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Dark Elf Name Generator & Backstories

“What the hell are you talking about!? We can’t just outmaneuver him, this is no mere mercenary hunting us, you idiot! It’s the Living Shadow, or whatever they call that dark fiend.” “Actually…” – a creepy voice was suddenly heard from within the darkness, followed by a slender silhouette exiting – “…my name is Udnon Ulzath.”

Generate Names

Noutoud Crevno

Grakle Nadai

Lecnida Zeibuze

Revu Sinorvec

Rimonva Vaedilrish

Renvac Cagruth

Bheneni Ceemras

Rhubedha Vubishriesh

Cuhuni Rainerloh

Drurruc Omorad

Ocric Gudroc

Inedri Naegnibo

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Dark elves have found their way into many different worlds and stories, and while there are many iterations of their kind, they are mostly depicted as being slender, with dark skin and white hair, and their affinity for magic and fighting is notorious.

These long-living elves have often been accused of being cruel, proud, selfish, and clannish to the point where they seldom welcome any outsiders, and even those who are allowed to pass find themselves feeling uneasy while within their community.

The various deeds done by the hands of the Dark elves have been described as nothing short of gruesome and horrific, and some of them made certain members of their race known, with names like Qhobucne Madeec and Phomushi Phangeren.

Good Dark Elf Names

Dark elves come from everywhere and their names are much similar to the regular elves, though they do tend to sound a bit harsher than what most might be accustomed to.

  • Epumro Pazol
  • Nulluce Zersus
  • Dhogurn Phrasalvat
  • Nehasce Binzogec
  • Anuhe Gelzuziu
  • Udrile Agnie
  • Paribri Zenvral
  • Cukaec Phunuldir

Fulgu Shirvi

As a powerful priestess, she’s well suited for leadership and her abilities are the reason for both her current position and overall success, and the team of highly trained assassins under her is ready for any task ahead of them.

  • Thinoth Yamundur
  • Braebsos Khurdi
  • Adille Crozruneit
  • Miodnudh Rimrud
  • Bhirshudo Thignesit

Recabsi Ghurashrac

His childhood home never felt right, and he ran away from it on more than several occasions in the past. Later, when he grew up, he left it for good and chose the unknown road that felt better than any illusion of safety his family seemed to provide.

  • Rhehere Riezresed
  • Ebrodo Cramrunas
  • Qhohoshri Phragildrer
  • Olekh Kedilzeil
  • Romriss Dhaemeth

Female Dark Elf Names

Some stories say that their society is actually matrilineal, where females not only rule but are stronger, and far more powerful than their male counterparts.

  • Zecla Chelnemuh
  • Foposu Wimagrir
  • Drobzu Inridit
  • Chicifri Ghesriadec
  • Gharnon Pivni
  • Calvuni Bhalreigaer
  • Rhigol Ghinvrised
  • Funnipe Idinner

Ecre Berersos

Her studies for one item have led her to discover something completely unexpected, though greatly appreciated at first. She found an ancient relic that wasn’t supposed to be there, and while its mystical beauty occupied her eyes, her mind was slowly getting corrupted by that very same cursed item.

  • Rhascose Nanailde
  • Dhebzidh Beronvris
  • Phosome Kruras
  • Laknoso Ugrid
  • Fodvedo Cemaer

Rudrarth Ghovnubes

One moment she was preying on her newest target, a person that needed to be shut down before the uprising could start, yet the other she found herself on the wrong end of a sword, betrayed by her once former colleague. Heavily wounded, she’s now making her way to a nearby inn where she hopes to find some help.

  • Upabi Weirsus
  • Nuhapi Tezendrith
  • Dimly Pumenvrees
  • Rosidva Cregnoh
  • Ebsi Drugobul

Male Dark Elf Names

Cunning, dangerous, and utterly deadly in all manners, these elves are not to be trifled with, and their notoriety is always well deserved, and more.

  • Founvu Zanubaeth
  • Firzyrth Arseth
  • Lisunde Vinistrac
  • Fuindrir Nuservai
  • Duicass Phozraed
  • Enarna Munobith
  • Napacse Wararzin
  • Rhedafri Shimiezod

Esuso Conno

He’s been leading a small mercenary band for a dozen years now, and the journey has been rather successful so far. Having picked the fights only under their terms, they have yet to fail a task, and the word of their efficiency has quickly spread.

  • Brurzod Kideimu
  • Mielvui Zadra
  • Uknirth Umresi
  • Udnouk Krulvih
  • Medruhu Drosririth

Nudedru Ceeguniet

Reaching old age is never easy and often requires a certain degree of luck, and he’s not only done so but still has the wits about him, enough to keep teaching at the wizard academy. While he was never elected to the academy’s council, he’s still asked for thoughts and advice on many different topics, from students and teachers alike.

  • Graemluss Shrolral
  • Ibaho Aegnesh
  • Zyvyc Shimair
  • Qhesabe Ondru
  • Domuna Amondrish

Badass Dark Elf Names

Some Dark elves distinguish themselves more than others, be it through warfare, espionage, or assassination, and they soon learn to enjoy the status which brings certain advantages to the table.

  • Shadowblade
  • Malida
  • Malus Darkblade
  • Urathion
  • Duriath Helbane
  • Mengil Manhide
  • Tullaris
  • Selveni

Lokhir Nightshade

If his blade by some weird chance doesn’t kill you, the poison that it’s coated with most likely will. He’s a deadly assassin, a competent acrobat, and can lockpick a wide variety of locks, all of which allow him to enter anywhere he wants, steal anything he wants, and kill anyone he wants before escaping undetected.

  • Urian Poisonblade
  • Akholrak
  • Dorian Silverblade
  • Felicion Heartkeeper
  • Ardulriina

Maranith Orathi

After finding an old spellbook full of familiar but also unknown spells, he’s been working hard on deciphering them all for the last ten years. The progress has been steady so far, and he’s currently researching what seems to be the most interesting one, a spell that could potentially change his future for the better.

  • Rakarth Tullaris
  • Laithikir Fellheart
  • Malekith
  • Dijin Katal
  • Zedarah

With a great affinity for warfare, magic, and subterfuge, they possess all the abilities to do well during their long lifespan and put themselves on the top of the food chain, no matter where they go. Unfortunately for others, most tend to be evil and once they set their eyes on the target it’s a rare thing for the enemy to escape unscathed. Think about who was the character born to, how was their childhood, what friends and enemies did they make along the way, what are their current goals, and think of a name worthy of all the fame and notoriety that will soon precede their every step.

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