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Spaceship Name Generator & Short Stories

The figure leant against the wall of the alleyway and pulled their hat lower by the brim. A gust blew past and kicked up dust around the feet of the three of them as they huddled by the edge of the depot. “I can get you there,” the hooded figure finally said; “but if you want to fly with the Tie Chimera, it’s going to cost you…”

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Spaceships can make or break a good sci-fi story. Iconic ships like the Millenium Falcon and the USS Enterprise are characters in their own right. Building a great story around a ship starts with giving her a great name…

Good Spaceship Names

Good spaceship names will immediately give the impression of being immersed in a sci-fi world of adventure and mystery. Here are some great ones to start with:

  • Arcadian
  • BC Remorseless
  • BS Harlegand
  • BS Zeus
  • STS Utopia
  • HWSS Rampart
  • Athens
  • The Raven
  • Lavanda
  • SC Tomahawk

USS Dream

The USS Dream was humanity’s last hope of escaping from a doomed Solar System, tasked with finding a new, inhabitable planet. Its signal suddenly went dark around 50 years ago and its crew has been uncontactable ever since – but the ship still remains floating out in space, waiting to be found…

  • HWSS Atlas
  • HWSS Anarchy
  • STS The Promise
  • Lavanda
  • Last Hope
  • Tortoise
  • Javelin
  • CS Beholder
  • SC Memory

Alien Spaceship Names

Aliens form a crucial part of many sci-fi stories with their, well, alien bodies and cultures the names of the ships they pilot should be equally indecipherable.

  • Corcid
  • Garqoix
  • Scruns
  • Griknuk
  • Cheilmeat
  • Helvu
  • Bheevet
  • Vrussi
  • Stuphits


Scourge of the stars, Craidex was a ship piloted by a fierce Drusarit captain. The alien technology was able to easily pierce the shields of humanity’s scouting ships, destroying them all.

  • Thrunzun
  • Nokkun
  • Xukten
  • Eviks
  • Esai
  • Mozoih
  • Namno
  • Shaahriex
  • Sceek’uks
  • Heimul

Star Wars Spaceship Names

Star Wars has a few esoteric but unmistakable naming conventions that are crucial to master if you want your names to sound authentic. Try this ones on for size until you get the hang of it:

  • Duro Paramount
  • Trident
  • Obliterator
  • Calamity
  • Tie Chimera
  • Falleen Chimera
  • Siren
  • Naboo Colossus
  • Glory

Neimodia Mercenary

The flagship of Ardus Tran, feared enforcer of the Hutt Cartel. The sight of this ship alone pulling into a spaceport was usually enough to get the inhabitants to surrender the credits they “owed” to the crime syndicate.

  • Fluke
  • Gauntlet
  • Curiosity
  • Saber
  • Kintan Huntress
  • Insurgent
  • Iridonia Pursuiter
  • Trinity
  • Patriot
  • Rodian Tyrant

Funny Spaceship Names

Sometimes the story just needs some light relief sprinkled into the right places, in order to offset all the tension and drama. A spaceship name is a great place to drop a joke in:

  • The Unstoppable Force
  • The Immovable Object
  • The Titanic 2
  • The Autobot
  • Margin
  • Invisible Hand
  • On Your Marx
  • Northwest Passage

Silkiest Road

Perhaps its not wise to name your smuggling ship after the most famous smuggling route in human history, or perhaps its actually the most perfect double-bluff maneuver possible…

  • Default Name
  • They Told Me To Call It This
  • Pi Is A Lie
  • Milk And Two Sugars
  • Awaiting Nominal Designation
  • Babylon 6
  • Glowbug
  • Property Of The Imperial Navy
  • Between Bars
  • If Found, Please Return To Earth
  • Under The Thumb
  • Pointing The Way

That concludes our list of spaceship names! We hope you found something here that you can carry forward into your own sci-fi games, whether its a direct name or simply a new source of inspiration! Be sure to comment your favorite name below and share the article with a fellow game master.

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