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Gremlin Name Generator & Guide

“Yes, yes, gimme that. Hehehe….I can take it, don’t worry, hihihi. You know I’m good for my word, yes? Yes, we know each other for a long time, I do no harm, I do no bad, right? I am your Beans, I never do that, ok?”

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Gremlins are devious fey creatures, standing one to three feet tall, who are known for their outrageous humor and the desire to undo anything they can lay their hands on. The more chaos the gremlin can cause the higher their satisfaction becomes.

They are known to be resistant to weapons made from anything other than cold iron, and most of them are also able to use magic except the so-called mites, former gremlins that have fallen into a state of deep melancholy and self-depreciation.

They tend to occupy places humans don’t visit often, and once they establish a base of operation, they go out and wreak havoc wherever they can, doing deeds that make their names famous, names such as Micro, Sparky, Mitzi, and Blueberry.

Good Gremlin Names

While the scholars say they don’t use names and simply call themselves Gik and Dri, for male and female, they are also given nicknames more often than not, ones that vaguely resemble pet names.

  • Darling
  • Bulldog
  • Honey
  • Hawk
  • Uncle
  • Stout
  • Barber
  • Hawkeye


When he manages to fall asleep, there’s not a lot one can do to wake him up. On the other hand, as soon as he wakes up he’s full of energy, zooming left and right and often singing along as he goes, regardless of how early it may be at the time.

  • Tiger
  • Ice
  • Animal
  • Fox
  • Creep


Pranking someone is, of course, a desirable outcome for almost any given situation, though she was never the one to do it just any way she could. On the contrary, everything she does she tries to incorporate it in such a way that it becomes something unique, something completely different.

  • Sketch
  • Pogo
  • Smiley
  • Thief
  • Mutt

Female Gremlin Names

Known to use simple magic like prestidigitation, they are quite experienced when it comes to making plans to sabotage someone or something, and the joy they feel when it all pans out is something they cherish the most.

  • Shorty
  • Pig
  • Queen Bee
  • Slim
  • Bucket
  • Dash
  • Lightning
  • Cyclops


One moment she’s to your left, the next she ran three circles around you and is already gone. How it’s possible for someone so small to run so fast is probably the main question everyone asks themselves when they see her, although those who have seen her standing still will tell you she’s not that pretty to look at, and that it may be the reason for her moving so fast.

  • Hurricane
  • Grace
  • Grouch
  • Smash
  • Major


If it’s edible, she probably tasted it at some point in life. In fact, she eats so much it’s impossible to see her without some kind of food in her hands and the faster she eats the more puffy she gets, and this makes her look like some overstuffed animal most of the time.

  • Chappie
  • Bull
  • Lioness
  • Bones
  • Aggy

Male Gremlin Names

The more complex something is, and they manage to break or undo it, the happier they are, though knowing they had to run away before seeing the reactions does make them sad.

  • Chip
  • Jade
  • Poncho
  • Skinny
  • Smitty
  • Dutch
  • Knight
  • Rusty


Why climb over when you can dig under it? Why build a house when you can burrow? It seems that no matter what the current obstacle in his life may be, somehow he finds a way to solve it by digging or incorporating it into one part of the plan at the very least.

  • Tank
  • Big Boy
  • Storm
  • Grim
  • Fortuna


While others focus entirely on breaking things down, he can’t seem to ignore anything that is shiny, and it doesn’t have to be a coin or something that’s necessarily worth much. However, the shinier it is, the more likely it is for him to forget about the task at hand and focus on that item instead.

  • Miracle
  • Big Dog
  • Vanilla
  • Honesty
  • Gator

Evil Gremlin Names

While all of them have a destructive nature, some of them can be quite evil, even for their own kind. These rascals take all kinds of measures to spite others, and humans are one of the main targets wherever they may be.

  • Dynamite
  • Bad Boy
  • Bullet
  • Reaper
  • Maniac
  • Undertaker
  • Loco
  • Buster


It doesn’t matter to whom it belongs, how and why did it get there, or what it really is. If it seems breakable he will smash it, one way or another, and if anyone would tell him he can’t do that, the only response they would get is him smashing even harder.

  • Ruin
  • Cobra
  • Demon
  • Mania
  • Basher


While he can’t swim at all, the name he was given suits him rather well as it seems he has to take a bite of anything he sees for the first time, and he doesn’t do it gently either.

  • Slayer
  • Thief
  • Spike
  • Devil
  • Butcher

These mischievous little creatures can be both nasty and cute at the same time. The one thing they all got in common is the desire to cause chaos and mayhem wherever they may go, and they will rarely stop to do something else if there’s a prank to be played. They seem to be wary of small bells and house pets, like cats and dogs, though they did start having animals of their own back in their lairs. Think about where the character was born, how connected to the fey they are, how powerful they might be, what might be their biggest misdealings so far, and create a name worthy of the pure chaos that will ensue anywhere they go.

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