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“Oh, please, that’s nothing.” The faery’s confidence never wavered as she continued making loops in the air. She stopped suddenly, still upside down, and grinned at her friend. “Trust me, I could do this blind. Besides, it’s nothing that a little bit of lightning and fire can’t solve.”

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Vinegleam Prankster


Elm Dancer

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While Faeries are usually depicted as diminutive winged humanoids, there are also stories of a larger subspecies, akin to a shorter human, and some even speak about wingless fairies, though many argue they are a completely different race.

They are known pranksters, and even though they bear no true ill will, the pranks they pull can be quite annoying. Prefering to disrupt the flow of one’s knowledge or memory, Faeries often go too far and this angers others more often than not.

Some also call them Pixies, and there are many funny but also tragic stories surrounding their race and all the pranks they pull during their lives usually tend to make their names known, names like Wonveaco, Dawnwind Schemer, and Ezyrni.

Good Fairy Names

Their names are often melodic and somewhat exotic, although some Faeries are known only by the name other races have given them. Those names can differ greatly and often look more like a nickname than a true name.

  • Soru
  • Fylmo
  • Cosoda
  • Springcrown Faerie
  • Sibure
  • Zulluze
  • Kindblow Spinner
  • Nilwyna


Always the joker, regardless of the situation, he has an answer for anything, anywhere, and any time, and his teasing nature only serves to infuriate his prank victims despite the lack of any serious harm done at the end of the day.

  • Gentletwig Swarm
  • Dewdrop Invader
  • Ummero
  • Roleasuph
  • Onasa

Spring Caretaker

The story is that’s not her real name but one that she was given for protecting a sacred water spring for more than a century. Using her magic to hide any signs of presence, she continues to be successful in keeping her home’s whereabouts a secret.

  • Anea
  • Cilma
  • Reerine
  • Zusushu
  • Gentlebeam Prankster

Female Fairy Names

While many people can only imagine a female version of a Fairy, the truth is that both male and female are as equally represented as one might hope, although it does depend on the location and the subspecies we have in mind.

  • Helushal
  • Liava
  • Coladi
  • Wamrela
  • Utheniah
  • Adothoo
  • Dream Trickster
  • Nami


Taking delight in pranking others just as much as most of her kind, she loves to use her knowledge of illusion magic to confuse her victims, if nothing else for her own amusement and another good laugh that she can never get enough of.

  • Cacilru
  • Zoruzo
  • Fianorea
  • Hulwidu
  • Zeenmu


As the journey to the small lake she found out about was prohibited by her mother, her pranks have become more vicious, spiteful, and filled with envy, and the others have begun to take notice. The next few days, depending on how she behaves, could very well shape the rest of her life.

  • Hililmith
  • Spellleaf Leprechaun
  • Hivlia
  • Haven Faerie
  • Izidyl

Male Fairy Names

Although the real truth is quite different, many stories surrounding male Faeries speak of michiefs, evil deeds, and multiple pranks of a more malicious nature compared to the regular fairy stories circulation among the commoners.

  • Nellec
  • Renno
  • Bush Witch
  • Fernstand Sprite
  • Ceedyve
  • Thornsnow Prankster
  • Mellowberry Swarm
  • Urmol


He’s been a faithful guardian of a beautiful waterfall and a small lake underneath, protecting all the small animals and plants living in the vicinity. As if they were one, he has been living in peace and harmony with them all, while continuing to act mercilessly towards any potential trespassers.

  • Reebas
  • Furmearol
  • Ziadwea
  • Heashuce
  • Holluth


He always walked the fine line between a harmless prank and an accident, and it was no surprise one day a prank turned into a disaster. Although he wasn’t directly responsible, an innocent man got killed and that event changed him, the way he thinks, and the way he looks at the value of someone’s life, including his own.

  • Wunadwa
  • Kite Sage
  • Leafbraid Schemer
  • Hodo
  • Almu

Fairy Last Names

Their last names are often no more than a nickname, and they are either given by others or created by the very owners, regardless of the true reasoning behind it.

  • Morningnewt
  • Foxfig
  • Pollenfield
  • Rosetoes
  • Garlicwood
  • Lightdew
  • Chillyflight
  • Bitterbreath
  • Dimplecreek
  • Sandygourd
  • Winterloop
  • Tulipforest
  • Toadmoon
  • Cloudybreath
  • Purpleboots
  • Morningbird
  • Frostfoot
  • Wildcurl
  • Driftcurl
  • Lotusshine

Faeries are depicted in a couple of ways, though most often as small winged creatures with human appearance who possess certain magical abilities, as well as being relentless pranksters which certainly isn’t something that everyone appreciates. Think of where the character was born, what magical abilities they possess, what might their short and long term goals be, and create a name worthy of that ultimate prank all their kin is always searching for.

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