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“There, that should do it. Now..let’s see if that fixes everything, shall we? Go lift that up, put it in the opposite corner, and walk back to me but backward. And yes, Dotty, I mean backward.”

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Anne Droid


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Autognomes are mechanical beings who were made by gnome inventors and tinkerers, often resembling the maker in one way or another, and are used for various purposes such as exploration, rescue, guard duty, and similar objectives.

Despite being able to understand and even speak Gnomish, they are easily discernable from true Gnomes even when trying to disguise themselves by adorning different clothes, as even the best-built Autognomes produce mechanical sounds.

Sometimes, whether the owner sent them on a task or they had their own reasons to leave their current life, they ventured bravely into the world to do the deeds that make them famous, with names like Robbie, Sparky, Bracer, Unroid, and Azerty.

Good Autognome Names

Autognome names usually depend on their purpose and on the person who created them. This means that the ones created for guard duty might have names that allude to their combat capabilities, some might only use the first letters of their full name, while those who are meant to rescue trapped miners, for example, might have a more hope-alluding name.

  • Rusty
  • Omk
  • Mach
  • Proto
  • Sona
  • Ecb
  • Sparky
  • Omxator


Over the last five years, he’s taken over most of the chores in the shop, as the old owner’s years denied him almost any kind of physical work, a fact that weighed heavily on both the owner and himself. The empathy that was instilled in him allowed him to understand his master’s feelings, and he did anything he could to alleviate the pain.

  • Cyl
  • Wire
  • Gigabit
  • Rust
  • Akbo
  • Urur
  • Corius
  • Tin
  • Urytron
  • Brainstorm
  • Mecha


This small soul is a jolly character, one that needs to constantly be on the move, and this has both been a curse and a blessing when it comes to helping the wizard in his alchemy dealings. Zooming from one side of the room to another, he keeps bringing whatever is needed for the next potion, though the recent accidents have made the mage become increasingly hesitant in asking for his help.

  • Owtron
  • Esar
  • Knave
  • Udix
  • Bult
  • Cybel
  • Scythe
  • Gage
  • Umax
  • Experiment


His main goal is to find another of his kind, though she must admit her current companions, a group of diverse adventurers, are more than a pleasant company who hold no prejudice toward anyone, as long as that person is a kind soul. If nothing else, she figures traveling with such a group may even increase her chances of finally meeting another member of her race.

  • Crowby
  • Ash
  • Spencer
  • Cole
  • Azxroid
  • Gear
  • Jin
  • Ayh
  • Rob Oto
  • Ogmroid


The purpose of his creation is to save trapped miners and explorers within the numerous tunnels of a dwarven fortress, this Autognome has proved his worth many times over, saving more than a hundred people so far. As the most successful rescuer, he’s been rewarded on numerous occasions, and the last one he’s about to receive is the freedom to choose his own destiny.

  • Enxx
  • AWR
  • Iqi
  • Core
  • ATG
  • Plier
  • Inp
  • Qwerty
  • Spanner
  • Cyd


This witty waiter has a joke for any situation, and his sharp tongue has caused, and prevented, many altercations within the tavern he works for, although any concrete trouble was always somehow avoided. At the end of the day, his personality is one of the things that keep many of the patrons coming back to the establishment, and the owner is quite happy with his work.

  • Umexroid
  • Max
  • Ogoroid
  • Socket
  • Ispar
  • Andromeda
  • Prime
  • Auto
  • AGF
  • Jet
  • Eyim

Autognomes are mechanical gnomes who resemble their owners and are said to even have a soul. Able to understand and speak Gnomish, they can be very versatile depending on who made them and how, and they are used for a variety of different objectives such as rescuing people, guarding houses, serving as assistants, and much more. Depending on their quality they can exist for several centuries but are also often scraped at the end of the day, allowing the creators to use the parts for a new one.

How do you see Autognomes? Are they useful inventions that are meant to help the creators in any means possible? Or do you think they should be considered equals and be allowed all the freedom they need? Share your views, and the names you used before, by leaving a comment below.

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