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Elloran crested the hill on her steed and gazed across the rolling plains in front of her. Sat in the middle of the expanse lay the Blackwater Farm, where the rendezvous with the Black Knife assassins was to take place. She kicked the horse into action and steeled herself for the confrontation ahead.

Generate Names

The New Dawn Ranch

Healthy Horse Lands

Pine Hollow Meadow

Mistwood Plaguelands

Rolling Hills Farm

Rolling Moss Ridge

Chicken Egg Ranch

Desert Cliff Farm

Heartstrong Homelands

Gem Stone Farm

Rose Petal Lands

Riverrock Range

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Farms serve a variety of purposes in fantasy worlds: they can be the place of humble beginnings for a character, a much needed respite in the middle of an adventure, a mission hub, or simply an excellent chance for some immersive worldbuilding.

Good Farm Names

A good farm name is a little rustic, a little sweet, and a little evocative of the wider environment in which it is found. Take a look at these examples.

  • Freedom Estate
  • Chicken Egg Ranch
  • Chestnut Grove
  • Sleepy Hollow Meadow
  • Mountainridge Cabin
  • Precious Stone Estate
  • Blue River Pasture
  • Shepherd Acres
  • Stone Valley Farm

Owlbear Sanctuary

Owlbears can be fierce adversaries when encountered in the dangerous wild. At this particular farm, a kindly older couple has taken to hand rearing and domesticating an entire herd.

  • Crown Meadow Pastures
  • Cranberry Gardens
  • Apple Blossom Ridge
  • Gold Creek Vineyard
  • Rattlesnake Estate
  • Bumble Bee Fields
  • Pine Spring Acres
  • Sweet Dream Pastures
  • Echo Valley Ridge

Shooting Star Ranch

The shooting star ranch is located high on the hillsides away from any light pollution in the big cities. Astrologers and mages come from miles around to study the stars in the hopes of learning deeper secrets of the arcane.

  • Diamond Creek Range
  • Little Critter’s Estate
  • Blue Water Vineyard
  • Thunder Valley Farm
  • Rolling Moss Ridge

Cute Farm Names

Cute farm names should be just that – cute! They usually take after local wildlife or plants that grow in the area.

  • White Willow Farm
  • Pinewood Estate
  • Tall Oak Gardens
  • Hazelwood Fields
  • Strawberry Farmstead
  • Broken Cart Estate
  • Lucky Range
  • Ravenwood Valley
  • Rock Bottom Farmstead
  • Roadrunner Estate

Maple Leaf Orchard

Even fantasy heroes can enjoy the taste of maple syrup, and this farm is famous in its home region for producing the most famous syrup in the land. Becoming a crown jewel of the kingdom and protected by the king’s finest men.

  • Hee Haw Fields
  • Blackwater Farm
  • Gold Mine Acre
  • Pitchfork Nursery
  • Old Town Road
  • Mystic Hills
  • The Windy Willows
  • Mad River Pastures
  • Moonlight Fields
  • Shadow Range Farm

Whitewater Orchard

The Whitewater Orchard is a magical grove of enchanted fruit, fed by the local rapid water stream that descends from a mountain said to be without a peak.

  • Bluebell Acres
  • Rose Petal Lane
  • Grand View Farm
  • Pine Hollow Estate
  • Red Pine Valley

Funny Farm Names

Farms are usually on the less intense side of locations that your adventurers may encounter and as such they are a great time to inject a little humor into your story or campaign.

  • Starry Vineyard
  • Rolling Hills Farm
  • Cabinwood Ridge
  • Mossy Boulder Fields
  • Silverstage Valley
  • Laughing Oaks Estate

Dogwood Farm

Welcome to the Dogwood Farm, situated on the outskirts of the famous Dogwood, a stretch of forest inhabited not by fearsome wolves but roaming packs of delightful wild puppies.

  • Tumbleweed Range
  • Misty River Acres
  • Red River Rapids
  • Fresh Fountain Pastures
  • Oak Lands Stream
  • Robinwood Orchard
  • Moonlight Ridge Farm
  • Blackwater Garden Estate
  • Canyon Crest Nursery
  • Dragontooth Hold
  • Good Times Grange

Flying Pig Farmstead

The aptly named Flying Pig Farmstead is the result of a farming magical mishap that saw all of the estate’s pigs miraculously grow wings of their own. Now they run a business selling rides on their magical porkies for children up and down the land.

  • Two Pines Grange
  • Bluestone Meadow
  • Small Paws Vineyard
  • Buffalo Hill
  • Hazelnut Valley
  • White Stag Fields
  • Bitterroot Lands
  • Day Break Farm

That concludes our sampling of fantasy farm names! We hope you enjoyed the selection we listed for here – why not comment your favorite name down below? Be sure to share the article with your friends too.

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