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It was dawn on the third day when the horns finally sounded. First one, then a chorus, ringing out through the cold morning air across the castle grounds. It was the alert that everyone inside had been dreading: the enemy had been spotted. Kerrigan rushed to the top of one of the lookout towers and sure enough there they were; enemy banners cresting the hills to the west. Well, she thought, Custaeton Fortress had never fallen before, if they want to die trying that’s their choice.

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Citadelle d’Antonin

Islefield Fort

Arcton Palace

Levans Fortress

Fort du Draguinot

Hardington Fortress

The Lionhall

Clafton Fort

Harton Estate

Fangor Hold

Braewood Santuary

Miserhall Hearth

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Every fantasy story needs a good castle or five. They can be the bastions of hope in an unforgiving world or perhaps the seat of some evil lord raining terror down on the land. Either way, they are an excellent choice to include in your games and your stories, take a look at a few of the names we have on offer below:

Good Castle Names

A good castle should probably relate to the region in which it is found or say something about the ruler or garrison that makes its home there.

  • Baltso Keep
  • Custaeton Fortress
  • Selia Keep
  • Fangor Hold
  • Lakewell Stronghold
  • Gattlen Citadel
  • Skyborn Stronghold
  • Wray Palace
  • Reaver Castle

Hampstead Citadel

Hampstead Citadel was the seat of power for Lord Kalagrin, protector of Hampstead, who chose to have his castle built on the side of a large valley within his kingdom, making it nigh impenetrable.

  • Kaerwood Hold
  • Levans Fortress
  • Elmire Manor
  • Hartley Hold
  • Durham Castle
  • Stormholme
  • Midbury Keep
  • Carlisle Fortress
  • Werth Fort

Malgrave Stronghold

The Malgrave Stronghold is the fortified base of the formidable mercenary garrison known as the Malgraven Hammers. A stalwart army of hardy dwarven fighters who command the highest price for their services due to the fact that they have never known defeat.

Famous Castle Names

Many castles can become famous, or infamous, during the course of history. What makes each one special is the story behind its rise to prominence. Check out the examples we have for you below:

  • Kintillie Citadel
  • Rire Fort
  • Corroy Castle
  • Yardway Estate
  • Calford Keep
  • Dockerly Fortress
  • Carisbrooke Keep
  • Braewood Sanctuary
  • Naworth Retreat

The Lion Hall

The Lionhall is the name of the stronghold taken over by the fearless knight known as Leonard the Lionheart, famous throughout the land for his unwavering courage in the face of impossible odds. Its distinctive lion iconography makes it instantly recognisable.

  • Bolesworth Castle
  • Gelpass Palace
  • Lake Worth Keep
  • Bode Fort
  • Lancaster Lot
  • New Bining Fort
  • Goodmond Stronghold
  • Cudworth Fortress
  • Stowerling Loft

Fangdor Folly

Not all castles are famous for positive reasons. The Fangdor Folly is all that remains of a fortress that was built across the Fangdor mountain pass. Advisor’s to King Advical warned him that the pass was home to sleeping giants, but he chose not to listen to them. Three decades after its completion, they woke from their slumber and laid waste to the fortress, leaving none alive.

Medieval Castle Names

Not all castle names need to derive from high-fantasy settings, there is plenty of inspiration to be found in real-life historical examples. Check out these medieval inspired names:

  • Savenberg Hold
  • Harton Estate
  • Calbourne Castle
  • Logoria Fortress
  • Dewbury Palace
  • Mirador Castle
  • Perlington Abbey
  • Zatherope Hold
  • Hillfield Way Fort
  • The Tree Hold

Naesby Fort

Naesby Fort was a small but important castle built on the forking point of the Naesby river, an essential trade route for Queen Marika’s ever expanding empire. Her fiercest army was tasked with holding it at all costs.

  • Ballingdon Folly
  • Hadleigh Palace
  • Tonbridge Fort
  • Darenby Stronghold
  • Queensbury Castle
  • Garring’s Rise
  • Wareham Way
  • Moldermouth Estate

Perstew Citadel

Perstew Citadel is the half-ruined remains of a once proud structure that served as the eastern capital of a long vanished empire. Rumors abound that much treasure still lies buried in its vaults for those brave enough to venture inside.

French Castle Names

Sometimes you will want to draw from more exotic sources of inspiration for your fantasy castle names, why not branch out into a fancy French stronghold for your players to encounter?

  • Palais de Bourgoult
  • Citadelle d’Antonin
  • Forteresse d’Angouzieu
  • Fort de Poilly

Bastion du Boursier

The Bastion du Bousir is a famous magical school located high in the mountains and accessible to only those trained in the arcane arts. Many difficult magical traps litter the road leading to the castle to dissuade those who are not accomplished enough to dispel them.

  • Palais du Draguilet
  • Château du Hautenne
  • Citadelle de Levallon
  • Bastion de l’Avion
  • Forteresse de la Naryonne
  • Fort de la Plaizier
  • Palais de la Fougueux
  • Fort du Daguinot
  • Bastion de la Chatlimar
  • Château les Courris

That concludes our sampling of fantasy castle names, we hope you enjoyed the selection put forward for you here. Be sure to comment your favorite down below and don’t forget to share this article with a friend or two so that you can compare notes!

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