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Dryad Name Generator & Guide

“Worry not. If you are truly here for the reasons you claim to there is nothing to be fearful of as this is our home and you won’t be harmed. Come, follow me, and let me introduce you to others as well. Oh, and I’m Oleracea, a pleasure to meet you.”

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Dryads are wood-skinned humanoids with hair that looks like sprouting leaves. Each dryad is bound to an oaken tree, from which they can’t move further than 300 yards away without getting sick and eventually dying from the lack of connection.

They prefer to live in more secluded areas, away from civilization, as the animals that live there are all the company they need, and they are also able to communicate with plants, and even meld into trees whenever they find themselves in danger.

Unfortunately, it is said that most dryad communities died out during one of many invasions that occurred throughout the time, where demons and evil creatures alike fought heroes of the old, heroes like Asitrise, Sinata, Idex, Aldoris, and Vilarri.

Good Dryad Names

Drawing inspiration from Latin and Greek, along with playing with the words that represent some aspects of nature, is a nice way to come up with a good dryad name.

  • Caprea
  • Nepta
  • Ideia
  • Diogenia
  • Verna
  • Liliago
  • Nivalis
  • Eucalyphis


Best known for her ability to weave the trees, branches, and other similar nature by magically bending them to her will. In reality, however, she is a druid that can speak to plants, and such situations always start by her asking the plants for help as politely as she can.

  • Pallene
  • Melite
  • Anaphalis
  • Arenaris
  • Juniper


She’s always been fascinated by bugs and insects, and her love quickly extended to edible plants. Later on, after receiving formal education on the various flora and fauna of the same forest, she’s been collecting anything she can for the alchemy that seems to be her newest occupation.

  • Dorceti
  • Alexidoe
  • Lantana
  • Tinctoria


Ever since he listened to those around him, and failed because of it instead of trusting himself, he’s been having troubles with communicating with the rest of his kind. This has even led to a couple of fistfights, something that has been unheard of in the last 50 years, and more.

  • Thyme
  • Eucrante
  • Harmeni
  • Vilarri
  • Drosera

Female Dryad Names

There are two main theories about dryads, where one tells us all of them are females while the other claims something they are something completely different that may be somewhat of a foreign thought to more mundane thinkers.

  • Marina
  • Harilora
  • Magnolia
  • Pyrrosia
  • Borbonia
  • Ravennae
  • Hollia
  • Lotusia


As one of the brightest minds around, and certainly having one of the most positive attitudes around, she has enjoyed her life so far. The nature, the peace and quiet, and the ability to stroll safely through the forest always felt right to her, although this might end soon as the vanguard of an invading army just reached the edge of their homeland.

  • Cottollis
  • Sinope
  • Triteia
  • Dentata
  • Eacharis


Proving her heart was pure, she has been blessed by higher spirits of the nature she and her people have all sworn to protect. The ability to go wherever she wanted, albeit only for a time, just might prove to have a major role in their future success.

  • Humile
  • Annoris
  • Pellitoris
  • Holly


There was no time to do anything, to help anyone, or to do anything else other than simply find a way to save yourself. As the orcish army swept through the forest, killing everything in their path, she used the last ounces of her strength to magically meld with a tree, a trick that saved her life once more.

  • Bollinea
  • Theanole
  • Cuphea
  • Festuca
  • Celastris

Male Dryad Names

Considering themselves guardians of the forest, they all protect the tree they are bound to, along with all the flora and fauna in the vicinity. While most can’t move too far away from their tree home, together they present a unique community worthy of proper research. 

  • Aconite
  • Trilliaris
  • Baye
  • Caliroesis
  • Metisis
  • Fernis
  • Laurelis
  • Euthami


Enjoying a decent amount of fame, he loves his guarding duties, especially after being contacted by his deity. Unbeknownst to him, however, the voice he heard came from a yet to be determined source, one that could prove to be disastrous for him and his kin.

  • Therolis
  • Calomis
  • Mahoganis
  • Dindellis
  • Polhyno


If you asked anyone else, they would tell you he ran before he could walk, jumped before he could stand, and sang before he could talk. He was certainly a gifted and spirited youngling but all the expectations put a toll on his mental state and eventually seemed to have crumbled under pressure, leaving much to be desired.

  • Apricoris
  • Nobile
  • Abies
  • Allium


When a lonely tree by a small pond caught his attention, he knew it was where his home will be. He’s never felt drawn to someone or something as much as that place lured him, calling to him in both his mind and his heart, and there is no way he will ever leave no matter what.

  • Ferox
  • Haldi
  • Duscae
  • Mapelis
  • Corda

These wooden-like humanoids consider themselves guardians of the tree they bonded with, as well as their whole community or at the very least their own grove. They are good-hearted creatures who have the ability to communicate with animals. They are bound to a tree of their choice, at a location from which they can’t venture too far away, although there are times they can do that as long as they are near someone else’s tree. While there are fewer Dryads than in the days of old, there are still those who rise above and become notable among their kin. Think about where the character was born, where did they bound themselves to, what are their fears and desires, what could be their next goal, and create a name worthy of all the beauty the nature surrounding them offers.

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