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Gorgon Name Generator & Guide

“This is no mere beast, my dear ladd. This is a monster made of pure metal, hate, rage, and anger. This is a creature whose breath turns a man into stone, while its horns can pierce plate armor. This, my young friend, is who they call Noxotos.”

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Gorgons are large bovine creatures, taking the like of a magical bull fully covered in metal scales. They are intelligent and very aggressive creatures who have the ability to exude magical green vapor from their mouths that petrifies all who inhale it.

They are unable to swim though stories say they turn to stone if fully emerged under water as a way to preserve their lives indefinitely, or at least until they somehow end up warmed and dried by sunlight that would ultimately bring them back to life.

While all Gorgons share great fear of rust monsters, they are extremely dangerous for other living creatures and the numerous gruesome stories have made their names heard and remembered, names like Mudo, Zylantos, Hulus, and Dyleus.

Good Gorgon Names

There are stories that say Medusas are closely related to Gorgons and while some dispute the words, providing different information on both of the species, and those stories have already begun to transform into common belief all across the world.

  • Phospetheus
  • Chrotte
  • Maistolus
  • Dole
  • Chrosdo
  • Damibos
  • Dasaestus
  • Sthiathosea


A true leader of the herd, this fine specimen roams the plains he considers his own. For many years they all prospered, and all because of his abilities and wisdom, and the future would look pristine if it wasn’t for the fact that a rampaging orc horde is making its way to the valley, now only two days away.

  • Dottuxe
  • Sthexo
  • Dilotos
  • Kimytion
  • Roryrus
  • Chuzuny
  • Merdius
  • Demoeus
  • Ziso
  • Dade


The commoners believe this beast is a relic of the ancient past, a magical creature created by ancient elven wizards in the days of the old to serve as a guardian of a temple. The temple itself is believed sacred and to enter it would both insult the gods and awaken this very beast inside it, and anyone who tried doing so never came back.

  • Visaesde
  • Zexorra
  • Kesna
  • Charandre
  • Zuspo
  • Detho
  • Xyris
  • Xorranos
  • Chuveunte
  • Chrozetus


As the main female of the herd, she’s responsible for the younger ones more than anyone else, an obligation she considers as the greatest of priorities, and with the help of other females their numbers are well protected and cared for.

  • Xiraestus
  • Sthelo
  • Sthottibos
  • Veratos
  • Nemantos
  • Norulca
  • Zurlaumas
  • Masdytion
  • Hythodo
  • Thoverion
  • Hitta


This lonely gorgon was injured and left to die, only to miraculously survive and heal up, and after roaming the unknown caverns and tunnels for several days he found his way to a certain dwarven realm where he is now hunted for killing more than a dozen dwarves already.

  • Miny
  • Thamion
  • Phostranos
  • Thittunia
  • Sthalde
  • Chrunon
  • Thidreas
  • Melatos
  • Hosera
  • Maelce
  • Kavyrus


After she was finally captured by the eleventh mercenary group that took the job, she is now held in a custom made cage where she is kept for fighting in the King’s Arena. For three years now she has fought almost on a daily basis against some of the greatest warriors of the region and none made it alive, bringing much fame and fortune to the owners and the king himself.

  • Chruspas
  • Hustrea
  • Nevorda
  • Musdy
  • Residry
  • Vuma
  • Hedo
  • Thimemea
  • Rizo
  • Hisaestus

These vicious magical creatures look like a bull, one that is completely covered in metal scales, from horn to tail. Their aggressive nature and their natural abilities, such as petrifying someone with gas exuded from their mouth, make them fearless in front of almost anything and anyone apart from rust monsters before whom they flee immediately. Apart from younger males seeking a herd of their own they are rarely seen alone, and their natural behavior has similarities with that of the lion society and their way of life.They can digest a much wider variety of food but not metal or gems, and so their powderlike dung often has ore nuggets and crystals inside. Think of how the creature came to be, what separates it from others, how and why it is taking the path it’s on now, what could be its goals, and think of a name worthy of the extraordinary magical force they bring wherever they may go.

Ozren Kalember
Ozren Kalember
As DM and a Storyteller, I very much enjoy all of the aspects of D&D. Creating characters, dialogues, plots, and stories are some of my passions and I'm very happy being able to share some of them here, at Codex Nomina.

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