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Cyclops Name Generator & Guide

“Where are you, little mouse?” The cyclops trotted lazily across the huge cave, looking for the intruder yet continuing to fail to spot the sneaky halfling. “Show yourself, old Thetrais won’t hurt you. Just eat you.”

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Cyclopes are ten foot tall giants with large mouths and a single eye. While the eye denies them any depth perception, it is said they can predict the future of anyone they can observe for a few seconds, even determine one’s fate after a mere glance.

The amount of daily food they need to consume is astonishing, and it is no wonder only one of their kind can be found in a certain region. This also means they forget about any ambitions they might have as searching for food takes all their free time.

With time, some turned to cannibalism, some to bloodthirstiness fueled by prolonged hunger, and some managed to become certain spiritual leaders to their kind where their actions made their names known, names like Bandys, Lysara, and Kaesy.

Good Cyclops Names

It is said some Cyclopes are master blacksmiths who have forged many weapons, armor, and trinkets, both mundane and magical, and have been continuously recruited by other similar races for those very same skills.

  • Ytyr
  • Pralres
  • Xallarder
  • Dyllatethor
  • Chalmymokos
  • Tankonis
  • Tyklyste
  • Dorintastes


This cyclops stands out by not caring much outside of his work. He was taught how to be a blacksmith by his now late father, and has been serving the giants for two decades. While he does get heckled a bit, though only verbally, he enjoys his life as he gets to do what he loves the most and doesn’t mind as long as he can get fed and left alone while working.

  • Thongitis
  • Ylchelor
  • Malmylendran
  • Zila
  • Goffelle
  • Ravikis
  • Yisaissaklos
  • Otis
  • Bophei
  • Bostodnoste


After saving a young hill giant from a pack of wolves, they fell in love and started a life together. Unfortunately for them, his clan didn’t approve of the union and so they left to find a place of their own, heading north towards the more isolated mountain range.

  • Nallayadra
  • Adnara
  • Yarmykles
  • Thavintaiob
  • Aelrife
  • Myklige
  • Nalledne
  • Evae
  • Praklynder


Reaching old age has proved to be more satisfying than first she feared, and life has been peaceful and food plentiful for quite some time. This idyllic atmosphere, however, will soon be tainted by the onslaught of the incoming undead army who is set to pass through any time now.

  • Olryndre
  • Ildo
  • Tiklares
  • Prevekes
  • Lokanyke
  • Alchendones
  • Stavad
  • Pylmar
  • Rodaphas
  • Pratreanas
  • Promyn


All he wants is to be left alone, nothing more. All he gets, however, are constant visits by mercenary groups bold enough to seek and fight him, all for a prize put on his head. The fact he was wrongfully accused did nothing but fuel his rage that was already ignited by the sheer injustice involved, allowing him to overcome all challenges so far.

  • Phalega
  • Priklesses
  • Changinathis
  • Illeis
  • Syllyn
  • Kahjyn
  • Thinky
  • Radythes
  • Bymanteor
  • Thodys
  • Phinke


This poor one-legged cyclops is still clinging to her life battered, bruised, and caged, in an orc war camp. The chieftain was amused by her resilience and will to survive, and has ordered for her to be spared and held as a prisoner until the army moves on, whereupon she will be sacrificed to their deity.

  • Ynki
  • Piphisses
  • Tsappethale
  • Herayage
  • Hidronofa
  • Stanis
  • Thephofa
  • Lesiraka
  • Prisreleostas
  • Stokigon
  • Hytrys

These peculiar one-eyed giants are monsters that found their place in many stories, all across the world, whose viciousness and hunger are both astonishing and terrifying at the same time. Standing about nine to ten feet tall, weighing well over 500 pounds, these hulking figures use their single eye to predict one’s fate, although the ability becomes less potent as the time goes on. While living in isolation, they could be united under a common cause should a charismatic leader arise from their ranks, ready to lead them to greatness. Think about where the creature was born, where did they grow up, how was their childhood, what goals and ambitions they might have, and create a name worthy of the insatiable hunger following their every step.

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