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Devil Name Generator & Guide

“Why of course you will have all the powers I offered. What kind of a deal would it be otherwise, no?. As I said, you’re worrying about trifles and not seeing the big picture here. You can fulfill your life’s goal, take revenge, and achieve your father’s dreams, all at once. And I, Kerzan, can make all of that happen for you.”

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Hailing from the plane of Hell, these evil tricksters constantly work on corrupting the minds of mortals, all so that they may win their souls to increase their personal power, climb the ranks, and prove themselves worthy in the eyes of their creator.

After reaching a certain status, they are transformed into a higher caste, gaining new power and abilities which further motivates them to continue their work, all the while following the strict hierarchy that is in place for all of them, without any objection.

Whether they are summoned or have found a different way to a mortal plane, they tenaciously and patiently work on getting more souls for their cause, and such actions make their names known, names like Nirvaber, Mirnal, and Zag’drameth.

Good Devil Names

A good devil name sounds exotic and gives an out-of-this-world feeling when you hear it, even if you don’t know who it belongs to. This can be done in multiple ways and adding an apostrophe is certainly one of them.

  • Gar’uzak
  • Jogroran
  • Gag’thinuth
  • Trazgoxath
  • Thilrok
  • Sag’drol
  • Vozzon
  • Ulgumuuth


Having recently gained enough power to be able to travel to the Material Plane, albeit temporarily, he has been using all his guile and deception to lure as many souls to his cause as he possibly can before the time runs out.

  • Galvekath
  • Broggaroth
  • Olgronuth
  • Brungrenoth
  • Sorgrunid


This experienced fiend is working on his best con yet. For years he knows the way to the king’s ear, whispering sweet nothings and luring him into single-handedly damning his whole kingdom and all of his subjects, without even realizing it.

  • Dozgaath
  • Ogros
  • Xog’thumak
  • Trigonath


This devil has risen through the ranks over and over again, and today she’s responsible for many misdealings across the whole human kingdom. After the great war, she’s been using the misfortunes of as many people as she could find, and success seems easy to be had in these troubled times.

  • Onannoth
  • Sugrulan
  • Ral’garun
  • Zogmurath
  • Zonamoz

Female Devil Names

While they certainly abide by the rather rigid hierarchy of their kind, they are known to use no brakes when it comes to achieving their goals, and they will use any means possible to get what they want.

  • Urvite
  • Bazine
  • Lunzoru
  • Divosi
  • Maye
  • Zirzar
  • Iyatean
  • Marse


She’s been traveling in disguise, working her way into the queen’s court, hoping to corrupt as many nobles as she can. The end goal was and always will be to sow discontent among the dukes and nobles alike, and ultimately subtly lead them all into a civil war.

  • Rumnul
  • Ivrus
  • Rirror
  • Glimin
  • Derna


The plan had it all. Revenge, multiple smaller and bigger successes, and ascension to new power at the end. Alas, in the defining battle, a paladin’s blade slashed the last life out of her, sending her straight back to Hell. Losing power, though not life completely, she’s back at grinding her way up once more.

  • Falnus
  • Zaskun
  • Yezul
  • Dunron


When a certain wizard put his last cards on the table, she pounced at the opportunity and made him an offer he simply couldn’t refuse. So far, the situation seems to have an additional promise, as well, one where all the knowledge the mage possesses will be one day hers.

  • Burol
  • Zarza
  • Fensoti
  • Eirroth
  • Dulrozear

Male Devil Names

These sly and cunning fiends can trick most without them noticing, and their means of achieving the goals are both exciting and terrifying at the same time. They can make any deal seem sweeter than it really is, and rare are those who see through it and resist.

  • Jalerul
  • Gimunuch
  • Ronvus
  • Girmin
  • Hitris
  • Rad
  • Jinrom
  • Rasmen


In a land where the undead still roam, and other equally dangerous and magical creatures dwell, this devil has been working his charms on a greedy dwarven king, where he’s been slowly corrupting the minds of every clan’s leader he can possibly find.

  • Usratal
  • Jolphon
  • Dotur
  • Ormebaus
  • Zulphith


Using an ancient scroll he came upon a while ago, disguised as a man, he’s been healing the people across the southern part of a human kingdom. While people speak of him as a great healer, the truth is that all the people he heals will die a couple of weeks later, damning their souls in the process.

  • Nasruth
  • Guushr
  • Zunreliar
  • Fumjetil


After several failed attempts at getting more souls to his cause, he’s been focused on his work in Hell instead. While the power can’t be gained as easily, especially for someone as weak as him, he’s been making progress with his research and success might very well be the turning point in his journey to power.

  • Durgoscis
  • Tatruch
  • Noch
  • Uchboteth
  • Hol

Creatures of the most devious kind, Devils use all their abilities to lure mortals into accepting deals where only they win in the end, even when it never seems that way. Climbing the ranks of Hell is the profession that chose them all, one where they try their best regardless of the actual results and obey the strict hierarchy that is rigid enough to provide the most essential rules for them to follow. Think about how the character came to be, how far up the Hell’s ladder have they climbed up, what are their current goals and the means of achieving them, and think of a name of all the devious tricks they will use to lure countless of innocent souls to their cause.

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