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Cafe Name Generator & Short Stories

Sasuke strolled confidently down the street towards the Yokote Kita Cafe, expecting to see his companions waiting for him on the corner. But as he got closer, all he say was billowing smoke, and all he heard were cries of shock and pain. He hurried into a run…

Generate Names

Pestle & Mortar Cafe

Cool Terrace Espresso Bar

Sandy Harvest Diner

Yummy Tummy Lunchroom

Tutty Fruity Coffee Shop

Ichikawa Minami Cafe

Pestle & Mortar Barista

Salon de thé Jumpstart

Noshiro Kita Cafe

Steamy Indulgences Cafe

Cocao Temptation Bistro

Featherly Terrace Diner

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Cafes certainly make for an unorthodox fantasy location, but they can be effective settings for that very reason. Perhaps its time to add some much needed charm into your story, or perhaps turn a safe haven into a harrowing battle for the lives of the heroes? All of these things can happen in a cafe!

Good Cafe Names

Good Cafe names should clue you into the setting immediately, usually by playing on some aspect of cafe culture or cafe ingredients.

  • Roasters Diner
  • Bizz Buzz Lunchroom
  • Moment of Peace Cafe
  • Slice of Life Coffee
  • Pestle & Mortar Barista
  • Little Big Teapot Espresso Bar
  • Flaming Tulip Luncheonette
  • Frozen Delight Bistro

Sunny Lounge Diner

The Sunny Lounge Diner sits on just south of the entrance to Luskan’s famous harbor and boasts the prime view of the city’s breathtaking sunset.

  • Hava Joy Diner
  • Ding Dong Barista
  • Pestle & Mortar Cafe
  • Hot Shots Diner
  • Express-O Diner
  • Brew for You Cafe
  • Dark Delights Diner

Hidden Delight Joint

This cute little nook is the best kept secret in Baldur’s Gate! it sits tucked away down several meandering alleyways but is well worth the adventure to find.

  • Whispering Echo Coffee
  • Pleasure Festival Coffee Bar
  • Sandy Harvest Diner
  • Eats & Treats Espresso Bar
  • Java Junction Cafe
  • Hot Shots Joint
  • Eats & Treats Lunchroom
  • Lava Java Coffee Shop
  • Black Hat Cafe

French Cafe Names

French Cafe names are great for giving your cafes even more prestige by alluding to that world-famous Paris cafe culture that the French embody.

  • Café de Paris
  • Café de Flore
  • Le Café Latin
  • Chez Lucette
  • République du Café
  • La Caféothèque
  • Terres de Café
  • Grain de Café

L’Étrange Théière

This cafe is made famous by the enchantment put on the eponymous teapot by its original owner over 500 years ago. To this day the pot still stalks around the building like it has a mind of its own.

  • Bienvenue
  • Louisette
  • Café Oberkampf
  • Café Miettes
  • Le Comptoir Général
  • L’Ebouillanté
  • Salle à Manger
  • La Boîte à Café
  • Jeannine & Suzanne
  • Le Perko Café
  • Comme à la Maison
  • Le Luminarium
  • Les Cafetiers
  • Le Labo Café
  • La Café des Sports

Une Brise D’Automne

This gorgeous little coffee shop is famous for – you guessed it – the wonderfully calming breeze that its location affords it.

  • Mimosa
  • Salé Sucré

Cute Cafe Names

Sometimes the best way to embrace the fun of cafes is to go all in and make them as cute as possible – try these on for size:

  • Brew for You Coffee Bar
  • Ground Up Luncheonette
  • Sugar & Spice Coffee Bar
  • Yummy Tummy Joint
  • Rest & Relaxation Joint
  • Precious Tales Cafeteria
  • Blonde Heaven Luncheonette
  • Antique Deli Coffee Bar
  • Universal Oasis Cafe

Feathery Terrace Diner

What could be cuter or more appealing than drinking coffee surrounded by dozens of friendly hens? Nothing. You should visit the Feathery Terrace today.

  • Yummy Tummy Lunchroom
  • Espresso Lane Diner
  • Wake Up Diner
  • Bean & Gone Coffee
  • Bean Drinking Luncheonette
  • Smooth Oasis Cafe
  • Quiet Blue Lunchroom
  • Palm Earth Espresso Bar
  • Silent Temptation Coffee Bar
  • Cool Terrace Espresso Bar

Anime Cafe Names

Cafes feature prominently in many anime stories and anime-inspired stories in general. They tend to stay true to the Japanese language as a source of inspiration.

  • Noshiro Nishi Cafe
  • Ichikawa Minami Cafe
  • Ruma Cafe
  • Kiyoshi Cafe
  • Kushiro Nishi Cafe
  • Goshogawara Minami Cafe
  • Akita Minami Cafe
  • Yokote Kita Cafe
  • Uwajima Cafe
  • Chiba Higashi Cafe
  • Osamu Cafe
  • Noshiro Kita Cafe

Matsudo Higashi Cafe

Matsudo Higashi Cafe is famous among the local high-schoolers due to its proximity to the school itself. However, there are rumors surrounding the establishment’s suspicious owner that point to unscrupulous ends.

  • Goshogawara Cafe
  • Mura Cafe
  • Matsuyama Higashi Cafe
  • Tsugiko Cafe
  • Isano Cafe
  • Shouta Cafe
  • Yokote Nishi Cafe
  • Susumu Cafe
  • Jiro Cafe
  • Toyohashi Minami
  • Nori Cafe
  • Tomakomai Minami Cafe
  • Odate Kita Cafe

That’s it for our list of cafe names, we hope you’ve found some inspiration in this article to take into your own games and stories! If you have then why not leave a comment with your favorite name below? Until next time!

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