing the countryside for over a year. While no one knows where it came from, the locals have put out a bounty on its head, promising a real fortune to anyone who manages to slay the beast.

  • Hiqelos
  • Saoddaon
  • Drauzgra
  • Greseax
  • Zamai

Male Horror Names

They can also have multiple names, where their true one differs from the name given by those who fear the character but still provides more than enough horrific implications on what this creature is all about.

  • Igolath
  • Mevanix
  • Gengren
  • Bednen
  • Atas Wetslime
  • Thesez
  • Yeqexid
  • Kecozas


Once a bear, now a mutated monster capable of far worse things, he was enjoying his life. After that faithful day when he laid his paw on a strange object, his whole body changed as he transformed into a huge spiked version of his former self, along with feeling constantly angry, annoyed, and provoked to the point a mere look could set him off.

  • Srodnoz
  • Luyur
  • Evem Slaybane
  • Sichenoc
  • Tejavar

Qrouzk Skullscar

While not many know his true name, the latter was given by a certain successful mercenary that made his fortune hunting strange beasts all around the world. Having met this creature on more than one occasion, he managed to leave a large gap on its head, although failing to kill or capture the monster in the end.

  • Tosgroz
  • Vijiq
  • Neveg
  • Ixocor


This elusive monster is like no other. With a long slick body, two arms, four legs, a tail with a spike at the end, and black scales as hard as any known armor, this creature’s teeth cut through most things like a hot dagger through butter, and it a miracle there are any survivors that could share the gruesome stories that follow it.

  • Chaikrail
  • Gunruc
  • Yinazic
  • Urug Rotbrood
  • Okecan

Wild animals, unnatural abominations, undead fiends, and magically created monsters, all of them and more can be the main villain in a story where their horrific appearance, vile nature, and terrifying abilities give goosebumps. They bring horror elements to the table and can single-handedly change the course of any situation at hand.

Think about what do you need the character for, what kind of a creature would best serve that purpose, how did they come to exist, where do they live, what are their plans, and create a name worthy of the dreaded chaos they are about to cause wherever they decide to go.

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