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Apothecary Name Generator & Short Stories

Five grueling days had passed since the party first began their trek into the dense undergrowth of the Witching Wood, but it had all been worth it. As they cut through the last bramble thicket – they spotted the fabled apothecary known as Briar Deposit in front of them.

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The Elder Hippogriff

The Corrupt Lute

The False Cupid

Aloe and Good Buys

The Little Vial

Evening Primrose

Scrupulous Assimilation

Augury and Alchemy

The Large Zombie

Hocusses and Pocusses

The Clean Dryad

The Last Nymph

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Apothecaries are essential for any good fantasy story, supplying the heroes and villains with powerful potions, tonics, and ingredients they need to achieve their aims. Here are some suggestions for naming your very own:

Good Apothecary Names

Good apothecary names should focus on drawing inspiration from earthy-sounding names to highlight the magic of the plants that their potions often derive from:

  • Compost Stew
  • Woodland Remedy
  • Vital’s Compass
  • Evening Primrose
  • Aquan Quintessence
  • Ermond’s Blended Elixers
  • Commingler
  • Cerulean Spade
  • Herb Dragon
  • Fresh Cut
  • Earthen Riches

Essential Embrocations

Essential Embrocations is the most famous potion shop in all of the Sword Coast, nestled in the nook of the trading quarter in Baldur’s Gate. It had supplied many a hero with dragonsbane poisons.

  • Victorious Secrets
  • Aromatic Unction
  • Cosmos Blend
  • Balms Away
  • Wicked Thicket
  • Handy Green
  • Gathered Growth
  • Earthlord’s Bloom

Witchy Apothecary Names

Witchy apothecary names follow a similar pattern, but instead focus on the ingredients and stereotypes associated with witches, such as the classic eye of newt:

  • Lush Essence
  • Pragmatic Balms
  • Scrupulous Assimilation
  • Trals Tonics and Balms
  • Briar Deposit
  • Eathern Crest
  • Flower Basket
  • Indrid’s Infusions
  • Expectant Tonic
  • Dusty Concoction
  • Corrective Creations

Dryad’s Dance

Dryad’s Dance is found on the outskirts of the Wyrmwood, where the witch who owns it convenes with the mythical creatures that make the forest their home in exchange for her potent ingredients.

  • Astute Amalgam
  • Helpful Vine
  • Greensward Creations
  • The Old Oak
  • Fruitful Harvest
  • Careful Bloom
  • Blackened Salt
  • Crushing Crystal
  • Artful Craft
  • Eddy’s Emollients
  • Golden Rock Rose
  • Creeping Grove
  • Earthern Tonic

Medieval Apothecary Names

Medieval apothecaries are best named after famous pursuits such as alchemy and the like that were studied intensely during our own medieval periods. Check out these suggestions:

  • New Dawn’s Alloy
  • Doctor’s Order
  • Simmering Efflorescence
  • Aloe and Good Buys
  • Thicket Boiler
  • Fresh Brew
  • Harvest Prune
  • Crumbled Earth
  • Giving Basin
  • Assiduous Alembic
  • Prudent Pestle
  • Harmonious Herbarium
  • Yellow Yarrow
  • Cut and Grind

Woodland Wanderer

The Woodland Wanderer is home to the old sage Tiberius, who makes his home at Dranglia castle. The potion seller supplies the dread King Fortua himself with life-enhancing elixirs.

  • Overgrowth
  • Root and Pedal
  • Jealous Beaker
  • Altered State
  • Drae’s Inoculations
  • Zest of Springtime
  • Jungle Pot
  • Planter’s Pick
  • New High
  • Heron’s Nest
  • Mortar and Thistle
  • Backwood Balsalms
  • Mold and Decay
  • Witch’s Brush
  • Welcome Tome

Thus concludes our suggestions for apothecary names! We hope you found some inspiration for your own games in this list. If you did, why not comment on your favorite name below and see if others agree? Be sure to give this article a share with your friends too!

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