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Cave Name Generator & Guide

The rhythmic clanging of metal on stone pieced the tranquil midday air repeatedly as if some great, primordial timekeeping device had been fashioned from the very earth beneath their feet; counting away the seconds by colliding huge lumps of raw material. It was the sound of pickaxes chipping away at the rock that Lord Harkon had been told lay above the almost mythical Witheim Abyss. Finally, with a shout, one of his workers informed him that they had broken through: at long last its secrets would surely be his.

Generate Names

Corchrey Hollow

Horsoy Shelter

Sleeping Abyss

Lenunville Hideout

Yarson Caves

Southern Abyss

Gigantic Shelter

Cudmiota Subterrane

Chartway Hideout

Fallgami Hideout

Bradland Subterrane

Rutbalt Caves

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Caves, caverns, cavities and catacombs – they make for exciting locations for all manner of adventure in your fantasy games. Finding the right name for such locations is paramount for setting the right tone for the encounters that ensue.

Good Cave Names

Good Cave Names should say something about the character or location of the caves themselves in order to set up the right feeling you want to evoke in your players. Take a look at our suggestions below:

  • The Malicious Cavern
  • Jade Chasms
  • Empty Hollows
  • Teal Overhang
  • Cudmiota Subterrane
  • Delway Hollow
  • Brownwater Cave
  • Diggamau Shelter
  • Savalet Cavern
  • Donnapon Cavity

Tinted Grotto

The Tinted Grotto derives its name from the unique form of fungus that grows inside, spewing its spores into the air and tinting the atmosphere in a sickly green color. It is a favorite of poison wielding assassins.

  • The New Cave
  • Laughing Overhang
  • Plain Caverns
  • Eastvista Hole
  • Borstall Cavity
  • Leisor Den
  • Rutbalt Caves
  • Witheim Abyss
  • Ellingcester Hollow
  • Sunnyside Chasm

Windless Abyss

The hauntingly silent Windless Abyss is a cave network that sits high in a series of mountain valleys. Among the peaks the howling of the wind can be felt all around, but never seems to penetrate into the caves themselves. Rumor has it that this is a blessing in disguise, however, as it merely a way for something dark to lure in unsuspecting travelers.  

  • Melancholy Hole
  • Uninviting Den
  • Linpids Overhang
  • Wallam Crevice
  • Westpon Sanctuary
  • Eastcour Abyss
  • Petasea Chasm
  • Vonbonear Valley
  • Throbbing Chasm

Enchanted Cavity

The Enchanted Cavity is a small cave that was the site of a strange magical anomaly some decades ago that has caused the gravity inside to reverse. No one has yet dared venture deep enough to figure out the cause.

  • The Open Hole
  • Giant’s Opening
  • Venpon Sanctuary
  • Carigson Hideout
  • Bredenwe Hole
  • Attletone Cavern
  • The Beresmark Cave
  • Myterious Crag
  • Gigantic Shelter

Hopeless Hideout

Hopeless Hideout is a coastal cave system that was used as a sanctuary by a ship’s captain who was fleeing a tremendous storm. Him and his men however, were unaware that at high tide the entire cavern fills with water – they all soon perished and are said to still haunt the hideout to this day.

  • Commina Cavern
  • Stratshire Caves
  • Chelram Sanctuary
  • Cartelona Chasm
  • The Killing Abyss
  • Tranquil Grotto
  • Serene Chasms
  • The Dread Hollows
  • Blackrane Cavity
  • Wasaby Cave
  • Thetdes Cavern
  • Redware Hollow
  • Horsstall Hole
  • Millerath Break
  • The Windy Cave

Decaying Catacombs

The Decaying Catacombs are found deep underneath the City of Illustra, their existence denied by the city’s fearful castellan. But reports of more and more townspeople missing, combined with reports of people being dragged underground, has done nothing to quash the rumors of their sinister nature.

  • Southern Abyss
  • Prickly Hollows
  • Bayguay Grotto
  • Bridgechill Chasm
  • Ganbron Cavity
  • Yarson Caves
  • Tormack Cavern
  • The Bronzed Hole
  • Decaying Cavtity

Ever Expanding Abyss

The Ever Expanding Abyss is perhaps the most foreboding cave system yet discovered. As the name implies, it is thought that it extends endlessly and without limit. Many have ventured inside but none have yet to return.

  • Farthest Caves
  • Blainsor Grotto
  • Plafair Catacombs

That concludes our list of cave name suggestions, we hope you found some inspiration here. Be sure to leave a comment below with your favorite and share the list with a friend so that you can compare notes!

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