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Hippogriff Name Generator & Backstories

Loudhoof clattered onto the roof of the school and her legs went sprawling on the tilework.

“Steel yourself, Loudhoof,” said her master, “the battle isn’t over yet!”

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Hippogriffs are some of the more popular mythological creatures, made famous most recently by the Harry Potter franchise. You will no doubt be tempted to include them in your own games too, here’s a list of names to try out.

Good Hippogriff Names

Good Hippogriff names build on either the physical characters of the creatures or the various personality traits they might display.

  • Glamorquill
  • Hurricanehoof
  • Loudhoof
  • Gracetalon
  • Silkbill
  • Silkfringe
  • Tamesteed
  • Strongclaw
  • Keentail
  • Nimblehook
  • Rushcolt


Chargescream was the treasured mount of the Dwarf captain Ironside, who rode his companion into battle no less than 100 times during his campaigns.

  • Rushtuft
  • Galetalon
  • Wildplume
  • Quickfluff
  • Halescreech
  • Quietfluff
  • Windeye
  • Loudtail
  • Hatewing


Glamorfluff was renowned throughout the land for his magical ability to spray a mystical glamor from his feather that would disorient enemies.

  • Quicktuft
  • Roughfluff
  • Agilewing
  • Gracebill
  • Silkscream
  • Nimblecolt
  • Classhoof
  • Halemane
  • Flurrywing


Blitzscreech got her name from the ability to create a piercing wail that could immobilize foes and even make their ears bleed if they were exposed to it for too long.

  • Sprybeak
  • Dasheye
  • Silkeye
  • Briskfluff
  • Keenscreech
  • Beautyquill
  • Swiftwing
  • Hateeye
  • Gentletalon
  • Dashscreech


Quietbill was the mount of master infiltrator and spy Scabbs the Grey, who chose her as his mount due to her ability to fly almost silently.

  • Surgecolt
  • Rushplume
  • Dashbill
  • Fleetcolt
  • Keeneye
  • Chargemane
  • Stormcolt
  • Sharptalon
  • Mellowhook


Dashclaw was the fastest hippogriff in the Royal Legion, known throughout the land for being able to chase down any criminal that would escape the clutches of the city watch.

  • Spiritfeather
  • Hateplume
  • Gracesteed
  • Breezehoof
  • Galefluff
  • Gracescream
  • Dartwing
  • Swiftcolt
  • Wildsteed


Gentlehoof made a name for herself as peace emissary for a group of woodland elves looking to forge an alliance with the other forest creatures.

  • Quietcolt
  • Gustwing
  • Flowplume
  • Loudplume
  • Irontalon
  • Mellowmane
  • Quickcolt
  • Beautysteed
  • Quieteye
  • Buckfeather
  • Swiftmane
  • Swifthook

That’s all we have in our sample of Hippogriff names today, if there was one here you liked then please show this article to a friend or two. Be sure to mention your favorite down in the comments below!

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D&D is a creative practice for me, in which I can explore everything from the surreal to the divine. I like to use names as a storytelling device, so every interaction helps players to build a stronger mental image of the world. I hope that my articles for Codex Nomina help you have more fun with fantasy names!

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