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Djinn Name Generator & Guide

“Ahh, a newcomer. Or should I say, a new master. Welcome, welcome, tell me, how did you end up here? How did you find out about it in the first place? Was it someone from the King’s palace? Oh, but I’m rambling, my apologies. My name is Esanu, and what is yours?”

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Djinni are genies native to the Elemental Plane of Air, about ten feet tall, weighing a thousand pounds, and with their lower body that trails into a misty vortex that can be described only as magic, although it is said they are able to procreate with humans.

It is said one in every hundred djinni is considered a vizier, a noble genie, someone who can grant three wishes to any non-genie creature that captures them, albeit these djinni are generally stronger and more powerful than the rest of their kind.

They are communicative, free-spirited, and eager to learn, and they communicate both by speaking and using telepathy. Efreet are their arch-rivals and many clashes between them made their names known, names like Monu, Ezzal, Essoo, and Yeze.

Good Djinn Names

Djinni are often spoken of in Arabic culture, and some of the stories originating from such places describe finding these magical beings as unimaginable luck due to their ability to grant wishes, and it’s not a surprise the names are often influenced by such a society.

  • Zinquhin
  • Aidmuon
  • Abbaazzod
  • Koralus
  • Tithi
  • Wayzail
  • Imnama
  • Airrusham


Wandering the forgotten tunnels on a daily basis, this djinn spends his time waiting for someone, anyone, to find him and free him from this loneliness, and no matter what he does or where he goes he’s trapped as there seems to be no escape from this underground maze.

  • Nitali
  • Yukhu
  • Shaismod
  • Aazee
  • Umash
  • Shuaqad
  • Zakhin
  • Thefo
  • Bhossaf
  • Aashobbish


While the commoners speak of ghosts and evil spirits in the woods, the truth is she found her place in the forest, happily coexisting with the rest of nature, animals and plants included. Unfortunately for her, local mercenaries have volunteered to find out if there really are any ghosts and get rid of whatever is out there once and for all.

  • Tumaffin
  • Amna
  • Zusfakan
  • Iadril
  • Nedatoh
  • Kiffa
  • Namishi
  • Hozzeem
  • Joosfu
  • Rullu
  • Gazza


While she does have the ability to grant wishes, she is also very reluctant to do so and that’s the main reason why she prefers to live in solitude, isolated from any real civilization. Unbeknownst to her, a lost caravan will soon stumble upon her home and not everyone will be as friendly as one might hope.

  • Sifal
  • Zamisma
  • Saimwaai
  • Dhokoobra
  • Tithah
  • Bozzunqi
  • Zata
  • Dhaistaa
  • Ithi
  • Shookil
  • Zismibbam


Having escaped near captivity by the local bandits, he continues to make his way to the distant human kingdom where he is fated to meet the king and queen and change their fate forever, and the ancient scripts he carries contain proof of this prophecy.

  • Ossosh
  • Thillfeih
  • Tabwia
  • Zeba
  • Jeta
  • Uwisan
  • Mahin
  • Phashia
  • Haseel
  • Shafi


He’s been captured by a certain men of low moral fibre and is now forced to grant their leader three wishes. As their captain ponders on what to wish for first, the djinn is using his charms and subtle magic to slowly but surely manipulate his way into becoming friends with him.

  • Khata
  • Arayil
  • Oza
  • Garalle
  • Yiwal
  • Eluba
  • Jeba
  • Ghaze
  • Ranazu
  • Yadwie

These genies are considered magic beings capable of granting any wish one might have, providing they capture the right djinn in the first place. They seem to be levitating as their lower body swirls into a misty vortex, yet another of their features that hints they are made of magic. They are extroverts, love to meet new people, learn new things, and communicate with others about various topics. Think on how this creature came to be, what was their early life like, how and where might they have been captured, are they able to grant a wish, and create a name worthy of a rather peculiar life that lies ahead, one where mystery is never far away.

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