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Chimera Name Generator & Guide

If you want to keep your life, I suggest you address it properly. Sure, there might not be much to live for considering the situation at hand, but while I agree that death can be seen as an ultimate escape to a slave, please do as I say. Don’t look at it, don’t talk back, don’t do anything other than you’re told to, and always address it as Master or its name, Scoapir.

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When we speak of Chimera, we usually mean a creature with a body of a lion, wings, and three heads, a lion, a goat, and a dragon head. These magical creatures are ten feet long, five feet tall, and weigh over 700 pounds, making them a dangerous foe.

They can speak but rarely choose to do so, and while most prefer to consume meat, be it an animal, a human, or any other creature, they can survive on grass and bushes due to their rather unique anatomy that greatly increases their longevity.

Many Chimeras find themselves in stories told by travelers and commoners alike, having been described as vicious flesh-eating monsters whose names become known, names such as Golsou, Basisqu, Mengaanx, Hampia, Henara, and Peoyip.

Good Chimera Names

Most Chimeras are lazy, and they love to enslave others to do their bidding. While most prisoners eventually lose hope and crumble, there are those who managed to escape, and they are the first people who started sharing the stories of their captivity.

  • Vagu
  • Chiho
  • Vetto
  • Gommeerm
  • Fooque
  • Thiapy
  • Thoopire
  • Trohoym


He has helped the local goblin tribe blossom, allowing them to wage wars and enjoy the fruits of their successes, while the hard work was done by the numerous human slaves captured during their raids. The recent success, where he killed the human king himself, cemented his place at the head of the clan, and soon the whole Horde.

  • Hibachaorm
  • Behesseo
  • Meluffue
  • Delklei
  • Vimttairn
  • Kretinger
  • Uarion
  • Toalops
  • Gnaboj
  • Frulopa


Serving a rather nasty black dragon, he was put in charge of a slave camp, a place where he didn’t have to work, yet could release all his anger upon the wretched prisoners, something he did on multiple occasions every day, as there seemed to be no end to his frustrations.

  • Basisqu
  • Mengaanx
  • Hampia
  • Hanattaa
  • Henara
  • Peoyip
  • Troonix
  • Kalelu
  • Uenod
  • Unirou
  • Pelarm


If there was ever an unlucky day for her, this one took the crown. Hunted by not one but two mercenary groups, she has now run into a wolf’s den where a dozen pairs of eyes were now watching. As the white fangs started to glisten in the sunlight, she heard the hunters closing in, and she pondered what to do next as her left wing was useless at this point.

  • Wozoamp
  • Pafiso
  • Giesus
  • Obus
  • Sceosena
  • Sioriof
  • Shienu
  • Mantisseor
  • Haido
  • Alelsqua
  • Xabilseo


Having lost her mate to human hunters, she followed them for many weeks before deciding to strike and exact her revenge. The attack was brutal, and all of the men were slaughtered nearby their final destination, a human town on the fringe of the civilization. She left them there, mangled to bits, as a warning to anyone who dares think of hunting her ever again.

  • Yuebis
  • Phatinger
  • Knagey
  • Loyell
  • Tarargai
  • Dullanshe
  • Unffu
  • Famargianx
  • Hibogao
  • Gnilenus


He and several of his kin have voluntarily joined the local tribe of hill giants, acting as support in their raids on the dwarven kingdom. For the last five years, he has been fighting the little buggers and has grown strangely accustomed to their taste, something he never thought would be possible for he usually craved more tender meat.

  • Readrius
  • Recabre
  • Iafei
  • Anubue
  • Medungaur
  • Succurpe
  • Pevan
  • Hobatreorn
  • Dotinger
  • Ionara

Having a ten feet long and five feet tall body of a lion, and three heads, that of a goat, a lion, and a dragon, along with large wings, these magical beasts are a sight to see. They can eat both flesh and graze on grass in times when meat is scarce, and as they are a rather lazy race they prefer to have prisoners and slaves to do their bidding. They lack any special intelligence but they are cunning and dangerous, and it is well known they can reproduce among themselves.

Think about how and where the creature was born, how they grew up there, what ambitions might they have, are they planning to leave, and create a name worthy of this strange magical monster that is the main character of so many stories.

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