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“Look, the world is a bouncy place, and everyone has their own tail to write so just keep calm and eat your carrot, ok? And for our own sake, please follow my lead this time, Julrot, or I can’t guarantee we’ll make it out alive this time, ok? Well, I will but you know what I mean.”

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Harengons, originating from Feywild, are humanoid bipedal rabbits with two powerful long legs, two large ears, and human-like arms and hands that can hold weapons and other objects, allowing them to interact with their surroundings just like humans.

Those who are more familiar with Harengons would tell you that their personality greatly depends on the company they are a part of, and pretty much every member of their race wants to be on the constant move rather than settling down somewhere.

All of this makes them well-suited for adventuring so it’s not surprising to meet them on the road, and whether they want to talk and share information with you or rob you, you’ll remember their names, names such as Lornot, Nerin, Burdik, and Jovabbin.

Good Harengon Names

Not much is known about Harengons, and while one can meet them on the road it doesn’t happen as often as one might think, and so their names remain as mysterious as their whole race. Most names are somewhat short and guttural, although some might have sylvan-like names, seeing how they are Fey.

  • Crazeiros
  • Rerven
  • Raglih
  • Lianala
  • Thagdan
  • Yindithas
  • Emmer
  • Vozdat


With his past life bordering on poverty and survival, it’s not surprising he joined a certain group of bandits who roam the southern roads, ready to strike the unsuspecting travelers at the first opportune moment, and this life has changed him so much that those who once knew him wouldn’t be able to recognize him today.

  • Bryfiel
  • Leral
  • Valthana
  • Qinnelis
  • Droznoh
  • Zaldak
  • Magbanise


While she’s still too young to leave her home at the moment, it has long been her dream to travel, explore, and see what the world has to offer. For now, however, she’s trying to talk to anyone and everyone who already made such a leap to hear about their experiences and to get any advice they might want to offer.

  • Mormyar
  • Jirron
  • Paven
  • Jozah
  • Brilevlik
  • Mudul
  • Beinorin
  • Arrova

Male Harengon Names

It is said Harengons are extraordinary sharpshooters, especially with a crossbow with which they can hit moving targets, or targets behind cover, well over 200 feet away.

  • Zonolik
  • Nellunnan
  • Tholrah
  • Jondik
  • Renot
  • Perhorn
  • Zumnan
  • Drarnu


Ever careful, he’s a prime example of a disciplinary soldier, a meticulous scout, and an expert marksman, and his perception and wisdom saved him and his friends many times over, a fact that has long made him a person to look up to, and someone who can offer sound advice on any life topic.

  • Morot
  • Keabalar
  • Elafaren
  • Verdok
  • Vezledit
  • Naeric
  • Kelydark


Yesterday, the sun was up, everything around him was lush green, and the forest was full of life. Since this morning, however, he’s been running in heavy rain, feet drenched with mud, and with two arrows in his left arm, trying to outrun an orcish scouting party that turned out of nowhere, a sight he never thought was possible.

  • Zebol
  • Bollizoh
  • Trageiros
  • Elanelis
  • Morpeiros
  • Trazo
  • Zuvlat
  • Drevut

Female Harengon Names

While it’s certainly not confirmed by any means, it is said that female Harengons can show higher amounts of aggressiveness compared to their male counterparts, though the main reason, presumably, is the fact that they tend to the young and have to protect them from the many dangers in the world they live in.

  • Gilralei
  • Nagir
  • Teler
  • Dalnibot
  • Dramal
  • Heineiros
  • Trazan
  • Vozezah


Having successfully raised three children to their adulthood, they are now making their way to what they hope is to be their new home, a valley many miles away but one that is said to have big forests where one can live without too much worry. For all of them, this will be a refreshing change from their life so far.

  • Rarle
  • Venrora
  • Druzat
  • Bordoduk
  • Emat
  • Magmoira
  • Raloven


Both her father and her grandfather were shrewd merchants who realized they could make money, thus helping their family and their community, by traveling to remote locations and gathering rare herbs that other races use for food, medicine, and potions. Today, she continues to follow in their footsteps as she makes her way toward the human capital, hoping to finally make a small fortune to change her life once and for all.

  • Perwarin
  • Olalee
  • Jonen
  • Trisralei
  • Gemnak
  • Yllaxisys
  • Began
  • Bryhana

Harengons are bipedal rabbit-like humanoids who are extremely quick on their feet. They are known for being incredible sharpshooters, especially with a light crossbow, can jump away with amazing strength when in danger, and prefer to wander the lands instead of settling down at one spot. Their personality also tends to adapt to those who they hang out and travel with, so one can just as easily meet a mean Harengon bandit as they can a jovial merchant who is happy to share information.

How do you feel about Harengons? Are they more like humans or rabbits? Share some of your thoughts on them, and the names you use for your Harengon character by leaving a comment below.

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