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Galaxy Name Generator & Guide

The Starship exited slipspace as the crew were jolted forward, several of them almost thrown entirely from their feet. As they struggled to regain composure, a series of gasps and hushed voices began to ring out in the bridge – they could all finally see it through the viewing portals. They had made it to Crux Ichnea and the promise of relative safety – for now.

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Starry Vineyard

Sweet Dream Pastures

Rollling Stone Farm

Berry Crest Valley

The Windy Willows

Gem Stone Farm

The New Dawn Ranch

Small Paws Vineyard

Rock Bottom Farmstead

Heartstrong Homelands

New Hope Pasture

Pleasant Knoll Meadow

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What’s an epic adventure without a trip amongst the stars? Sometimes the only way to go is up, and if your epic fantasy or sci-fi stories are going to take to the skies, it is always helpful to have a well-named series of galaxies to populate them with. Take a look at our suggestions below:

Good Galaxy Names

Good galaxy names should sound suitably extraterrestrial so that your readers and players will at once know that the location is like nothing they have encountered before. Using Greek or Latin words is a great way to achieve this, but some star systems can also be named for the evocative shapes they make across the skies.

  • Majoris
  • Crux Ichnea
  • Sagitta Anadeia
  • Aldebaran Star System
  • Crescent Galaxy
  • Tiger Paw Cloud
  • Aquila Euphorian
  • Eubuleus
  • Crux Hyperion

Borysthius Nebula 

The Borysthius Nebula is a vast expanse of interstellar clouds that is the only known place in the universe for harvesting the extremely valuable Exteromium Diamonds.

  • Dandelion Cloud
  • Aegimus Cloud
  • Eye-Bow Nebula
  • Bottleneck Cloud
  • Zephyrus
  • Beta Centauri
  • Hyperes Cloud
  • Peleus
  • Starfish Cloud

Abyss Maelstrom

The Abyss Maelstrom is the result of some galactic calamity that occurred eons before its discovery. Scientists and astrologers alike are still puzzled by its existence. Only one thing is certain about it – it is the spawning place of all demons.

  • Alatheia
  • Theta Hyberius
  • Discourria Alpha
  • Porphyrion Nebula
  • Whale Tail Galaxy
  • Dragontooth Field
  • Orionis
  • Lyra Nemesis
  • Epsilon Petus
  • Aegialeus System
  • Librae Galaxy

Spiral Cloud

The Spiral Cloud is humanity’s best hope of establishing a second home amongst the stars. A desperate, last bastion of hope for a besieged species on the brink of falling to the alien hordes.

  • Comae Anadia
  • Aldebaranias
  • Ursa Draconis
  • Mirandias Cloud
  • Sharktooth Cloud
  • Zeta Caephilla
  • Vela Aegilius
  • Amphariarius Cloud
  • Ponytail Star System
  • Ursala Phorenes
  • Pavo Centauri

Corona Boreas

Corona Boreas was one of the first ever nebulae discovered from the material place due to its distinctive ring-shaped appearance across the night sky. It makes its brightest showing during the vernal equinox.

  • Odysseus Cloud
  • Kentaurius Star System
  • Fern Leaf Nebula
  • Droplet Star
  • Cassiopeia
  • Lambda Miriandynus
  • Achelios Nebula
  • Capella Cloud System
  • Bull’s Eye Nebula

Falling Star System

The Falling Star System is named due to some interstellar phenomenon that sees it leaving a bright streak across the night sky, like a wound in the heavens themselves. The mark resembles a perpetual falling star.

  • Theta Loperius
  • Astreaus
  • Gamma Perileos
  • Myrmidon Cloud
  • Aquarii Galaxy
  • Droplet Nebula Rays
  • Vela Perseus
  • Hemitha
  • Euphorion Star System
  • Chickpea Galaxy
  • Theta Poryphilius
  • Carina Leporis
  • Eridanus System
  • Omnicrom Alatheia
  • Lambda Hyperius
  • Delta Nemesis


Solymus is a strange place, home to advanced beings that seem to traverse the great expanse of space by purely biological means. The physiology is so alien that even observing such a creature is enough to drive a lesser being insane.

  • Palioxis Nebula
  • Euthenia Galaxy
  • Kettle Galaxy
  • Serpens Cymodeia
  • Velarus Borythesius
  • Crux Icaris
  • Prioxis Star System
  • Illonius Carina Two

That concludes our list of galaxy names for you, we hope you like our suggestions. Be sure to leave a comment with your favorite and don’t forget to share the article with a friend or fellow game master!

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