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Hadozee Name Generator & Backstories

“Don’t worry, my friend, we will leave them be if they surrender all the cargo. There is no need for bloodshed, and I prefer to not lose anyone if I don’t have to, so I’ll make sure we explore all other options first. Now, tell the others to prepare and that Chookra Prideson, their captain, calls upon their services once again.”

Generate Names

Eekook Crestson

Haagrr Strideson

Oogree Devinedaughter

Hoosqua Snarldaughter

Polth Barnacleboy

Aachee Shrimpson

Kalla Nightdaughter

Hoeet Spineson

Krath Krakenkid

Darsh Turtleson

Harth Danceson

Heegr Cleaveson

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Hadozee are simian humanoids who have opposable thumbs on both hands and feet, and this allows them to grab ahold of anything, as well as makes them very efficient climbers. However, their biggest trait is definitely their patagial wing flaps.

Like a bat or a flying squirrel, they are able to glide from one tree to another, or from any other high point, whether they are attacking, running away, or simply traversing difficult terrain. It’s also notable that their stooped posture hides their real height.

While many live in small clans, up to thirty members, most have heard numerous stories from Hadozee wanderers, sailors, and pirates on how they got their names known, names like Falth Pearlson, Grath Wavedancer, and Darta Nightdream.

Good Hadozee Names

Most Hadozee names are on the short side. They are also very keen on nicknames that they then use as their surname which can be many things, ranging from the name of the ship they’re serving on to a certain name they liked in one of the many stories they heard.

  • Polth Barnacleboy
  • Garth Jollyman
  • Krath Krakenkid
  • Marn Leviathanlady
  • Groh Midnightchild
  • Bansh Mistlady
  • Groogr Sabergirl
  • Scrageek Stormson

Cheetr Swiftson

As the first mate, he’s responsible for the morale and the well-being of the whole crew, and he has the ear of most of the sailors on board which makes him a powerful individual. Still, he is loyal to the captain and makes sure the orders are followed at all costs, and he makes sure he offers his advice in private, and not in front of the crew.

  • Grook Twilightlady
  • Aakoot Wavedancer
  • Eekook Winddaughter
  • Eekatt Hallek
  • Grraa Dawnwarrior
  • Scrook Silverson
  • Chaa Slimeson

Hoogra Scragdaughter

As one of the core crew members, she’s been helping her father and her brother run their family’s ship caravan, a small but lucrative fleet that allows them to be one of the most successful merchant families in the region.

  • Atta Taleson
  • Hoosqua Blueson
  • Ootrraa Winterson
  • Aakee Stormdaughter
  • Heegrra Eyedaughter
  • Screek Waveson
  • Oogree Devinedaughter
  • Chitree Bountydaughter

Male Hadozee Names

Most try to see what the world has to offer, exploring and voyaging far and wide, and only those who are lucky enough to reach old age eventually settle down and help the community there to raise the young, and prepare them for what the future might hold. As for names, many often end with “sh” or “n”.

  • Graagn Revengedaughter
  • Squeet Royaldaughter
  • Geesh Winterdaughter
  • Rraatn Kelpdaughter
  • Haash Sharkdaughter
  • Ookeet Nomadson
  • Bashash Spineson
  • Bannith Deceitdaughter

Gresh Rumson

This young smuggler makes his chances wherever an opportunity arises, and he’s always looking for a quick way to make some coin. This, however, has led him into many troubles along the way, and it seems that no matter what he does, danger is always looming around the next corner.

  • Mahnrin Splashdaughter
  • Yethin Shallowdaughter
  • Banth Gracedaughter
  • Darn Favordaughter
  • Darsh Turtleson
  • Grohn Marinedaughter
  • Harth Danceson

Kolth Baneson

He and most of the crew mutinied and took over the ship, after a blunderous affair by the previous captain, claiming that person had no right to commandeer such a capable group of sailors. Despite the mutiny, only one life was lost, and the now ex-captain and a small group of loyalists were left in a city before the ship sailed away once again.

  • Ranth Pridedaughter
  • Rothin Spinedaughter
  • Tarn Wrathdaughter
  • Tarath Giantson
  • Yeth Mistdaughter
  • Scroot Moonson
  • Ookhoosh Rumson
  • Rrooscn Calldaughter

Female Hadozee Names

Female Hadozee take up the same roles aboard a ship and are treated equally in all regards, and they are equally capable of all roles as their male counterparts. Their names, while fairly similar to an untrained ear and eye, often end with a vowel.

  • Aascraa Snarldaughter
  • Eeka Boonsdaughter
  • Hoogree Restson
  • Gee Winterdaughter
  • Haa Sharkdaughter
  • Bashala Spineson
  • Bannithi Deceitdaughter
  • Dashlina Barrelson

Greshla Rumdaughter

She and her whole clan, or what’s left of it after falling prey to a nasty lizardfolk ambush, have been on the run for the last six days, with no end in sight, and the worst thing about it is the fact that they still aren’t completely certain where they’re heading.

  • Kalla Nightdaughter
  • Kasha Devineson
  • Risha Stingson
  • Tyeesha Maridson
  • Yasha Deceitson
  • Zansa Aquanson
  • Ookhoo Rumson

Attchee Crestdaughter

As a fairly capable sorceress, she’s the leader’s right hand and an important advisor, especially when it comes to politics and diplomacy, and her magic abilities have been the decisive factor in many of the clan’s actions. Needless to say, she’s also a nice person to have around should trouble find its way close.

  • Ookee Bloodson
  • Dashlina Barrelson
  • Zansa Aquanson
  • Ookee Bloodson
  • Dashi Titanson
  • Hoogra Silentdaughter
  • Eeka Wormdaughter
  • Attchee Splashdaughter

These simian humanoids make good use of both their thumb-opposable hands and feet, as well as patagial wing flaps which allow them to glide through the air. While they are excellent climbers and live in smaller clans, most are very keen on exploring and adventuring, and it is no surprise many find themselves on a ship, as a sailor, ready to travel the world. Hadozee also doesn’t usually have only one goal in mind, preferring to live a life where they are able to experience as much as they can.

How do you see Hadozee as a race? Are they intelligent beings capable of great things, or are they more simple-minded than some would think? Share some of your views, along with some of the names you used, by leaving a comment below.

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