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Camp Name Generator & Short Stories

The wagon rolled gently along the dirt path as the sun cascaded through the leaves and dappled the faces of the halflings. It wouldn’t be long now before Camp Fortune would once again be in their sights and the summer could truly begin.

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Camp Inferno

Camp Honesty

Camp Omega

Camp Happiness

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Camp Gemini

Camp Thunderstorm

Camp Slaughter

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Camp Aqua

Camp Restraint

Camp Kudos

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Camps can fulfill a number of different purposes in your stories: perhaps they are retreats for your characters, or perhaps they are strongholds, or childhood homes with strong associated memories?

Good Camp Names

Good Camp Names should reflect the nature of camp life – names reminiscent of friendship, nature, and community.

  • Camp Truth
  • Camp Purity
  • Camp Alpine
  • Camp Gizmo
  • Camp Resistance
  • Camp Struggle
  • Camp Fellowship
  • Camp Starlight
  • Camp Morningstar

Camp Shooting Star

Camp Shooting star sits atop a verdant hillside that doubles as a famous look-out spot for the many shooting stars that can be seen during the late summer months in Zaratosi.

  • Camp Divinity
  • Camp Honesty
  • Camp Mirth
  • Camp Open Door
  • Camp Azure
  • Camp Forfeit
  • Camp Glacier
  • Camp Scarlet
  • Camp Fluke
  • Camp Eden

Summer Camp Names

Summer Camp names are not too dissimilar to general Camp nomenclature, but with more of a focus on the sights, smells, and tastes of all things summer.

  • Camp Trust
  • Camp Raindrop
  • Camp Fortune
  • Camp Clemency
  • Camp Nurture
  • Camp Eclipse
  • Camp Nourish
  • Camp Wild Horse
  • Camp Gemini

Camp Solar Beam

It doesn’t get much more summery than Camp Solar Beam, where participants are encouraged to partake in the Solstice Festivities dedicated to Asumasti the Sun God.

  • Camp Sympathy
  • Camp Reliance
  • Camp Jubilee
  • Camp Synthesis
  • Camp Minor
  • Camp Kudos
  • Camp Companion
  • Camp Snowflake
  • Camp Torchbearer
  • Camp Blockade

Inappropriate Camp Names

What might one normally expect to encounter at Camp? Whatever the opposite is of what just came to your mind makes for a great inappropriate Camp name.

  • Camp Annihilation
  • Camp Betrayal
  • Camp Phantasm
  • Camp Chaos
  • Camp Citadel
  • Camp Abolition
  • Camp Rage
  • Camp Inferno
  • Camp Comfort

Camp Calamity

The unfortunately named Camp Calamity is the smoldering remains of a once defiant bandit encampment that paid the price for trying to establish a base of operations on the side of a mountain that doubled as a lair for a red dragon.

  • Camp Dignity
  • Camp Jester
  • Camp Effigy
  • Camp Blockade
  • Camp Dominion
  • Camp Malice
  • Camp Serpent
  • Camp Karma
  • Camp Darkwind
  • Camp Revenge

Funny Camp Names

Much like the affinity between Good Camp Names and Summer Camp Names, there is a link between our previous section and Funny Camp Names – the key here is to focus on more comedic techniques than just the irony present in Inappropriate Camp Names.

  • Camp Blue Banner
  • Camp Frenzy
  • Camp Umbrage
  • Camp Struggle
  • Camp Fable
  • Camp Isolation
  • Camp Bullets
  • Camp Abyss
  • Camp Forsake
  • Camp Altar

Camp Turtle Shell

Sometimes a camp gets its name from its founder, or from the type of activities that occur there. Sometimes it is named after its inhabitants or, the gods or masters they may serve. In this case, it is named after the inexplicable Turtle Shell that was found on the camp grounds one spring morning.

  • Camp Stigma
  • Camp Turmoil
  • Camp Foster
  • Camp Perril
  • Camp Nighttide
  • Camp Ivory
  • Camp Restraint
  • Camp Moonstone
  • Camp Poverty

That marks the end of another list! We very much hope you’ve enjoyed the Camp Names we have provided for you here. Why not share the article if you found any of our suggestions useful? Be sure to comment your favorite name down below and debate with others!

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