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Ghoul Name Generator & Backstories

As the party made their way through the sewers, they did their best to keep their wits about them. Unfortunately, the ranger noticed that they were being followed. As the scraping of claws on stone got louder, they suddenly realized that the yellow eyes could only mean one thing: the ghoul leader Chauz.

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Creepy, dangerous, and often very smelly. Ghouls can add a lot to a campaign, but the key to making them memorable is getting their names right, here’s how to do it.

Good Ghoul Names

Good ghoul names should be short and vulgar sounding, in order to reflect the fact that these creatures left their humanity behind a long time ago.

  • Rak
  • Vag
  • Chauz
  • Oumkok
  • Uzzuc
  • Chobnag
  • Marrowseeker
  • Ironfeet
  • Clawblower


Bruiseseeker was a particularly vicious ghoul clan leader who delighted in tormenting his victims through torture while he held them captive.

  • Chuz
  • Vud
  • Chauq
  • Kamax
  • Jukvic
  • Baqic
  • Ironlimb
  • Bonestrike
  • Tuskgrowl


Tuskbuster was given this fearsome nickname by the city’s watch on account of his gruesome tusks that he would use to gore his victims to death with before retreating to his hideaway.

  • Rot
  • Voq
  • Bod
  • Olgroq
  • Goknux
  • Kharvak
  • Gunkseeker
  • Icewalker
  • Mireleg
  • Sleazemuncher
  • Got


Vaq the ghoul led a band of his own kind away from civilization in order to start their own settlement in a place they would not be discriminated against.

  • Bat
  • Churid
  • Bangrud
  • Angoc
  • Pebbleblower
  • Rockwalker
  • Goreeyes
  • Mirecutter
  • Viz
  • Voz
  • Chantuc


Zoldoz was turned into a ghoul while on a hunting expedition with his family, and tragically returned to devour them once the transformation was complete.

  • Unok
  • Flametaker
  • Tuskslobber
  • Marblebone
  • Clawguard
  • Zuq
  • Khauq
  • Bauz
  • Zothak
  • Atguz


Vungrag was the largest ghoul ever sighted, whose immense from led many to speculate that he was not a human in his former life, but some form or half-orgre or troll like creature.

  • Clawgulper
  • Boulderflayer
  • Fistbellow
  • Fistslobber
  • Chik
  • Jug
  • Jik
  • Bauskaz
  • Rorvot
  • Rirbax

That concludes our list of ghoul names for now! We hope some of these gruesome characters will find their way into your own games and stories. Remember to share this list with a friend or two if you found it helpful!

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