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Astral Elf Name Generator & Backstories

“Very well, that is all I wanted to hear. We shall wait until we know more and, in the meantime, you can let them know we will be stopping any actions on our side until they provide us with an answer. Now, call Eniaarai Ilphelru, I want her to know that she will be the one to take the message to our enemy.”

Generate Names

Riarannis Erdelscient (Goldpeaks)

Aeric Holidur (Twilightdew)

Merastra Ridgala (Whisperspear)

Imrion Sianxilo (Petalbrook)

Orlethym Rauthifete (Firewing)

Jelenva Nyrhlastacia (Starwhip)

Sarstrianna Ilphelru (Dreamblossom)

Valanna Aegiskiir (Gemguardian)

Jar Galakerym (Bladewhisper)

Eniele Melirauthi (Wingheel)

Paedartis Amasrendaen (Beautifulflower)

Merrynna Renodel (Moonbear)

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Despite tracing their roots to Feywild, they are native to the Astral Plane where they don’t age and have been imbued with a spark of divine energy that was bestowed by divine powers. It is also said that the gleam in their eyes reflects those powers.

Not aging within the Astral Plane opened them up to many feelings, from depression and apathy to revelation and endless creativity, where many Astral Elves decide to leave their home in order to explore other far-off planes in the multiverse they live in.

While most of them still reside within the plane known to some as the Silver Void, there are those who can’t resist wanderlust and are determined to get their names known, names like Tharmo Mionkirthol, Eniainndan Staciaru, and Hilar Remista.

Good Astral Elf Names

As with many other elven subspecies their names are somewhat long and exotic, especially to humans, and they don’t mean anything to whoever doesn’t speak their language. Those that do, however, know that most, if not all, names have a deeper meaning behind them.

  • Quillrianna Dithritynn
  • Adlynn Ilphelren
  • Thardon Erdelrid
  • Berdartis Amaholi
  • Druastra Kirtholhond
  • Quillrianna Maermith
  • Felodraste Maenenodel
  • Adlynn Callorhond

Paelseas Ilphelardir

As a powerful wizard, this elf serves in one of the human magic academies, and his mastery over certain spells has made him quite famous, and many students keep joining mostly cause of him. While some of the other teachers feel rather jealous, the academy appreciates all of his efforts and is satisfied with his work in general.

  • Anrynna Ruakerym
  • Paemeral Xilokiir
  • Enathe Mistascient
  • Ielelynn Liascient
  • Jelenva Nyrhlastacia
  • Paedartis Remista
  • Vardartis Kiirlaran
  • Beimeral Mithilphel
  • Leshiel Kerynstacia
  • Imrion Sianxilo
  • Cardon Erdelardir

Herian Ridnodel

His life dream is to visit every kingdom in the world, play in front of as many royal courts as he can, and talk to as many interesting people as he can meet. For the past nine years, he’s been doing just that, and today he’s due to play in front of a queen who’s about to be assassinated in front of his very own eyes.

  • Paelseas Mionkirthol
  • Vallenneth Avara
  • Ver’an Erdelrid
  • Quillrianna Donhir
  • Theirthaea Mithrua
  • Naidania Amaholi
  • Caevara Callorhond
  • Vallenneth Melirauthi
  • Antirie Xilofete
  • Enastra Sianxilo

Vallenne Staciakyre

Ever since she realized her calling, after her deity spoke to her for the first time, her future was clear, at least when it comes to who and what she would become. Today, she’s considered one of the more powerful priestesses in the city she lives in, and her services will be greatly needed in the coming months.

  • Arinn Mionmista
  • Tharmo Rumardir
  • Valanna Aegiskiir
  • Berro Auvreattln
  • Galarai Ilphelmith
  • Beimeral Galadur
  • Shalenneth Kerymfete
  • Felodraste Erdelcryshal
  • Aecian Gyss’duell
  • Arinn Nyrhlastacia

Peis Reamne

Living on the Astral Plane has allowed him to practice sword-fighting for more than a century, and these days he feels like he’s learned everything he can, at least from his current available mentors. For this reason, he is now determined to leave for the Material Plane and try his luck there, ready to risk both the aging and injuries at the same time.

  • Jars Xiloholi
  • Adanna Durcryshal
  • Enastra Renodel
  • Sarstrianna Ilphelru
  • Thanna Sianaegis
  • Beimeral Amarum
  • Ver’an Sianraer
  • Sillenneth Erdelcryshal
  • Sovenis Rumardir
  • Sarstrianna Aegiskiir

Silrie Amarum

To say she loves scrolls, books, and anything else that is at least somewhat related to magic would be a massive understatement, and no one was surprised to see her grow up into someone who’s obsessed and almost addicted to studying any kind of spells she can get her hands and eyes on. She has talent, so that’s good, but the most important thing is that she has morals and a sense of responsibility that allows her to be as careful as one needs in that line of work.

  • Riarannis Liaholi
  • Herian Kerymardir
  • Orlethym Rauthifete
  • Paemeral Kerynfete
  • Caevara Dwinnaltyn
  • Paelen Amassussun
  • Anrynna Nyrhlasama
  • Allee Dwinnaltyn
  • Paelseas Maerilphel
  • Anathaea Amarum
  • Shansial Ruakirthol

As if their long lives weren’t enough, Astral elves don’t age while residing in their native Astral Plane, and this allows them to pursue many creative things during their existence but also fall prey to depression and apathy. They have no need for sleep, nor have to eat for substance, and instead practice a form of meditation called “astral trance”, and they also possess certain magical abilities where teleporting a short distance might be one of the most potent ones.

How do you feel about Astral elves? Are they pompous and ungrateful beings who overestimate the value of their own existence, or are they somewhat cursed by their potential permanency, leaving them numb to any other reality? Share your views, and some of the names you used, by leaving a comment below.

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