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Demigod Name Generator & Guide

“Don’t be stupid, your miniscule and meaningless existence is present here only by the will of the gods, or lady luck as your kind would call it, and clearly way in over your head. You don’t know who I am, do you? Hah, don’t you recognize Zenreus the Bold?”

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While they are all descendants of powerful deities, there are many different Demigods, to the point they are completely different species such as Archdevils, Demon Lords, Elemental Lords, and many more other powerful entities.
They possess abilities much higher than what mere mortals can comprehend, and the goals differ from one species to another, although they are known to gladly share their magic powers with those who will worship them and spread their word around.

Whatever their plans might be, Demigod powers allow them to encounter sporadic obstacles at best, and their missions, while all but impossible, require actions that make their names known, names like Tulios, Sithar, Isione, Sollo, and Oenar.

Good Demigod Names

A good demigod name depends greatly on their species and it’s best to take it in mind as a guideline for choosing which direction to go with when creating a name.

  • Sukdos
  • Cudon
  • Dadros
  • Idtar
  • Aaris
  • Thyean
  • Qunos
  • Ezotl


This demon used her powers to lure hundreds of worshipers in just the current year so far. The cult of the Condemned, led by a council of first worshipers, whose sole purpose is to summon her to their plane of existence, has been working tirelessly on that plan and are close to its completion.

  • Xamis
  • Uzsin
  • Qaasis
  • Utia
  • Aohr


This brave soul decided to give up true immortality and help mortals in peril, a human kingdom with a just leader that was invaded by scores of undead forces. Becoming their champion and savior in the time of the greatest need, he soon disappeared after the war ended, leaving thousands of new worshipers behind.

  • Qhylin
  • Biien
  • Emion
  • Phusus
  • Agies

Female Demigod Names

The gender, where applicable, is probably one of the least important things when it comes to the potential power a demigod might wield, and they can be equally dangerous on the field of battle.

  • Ghoaris
  • Qreganke
  • Etlena
  • Nexsoi
  • Iaris
  • Itune
  • Qiara
  • Qokna


Many stories surround her true origin though none know the real truth, and she prefers it stays that way as she’s currently focused on regaining her strength after battling not one but two dragons at the same time, albeit one of them was only an adult.

  • Druxotz
  • Conelia
  • Rintune
  • Vonris
  • Imra


Using her powers to transform herself into a female human, she wanders the realms, meeting new people, and trying to learn as much as she can. As soon as she feels the place she’s visiting is calling her to stay, for one reason or another, she immediately decides to leave to continue following her original plan where a home is not included.

  • Grehdea
  • Kevtrix
  • Vuulla
  • Citia
  • Veva

Male Demigod Names

Elementals, greater demons, archdevils, and direct sons and daughters of the gods, that and much more is who they can be, wielding immense power wherever they please, and not many creatures alive can withstand their force should they choose to use it.

  • Aeus
  • Qhakdohr
  • Gelmos
  • Ekzotz
  • Odos
  • Chaenar
  • Daaldir
  • Gadreus


While he prefers to roam the world disguised as a dwarf, where he leads a life of a traveler, merchant, and a drinker who never had a hangover, or so he claims, he won’t hesitate to reveal his true form if his life was truly in danger, although that hasn’t happened for over two centuries now.

  • Shoxlous
  • Bermjir
  • Razot
  • Runia
  • Vodohr


He is the Wind Warrior, as the northern clans named him, a true leader that has united all the clans under one banner to fight the oncoming horde. While hinting at just cause, unbeknownst to the rest of them, he’s slowly but surely accomplishing a plan that will make sure all of them follow him for the rest of their lives and, quite possibly, their deaths.

  • Simtia
  • Memir
  • Oldos
  • Akbus
  • Nozotl

Greek Demigod Names

There are many legends surrounding demigods in Greek culture, sons of the Gods of Olympus, extraordinarily strong and capable compared to mere mortals with whom they shared their lives.

  • Arcas
  • Iasion
  • Calais
  • Epaphus
  • Belus
  • Cycnus
  • Agenor
  • Polydeuces


As a son of Eos, the goddess of dawn, and Tithonus, a mortal king, he himself was a king of Aethiopia and a great warrior. After refusing to duel an enemy due to their old age he fought the great Achilles, managing to even draw blood, but was ultimately defeated by his opponent after having his chest pierced by a spear.

  • Achilleus
  • Romulus
  • Perseus
  • Minos
  • Peirithous


Son of Zeus and Perseus’s grandaughter Alcmene, and a great warrior of legendary strength, he performed deeds many consider unquestionably impossible, where the examples would be strangling two serpents sent to kill him as a baby, with bare hands, and slaying a nine-headed hydra later on in life as well.

  • Dardanus
  • Chiron
  • Amphion
  • Orpheus
  • Neleus

Demigods are descendants of gods and spawns of powerful entities, and they all wield immense power where many magical abilities adorn their arsenal. They are heroes of realms and scourge of kingdoms, and can be as beneficial and protective as merciless and vengeful, all depending on what kind of a demigod it is. Think about the species of the character, what kind of an environment did they grow up with, what are their plans and main goals, what is their immediate next step, and create a name worthy of the all but immortal life these incredible creatures lead.

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